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by Sue Cirba

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's restaurants, passed away January 8, 2002. Thomas was a successful businessman, husband, father and advocate for adoption.

Dave Thomas loved life. That was apparent to anyone who watched a Wendy's television commercial. "Dave was much more than Wendy's founder and senior spokesperson. He was a mentor to many hundreds of people he personally helped. He was loved throughout the Wendy's family as a perfect example of how really good guys can finish first." Internet tribute to Dave Thomas

In 1990, Dave Thomas was asked by President George Bush to be the spokesman for an adoption initiative "Adoption Works�for Everyone". Thomas agreed but wanted to do more. He set up his own adoption foundation, whose mission is to ensure that every child has a permanent and loving family. Because of his and the foundation's work, thousands of foster children now have "forever families".
"Since 1994, every November, National Adoption month, over 6,000 Wendy's restaurants display posters, trayliners and public service announcements promoting adoption. These account for 40% of all calls taken at the National Adoption Center's toll free 1-800-TO-ADOPT hotline. Dave Thomas has also testified before Congress in support of adoption tax credits and adoption legislation.

One man, Dave Thomas, who made a difference in the lives so of many people, was adopted. What if abortion had been legal when Dave Thomas was born in 1932? What if Dave Thomas had been aborted? Today there are only 16 infant adoptions for every 1,000 abortions. Surely the economic circumstances in our country today are not as dire as they were in 1932 during the Great Depression. Today only 2 to 3 percent of the more than one million teenagers who will become pregnant this year will place their child for adoption. More than 40% of teenagers will choose abortion.

Women considering abortion need to see their unborn children as gifts, not problems. If a woman was given a diamond ring, would she throw it away? If she was given a Lexus would she refuse it? Yet the greatest gift she will receive is that new human life. That baby is also the greatest gift she can give the world. Dave Thomas's life was clearly a gift to the world. We will never know the contributions which could have been made by the millions of children who have been aborted over the past 29 years. We can only imagine what they could have contributed, when we look at the lives of those who were given up for adoption.

Over the past few months I have taken several calls from pregnant girls and women. When they call, they are looking for an abortion. When I ask if they have considered giving their child up for adoption, the usual remark is "Oh no, I could never do that!" They have concluded that to abort a child is OK, but to give it life and a loving family. . . is horrible. The only way to change such attitudes is to do so before a pregnancy exists.

Parents, teachers, pastors, youth ministers and others who work with young people are encouraged to use our contest as an opportunity to educate students about adoption. We have several videos on adoption and pamphlets that can be sent at your request. Please contact our Pro-Life Information Center by calling 570-343-5099.
Pamphlets on adoption:
1. Adoption - Ten most asked questions.
2. Adoption Choices
3. Adoption vs. Abortion
4. Adoption - Think about It
5. Making a Loving Decision
Some vidoes available on adoption include the following.

Video #5
Members of SAGE � Special Aid For Girls Expecting � and three young women who have been helped by SAGE discuss the many problems associated with teenage pregnancy. (Sign Language)25 min.

Video #2
This video was created for counselors and teachers to use when talking to teens about unplanned pregnancy. It presents the adoption option in the positive light it deserves together with its down-to-earth realities. 17 min.

Ann Strubler believes that adoption is a choice we can all live with. This video tells her inspiring journey from adoption at 10 days after birth to a world-class violinist, to marriage and motherhood, to her reunion with a special kind of mother who chose to give her life. 5 min.

MAY 11, 1997
Video #147
This mass was celebrated at St. Peter�s Cathedral in Scranton, with His Excellency, James C. Timlin, D.D., Bishop of Scranton, as celebrant. This liturgy celebration for human life, including Fr. Seegar�s very moving homily, was a success in publicly promoting adoption as an alternative to abortion. 57 min.

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