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High Scores
# of playersscoreby:
1 player44800Chris
1 player with Game Genie codes YGNGAKTL + APVKTGAP1436500Chris
2 player combinedChris + Jay
A review will be coming soon.  
A screenshot from stage 1:

This is one HARD GAME!! Jay and I played it for maybe an hour and we made it to stage 6. We couldn't make it to the final 7th stage though, it as just TOO HARD!! We might try it again att Marathon 3

Some of the clouds throw bells out when you shoot them
Shoot at the bells a whole bunch of times to make them change color
Blue bell gives you speed
Flashing blue bell gives you shield
White bell gives you double shot
Purple bell gives you laser
Flashing purple bell gives you 2 shadow Stingers