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The Gates Of Hell

Haunted PennsylvaniaUrban Legend

The Gates Of Hell are located along Tent Church Road, which is near both Uniontown and Fairchance Pennsylvania. Legend has it that a house once set further back behind from where the gates are now located, and that a man and a woman once lived in that house. There are different versions of the story, but the basic consistency would seem to be, that they both died there under some dark an tragic circumstance.

A common tale is that the man was emotionally unstable, and that one day he killed his wife and then set the house on fire. After doing this he then killed himself. Today the site is said to be haunted by the two spirits. One of the spirits "probably that of the man" is said to be angry, while the other spirit "probably that of the women" is just there. The circumstances of the haunting are as follows. If you go down to the gates...on certain nights....and just set there parked beside or near them, you will begin to hear and see unexplained things. Some of the sounds heard would be that of little kids laughing, The sounds of several voices talking at once in a whispering sort of way, and growling noises in the air above where the gates set. Some of the sightings have been of shadows, and balls of light.

ghost storiesLegend Trippers

It is claimed that if you park beside the gates on certain nights, and just set there, that you will see and hear unexplained things. When my cousin Brent heard about this, he and a couple of others decided to take a ride down to the Gates late one night, and just set there to see if anything would happen. After arriving Brent got out of the car, and walked up to the gates. While standing at the gates he daringly yelled out "HELLO, IS ANYONE THERE?, WE JUST CAME TO SEE IF YOU WANTED TO CHAT!!." When nothing happened he got back into the car, and proceeded to just talk with with those who had rode down with him.

A short time later he told the others to be quiet, as he thought he was hearing something. When they all listened together, they could hear what were the sounds of several voices chatting all at the same time, in a whispering sort of way. The sounds filled the air behind the gates, as well as around the outside of their car. A couple of minutes later one of the others noticed that a blue ball of light was moving through the air just behind the gates. Realizing that the ball of light was heading straight for their car, they decided to just leave. At that point Brent immediately started up the car and began to go forward. Before he could even go 5 to 10 yards at a speed of less than 10 MPH, the front tire on the passenger's side of the car fell off. Mysteriously all 5 lug nuts had broken off. By now they were all filled with extreme fear, and began to pray together in the car, that they would be all-right. When they finally felt the time was right, they got out of the car with a flashlight, and began to look for the lug nuts. They were not able to find any of them, as they seemed to be gone with out a trace. With no cell phone at the time, they walked to the nearest house, and were able to find someone, who allowed them to phone for a tow truck. Afterward they reluctantly returned to the site on foot, to meet the tow truck operator......Just To Note.....The rusted looking post seen just behind the gates were once used to support what were the original gates