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SEPTA News and Surface Vehicle Roster Page

MAIN PAGE LAST UPDATED: Sunday, 15 May 2005

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The 8000-series New Flyers - which will sport an Cummins ISL engine and ZF transmission - are set to arrive on SEPTA property within the next 6-8 weeks. .

Neoplan 3389 on Lancaster Av in the Ardmore district of Lower Merion Twp, Montgomery County. Buses such as these will be retired by the end of next year. (Photo by Ryan Lock)

New Flyer 5726 at Ogontz Loop, Cheltenham Twp. (Photo by Ryan Lock)

In addition, the PCC-II cars which were supposed to have begun operating in revenue service last summer on the 15/Girard with a mix of PCC-II cars and Kawasaki LRVs (K-cars from Callowhill Depot; Callowhill's K-cars will also be used on the 10) are still on hold due to a neighborhood dispute over parking and other issues along 59 Street. No start date has been set just yet, however there are rumors that the bus-bridges will continue indefinitely, with all PCC-II cars now being stored at Elmwood. Some of the remaining Neos are being used at Callowhill until this issue is settled.

PCC-II in training at the 40 St Portal. (Photo by Nolan Harper)


THE FRANKFORD TERMINAL NEWS BLOG (Opens New Browser) News from SEPTA, NJ Transit, DART First State, and other area transit operators NOTE NEW URL

THE SEPTA FLEET NEWS ARCHIVES (pre-BLOGGER) News and information posted prior to the launch of the Blogger page

SEPTA BUS FLEET ASSIGNMENTS BY DEPOT Frequently updated; lists bus and route assignments by depot

SEPTA BUS FLEET ASSIGNMENTS BY FLEET NUMBER Frequently updated; lists bus assignments in numerical order

NEOPLAN ARTIC OVERHAUL UPDATE Status of Neoplan Articulated Bus VOH process


Additional information, sightings and other news reported by Charlie Bailey, Eric Bohlert, Darryl Bulls, Joe Butler, Steve Caffey, Lamar Cargile, Mark DeLoatch, Harry Foster, Michael Greene, Lavae Hanks, Mark Maxwell, Nolan Harper, Karl Hechtlinger, Nia Henderson, Tom Lederer, Joe Parlin, Ernie Ricciardi, and Bob Wright; some information also was posted at the phl.transportation usenet newsgroup.

SEPTA Bus Roster As of May 15, 2005


3252-3356   Neoplan   AN-440A EI/T  1988    40   6V92TA/ZF 5HP490   50
3357-3371   Neoplan   AN-440A EI/S  1988    42   6V92TA/ZF 5HP490   10
3372-3449   Neoplan   AN-440A EZ/T  1989    40   6V92TA/ZF 5HP490*  71
3450-3479   Neoplan   AN-440A EZ/S  1989    42   6V92TA/ZF 5HP490   28
3480-3491   Neoplan   AN-440A EZ/T  1989    40   6V92TA/ZF 5HP490   12
5001-5400   NABI      416.08TA      1996    44   DD50/All B-400R   397
2001-2069   Ford/CMC  PH6F-216      1996-99 20   T444E/Ford          2
7101-7255   Neoplan   AN-460A       2000    65   DD50/All B-500R   155
4501-4580   ElDorado  Transmark RE  2001    26   ISB230/All B-300R  79
5401-5500   New Flyer D40LF         2001**  39   DD50/All B400R    100
5501-5600   New Flyer D40LF         2002    39   DD50/All B400R    100
5601H-5602H New Flyer DE40LF        2002    39   ISL280/All EP 40    2^
5603H-5612H New Flyer DE40LF        2003    39   ISL280/All EP 40   10
5613-5712   New Flyer D40LF         2003    39   DD50/All B400R    100
2070-2097   Freightliner/Champion^^ 2004    23   ISB 230/All 1000   28
5713-5830   New Flyer D40LF         2004    39   DD50/ZF 5HP500    118
5831H-5850H New Flyer DE40LF        2004    39   ISL280/All EP 40   20
5851-5950   New Flyer D40LF         2004    39   DD50/ZF 5HP500    100
8000-8099   New Flyer D40LF         2005    39   ISL280/ZF 5HP500  ***

Neoplan Suburban buses (EI/S; EI series; Suburban configuration) have 2+2 blue, soft cushioned seats on both sides of bus. All other Neoplan 40-foot buses (EI/T; DK series, Transit configuration) have red and blue hard seats with 2+2 seating on passenger side and single seats on driver side (EI and EZ). All buses active in the SEPTA fleet are now wheelchair accessible.

* - 3414, which had a Detriot Diesel Series 50 engine and Allison transmission retrofit in 1994, seats 38.
** - 5401, the pilot bus for the New Flyer order, was built in 2000.
*** - Buses due to start arriving on SEPTA property this summer.
^ - Pilot buses.
^^ - Freightliner FB-65 chasis/Champion Defender body.


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