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Susan Cirba - Life Issues - Umbert the Unborn

Umbert the Unborn: A Cartoon Presentation by Gary Cangemi

COMING SOON! Umbert the Unborn will be appearing at the 2008 National Right to Life Convention in Crystal City, Virginia July 3,4,5, 2008. To make reservations for the National Right to Life Convention visit and click SPECIAL EVENTS

Recent appearances by "Umbert the Unborn"

Gary Cangemi read a "pre-mail" from Umbert the Unborn at the Walk for Life on the Boston Common. The event raised funds for pregnancy help centers in the Boston area. To see a photo and read more about this event visit: The Pilot,

Gary was a speaker at the 2007 National Right to Life Convention.

Gary Cangemi presented two workshops at the 2006 National Right to Life Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr.Cangemi presented two workshops at the 2005 National Right to Life Convention.

Umbert the Unborn appeared in Naples, Florida in January of 2005

Pro-Life Student Conference, November 20, 2004 Clarion Hotel, Scranton, Pa.

Gary Cangemi was the Luncheon Speaker at the Pro-Life Student Conference sponsored by the Scranton Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life.

Teen and college age students were able to attend workshops presented by Derrick Jones of National Right to Life, Karen Cross from West Virginians for Life,Martha Short from Pennsylvanians for Human Life, Harrisburg, and Rev. Jerry Major and Susan Cirba from Pennsylvanians For Human Life, Scranton.

Mr. Cangemi gave a presentation of Umbert the Unborn cartoons from his book, Umbert the Unborn: A Womb With A View and the web site. (see links below) Cangemi concluded with a game to test the student’s knowledge of the pro-life issue. (see photo)

West Virginians for Life Convention , Ohio Valley College, Parkersburg, W.VA.October 2, 2004

During the opening general session of the West Virginians for Life Convention, Gary Cangemi gave his “Umbert the Unborn: A Womb with a View” presentation. In an afternoon workshop session, participants were able to test their knowledge of the pro-life issue with a game of Unborn Babies in Jeopardy. This lively contest is particularly suited for use with teen audiences.

National Right To Life Convention July 2, 2004 Crystal City, Virginia

Gary Cangemi gave a workshop at the National Right to Life Convention in Crystal City, Virginia July 2, 2004. Umbert fans not only got to see some of his latest pro-life cartoons, but also helped create an Umbert the Unborn cartoon. Umbert the Unborn can be seen daily on Simply click on the Culture of Life link, or see the first link at the bottom of this page. Mr. Cangemi also had a booth at the convention and enjoyed meeting and talking with many of Umbert’s fans.

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation State Convention, Scranton, Pa. September 27, 2003

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life State Convention held September 27, 2003 in Scranton, Pa. featured Gary Cangemi's Umbert the Unborn Cartoon cartoon presentation as part of its Teen Conference. "Changing Hearts and Minds" was the theme of the convention sponsored by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and hosted by the Scranton Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life. Other Teen Conference speakers included Rashida Jolley and Emily Chase. In 2000, Miss Jolley was crowned Miss District of Columbia thus representing the District of Columbia in the Miss America Pagent. Rashida is a spokesperson for Project Reality, an organization that promotes abstinence.



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