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Past News

PAst news that happened AFTER This, but before the new stuff!

2/7/02 - I am making some more reviews. I have a Donkey Kong 64 review in the works. I reset the poll down at the bottom right. The results of the previous poll "What is your favorite (video game) system" are listed under the poll archives, which there is a link to beneath the poll...

2/2/02 - I recently purchased Might and Magic VII for my computer, and it looks good so far. In maybe 2 months, after I delve into its vaste regions, expect a review. I posted a review of Goldeneye for the N64...

1/29/02 - I changed the featured Midi. It is no longer on the main page, and won't be until another good one is found. I may start to cover some PC games soon...

1/23/02 - This site is averaging more than 25 hits a day now. I managed to salvage the scan of my Nintendo Power Volume 1, but I can't get it uploaded yet. I finished a review of King's Knight for the NES. It is the worst game I've reviewed so far!...

1/16/02 - I just bought 15 more NES games (bringing my total to 77), a new old style system, all the hookups, 2 controllers, orange gun, and a game genie, with most of the games having original boxes. SMB 2 is virtually MINT condition. I'll have to scan that thing. it's amazing. I bought it all for~~~~$25!! I posted a new "Featured MIDI" (top right), and for this midi, I have revived the midi usage on the main page...

1/15/02 - I don't know why, but my wesite is now getting about 20 hits a day. I resalvaged my MGS2 pages. they also have a little bit of added color. I have midi files of F-Zero already uploaded, so I'll make an F-Zero page soon. I'm also looking for another F-Zero page of mine.

1/10/02 - Due to my utter genious, i managed to salvage 10 html files that I had on my site before it was deleted again. Because of this, I am deleting the "Hey Hey" message up above. I salvaged 6 reviews, the Super Mario Brothers Super Show Lyrics, and a few other files from the previous Editorial section. The minor setback is that a few words on each of the pages have some added color, which I should be able to delete in a few days...

1/8/02 - Since I beat Bionic Commando, and am getting pretty far in Spy Hunter, I'm making reviews for both of them. I updated the Top Scores page...

1/4/02 - I bought 2 more NES games - Bionic Commando and Spy Hunter. Both have instruction booklets, and Spy Hunter came with original box. I beat Bionic Commando last night, and updated my Beaten Games list. I made a history of the NES page, but it's not totally complete yet. I'll post it soon. My computer didn't come yet, but when it does, I should be able to strike a deal with the step dad and get internet on that thing...

12/31/01 - Party!!!! This website looks like its up and running good again. Better than it used to be i think! I'm getting maybe 10 hits a day again, and I'll probably back this thing up on my hard drive before i head back to Milton...

12/27/01 - I redid the Reveiws section. I completed my contribution to the Editorial section. Website now is 1.5 times the size it was when it was deleted... [:)]

12/26/01 - I redid a section of the Editorial section. I retouched the goldeneye section. It's completely Done, and all the music works on the Goldeneye pages, and the FF3 pages. I also searched thru the site for broken links/missing pics, and should have the site clean by friday...

12/25/01 - I redid the Final Fantasy 3 section. I made a nice music page. I might do a F-zero music section soon. I made a new Featured Midi section. I'll pick a Midi that I think is pretty good, and put it on the featured midi page for all to see. I would have it on the main page, but it really slows down load time. And i got the sweetest Xmas present...

12/24/01 - I started to redo the Metal Gear Solid 2 section, and started reproduction of the Reviews section...

12/20/01 - I redid the Nintendo Marathon Section, and the Beaten Games page, and....

12/19/01 - Don't know what happened, but..... I got most of the site up again. I think I have all the images, and some of the music. This horrible tragedy will only set back my project to reformat the Nintendo Database...

----News here was lost----

9/14/01 - Adivce taken. There is a flag in the upper right corner of the page now. If anyone wants to add that graphic to their site, feel free to use it. Today was alright, but I'm still just razzled over this thing that happened on the 11th. Anyway, updates will be coming, but may be a little slow. Hang in there.

No9/14/01 - I'm alive. I will try to update this weekend. I am feeling really sick right now though and am on antibiotics. It should clear up Sunday-Monday-ish. C J and Greg are at the mall. Lucky them. They stopped here but I don't feel good enough to go places. I bought Suikoden 2 and Star Ocean 2. Yippee.. My PC is still down but it is at the shop we bought it from being formatted and tweaked right now. Yay! Then I'll have a GOOD computer that's all mine. Bwahaha! If C or J happen to have a graphic, I think it'd be cool to stick an american flag in the empty upper-righthand corner that is vacant. That is all for now. Sorry for my neglect.

