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Susan Cirba - Life Issues - Pennsylvania's Pro-Life Teen Conference

"Pro-Life Teen Conference 2005" The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation State Convention will sponsor a Teen Conference which is a part of their Convention held October 1 and 2, 2005. The Scranton chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life will sponsor a bus to the convention, so that teens who wish to attend the Saturday conference may do so. Call 570-343-5099 if you are from Northeaster Pennsylvania and are interested in attending the convention held in King of Prussia, Pa.

"Pro-Life Teen Conference 2004" Young people are the future of the pro-life movement, therefore the Scranton Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life will sponsor a Pro-Life Conference for Students on Saturday, November 20th , 2004 at the Clarion Hotel in Scranton Pa.

Speakers include: Holly Miller the National Right to Life field coordinator, charged with starting and developing NRL chapters around the country. Holly graduated cum laude from Seattle University in 2000 with a bachelorís degree in English and minors in political science and philosophy. Holly also served two terms as President of National College Students for Life, a group which she now advises.

Derrick Jones was involved in the pro-life movement since childhood and in 1992 became active in Teens for Life, founding a group in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois. Also involved in National Teens for Life, he served two terms as president and now is an advisor to the group. In 1996, Derrick interned for the National Right to Life PAC and now works at NRLC designing advertising. His ads have appeared in publications which include USA Today, The Washington Times, and National Catholic Register to name a few. Mr. Jones is a graduate of Catholic University of America with a major in drama and a minor in philosophy.

Gary Cangemi will return to this yearís pro-life student conference with some new Umbert Cartoon strips. The Umbert comic created with the help of students at the 2003 Pro-Life Convention, recently appeared in The National Catholic Register. Mr. Cangemi is creator of Umbert the Unborn cartoon which appears in 20 publications nationally and can be found daily on on the Culture of Life page. He recently released his first book Umbert the Unborn: A Womb with a View. Teachers, youth group coordinators, pastors and others who work with students are encouraged to make plans to attend this exciting event. A luncheon is also planned Additional details will be forthcoming.

The Conference is open to both high school and college students. For further information call 570-343-5099