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Susan Cirba Life Issues - Euthanasia

Legalization Spurs Growth in the Culture of Death

by Susan Cirba (The Pro-Life Reporter Summer 2003)

Additional Information: This interesting article titled The Evolution of Genocide first appeared in the Human Life Review in 2000.

href=">Human Life Review - The Evolution of Genocide Anything, once legalized will increase. This happens because a social authority (usually a government body) has said this activity is socially acceptable. To some people legal behavior equals moral behavior. Abortion before the 1973 Supreme Court decision was illegal in most states. Feminists, abortionists and liberals in the media worked together to devalue the traditional role of women as bearers and raisers of children. Motherhood, once treated as a lofty goal in life, something noble and unselfish was regarded as secondary to a career.

Once abortion became legal, a woman would not have to let an unplanned pregnancy derail her career. Abortion was sold as a woman's right, something that would free her and make her equal to a man. Abortion numbers went from 744,600 in 1973 to 1,363,690 in 1995, nearly doubling the numbers of babies killed by abortion. Anything, once legalized, increases.

The law is a teacher. People who are unchurched, have no authority as their moral guide, except for the law of the nation. A nationís laws are only as moral as the people who make them. Today 1.4 million babies are killed by abortion because unborn babies have been depersonalized. We cannot deny that a child of human parents is a human being, so instead we make specious arguments about whether this human baby is a person. Too many Americans do not care about the blood that is shed in our nations abortion clinics and ones who do don't make it a priority. Father Pavone of Priests for Life says, "when many more Americans make ending abortion a priority-then it will happen." He calls for people to decdeicate their lives full-time to ending abortion.

Some are fearful of offending others. Many have bought the argument that separation of church and state means we can separate our religious beliefs from our public lives. The Bible speaks to this issue; "No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bushel basket. Instead he puts it on a lamp stand where it gives light for everyone. In the same way your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in Heaven." Matthew 5,14-16. Jesus wants Christians to have courage, to put our light on, not under the bushel basket. We have truth on our side. Why are we afraid?

Recently the International Task Force on Euthatanasia and Assisted Suicide published statistics on Oregonís Assisted Suicide Law for the past Five Years. Anything, once legalized, increases. In Oregon, assisted suicide is practiced by doctors who have forgotten that God is the Lord of Life, and people who have lost hope. They see no value to suffering and choose to end their lives. It was put into law by a populace who have put individual freedom above Life and Godís Soverignty.

The International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide has recently reported the following statistics from Oregonís Assisted Suicide Law.(see table below)

The number of physicians in Oregon who are willing to kill their patients upon request has risen from 14 to 33 in the past five years. As killing patients becomes more commonplace, there will be more physicians willing to participate. These physicians cannot wash their hands of their role in killing their patients, because none forced to prescribe lethal drugs-not yet.

Refer to the statistics below. Compare deaths to the number of patients referred for psychiatric evaluation. In 1998 fewer than one in three patients were referred for psychiatric evaluation before the physician wrote a lethal prescription. Five years later, only one patient is seven was referred for psychiatric evaluation. Like abortionists, these doctors donít value human life. Psychiatric evaluation, followed by counseling and nursing care just might help these depressed individuals have a more hopeful outlook on the remainder of their lives.

This report also contains questions about the amount of time which lapsed between the ingestion of the lethal drugs and death. The average range was between 4 minutes and 37 hours, a clear indication that for some people, death is NOT quick and painless.

The number of assisted suicide deaths and physicians willing to participate in increasing.

We have begun down the slippery slope toward euthanasia. The Wisconsin Medical Association has proposed Resolution 213 which would reverse tha American Medical Association support of Attorney GeneralJohn Ashcroft's November 2001 ruling that federally controlled drugs may not be used to assist suicide in any state including Oregon.

The Ashcroft Directive was challenged in the courts and is unlikely to take effect until an ultimate decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. What the Supreme Court will do is anyone's guess. We may soon be further down the slippery slope toward euthanasia than we imagined.


Assisted suicide deaths-16 - 27 - 27 - 21 - 38 - 129

# of lethal prescriptions-24 -33- 39 - 44 - 58 - 198

MDís wrote lethal RX -14 -22 - 22 - 33 - N/A

MD present at death ---11 -16 - 14 - 9 - 13 - 60

# psychiatric evaluations -5 -10 - 5 - 3 - 5 - 28

The complete International Task Forceís Report can be found on the Internet at:

Socialized Medicine Not For U.S.

By Susan Cirba (letter to the editor)

We often hear praise for Canada's system of socialized medicine because prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada. Liberal politicians would like to have the federal government take over the health care industry.

When these politicians promise "universal coverage", voters think they are getting something for nothing. Canada's cheaper drug prices come at the expense of waiting lists for surgeries, less access to modern technology and less money spent on medical research and development.

Many people die while on waiting lists. According to a 1992 survey there were an estimated 177,297 people waiting for surgery in Canada. One cardiovascular surgeon in Toronto reported thirteen deaths in one year on his own personal waiting list. In the U. S. the seriously ill get treatment when they need it, not months later.

Women in Manitoba have had to wait up to eight months for mammograms because of insufficient funding. This means many women will lose their lives because the cancer continues to spread while they are waiting to be tested. Hospitals in British Columbia have so few radiotherapy machines and radiation technologists that doctors have been urged to send their patients to the United States for treatment. The province of Alberta has only seven MRI scanners. Since Alberta is about the size of Texas, imagine the hardship this poses to patients who must travel great distances.

In 1994, the Clintons tried to bring socialized medicine to the United States. Vice-president Al Gore promoted their plan. Gore promised "universal coverage" in the third presidential debate of the 2000 presidential election. When we consider Canada's experience with government controlled health care, Americans would be better served by keeping government out of our health care industry. We don't need waiting lists or limited access to health care.

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