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Bush Administration: States Have Option To Include Unborn Under CHIP

The Bush administration, on January 31, 2002 said that an unborn child will be eligible for health care under the State Children's Health Insurance Program. (CHIP) Because CHIP is aimed at children, it does not typically cover pregnant women.

"Prenatal care for women and their babies is a crucial part of the medical care every person should have through the course of their life cycle. Prenatal services can be a vital, lifelong determinant of health." Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services

States which administer CHIP would have the option of including unborn children in their programs, making the pregnant mother eligible for prenatal and delivery care.

This is a giant step toward removing one of the societal pressures that lead women to consider abortion. Economic pressures often lead women to abort their children. Young women who have no insurance, low paying jobs or no jobs and no husband to support them often have no place to turn to get the money they will need for prenatal care and delivery. The Bush administration should be applauded by all for this step to aid pregnant women.

One group, however is not happy with this decision Pro-abortion activists see this action as a backdoor attempt to establish the unborn child as a legal person and oppose Bush's effort to aid pregnant women.

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