No9/13/01 - I'm sure everyone is aware of the tragedy that recently struck the U.S.A. I send my heartfelt condolences out to all families that were involved and victimized. I myself lost 2 friends in the incident, and I know many other people who have had similar problems. It is sad we live in a world like this. Onto other happier news: I believe my website hiatus has ended now. My first addition was to add 2 more .rar archives to the site, for the SNES gmaes Seiken Densetsu III, and Romancing SaGa 3. Be warned: the RS3 one is HUGE. My second improvement was to add a link to the main page so that you can access the /mzips directory in one click ( Under the Features Heading ). Thirdly, I added a review of Phantasy Star 2, the first Sega game to be reviewed on the site. Other than that, Tim I believe can access the computer again, so you'll see more of him now. I suppose that is it. En Taro Llama!

9/10/01 - I did a little update to the Majora's Mask section. Hmmmm. Four updates in a row without any other known contact from the other staff members. Oh yeah! One on my classmates, Jason Jarrett, has some neat thing on his computer that lets him make shirts with his own designs!! He said that if I forwarded him a design, he'd make some for me (for $$$$, of course). I think we'll be getting some CJT Supersite Staff shirts!!! Whoa!! Bigger idea!! I'll open up a CJT Supersite STORE!!! It is in development right now!! :)

9/9/01 - I'm trying to configure the website with hitbox so that we can tell where you guys go when you come here, but I'm not sure how it works. Jay and I are gonna have a gameday today, and if we can get a hold of Tim, maybe he can come too. I updated the Excitebike 64 Codes page.

9/8/01 - I scanned a big picture of the GameCube controller and put the link close to the bottom of the GameCube preview page. I worked a little more on the Perfect Dark review. CJT Supersite Nintendo Marathon 3 page is up. Very extensive!!

9/6/01 - Day 3 of school is now over. I think it's going good. Meanwhile, I added 4 pictures to the GameCube Preview to help show the dimensions of the gamecube. More info later!!

I'm9/3/01 - I'm not going to bore anyone with what goes on in school. Suffice to say it is...interesting. We are all low on time now. In addition to that, Tim's computer went down like a government official on an intern. So, he is disabled for a little. I'm changing the music on the main page, but you guys won't need to guess it. So, hopefully you will hear from us the weekend.

We9/3/01 - Well, I have been working on a preview myself lately, but, well, time has been a big issue. Anyway, my most recent update was the addition of a Blaster Master review. Take a look at it in the reviews section. Well, school starts in 13 hours for us. See ya all later!

9/3/01 - Alright i have a nice addition to the website mostly done. All it needs is some pics and a little more info and i'll be done till i get more info, so I'll post it now.

--- GameCube Preview!!!!---

School starts tomorrow. I have 2 study halls in a row a the end of the day, so I could scoot over to the library and get some major updates in. I'm working on a GameCube Preview. After I post that, come back and check it out every once in a while, because I have a Nintendo Power subscription and get lots of info on GameCube. I'm also working on a Perfect Dark review.

Hi9/3/01 - We are still alive! Well, school starts for us in 1 day, so Chris and I will most likely be unavailable for a week or so. I've done as much as I could on the site recently, but didn't get much done anyway. First, I changed my graphic again. I have another on I like better, but I need to wait until Tim finishes Xenogears. Second, the midi of this week ( last week? ) has been ME! No one guessed it in the week it was up. Anyway, it comes from Seiken Densetsu III ( Secret of Mana II ( III ), the name being "Nuclear Fusion", otherwise known as the boss battle theme. It is now Tim's turn to do his "Guessing the midis". There is a new link on the links page, to another funny Flash page. Now, I'm doing a bunch of projects now, way more than I have time for. I'm reviving the radio, finishing up RPG World 7, doing some editorials, etc. So, er, I guess that is it.

What8/26/01 - The marathon was fun. Me and Jay managed to sleep a little in it, but oh well. Chris played games the most out of us, cause I fell asleep for 3 hours on the floor. More on that in the Marathon 3 page which I might make since no one else is around. I made a tiny update that is an insult to other updates. That update lies in my owned game lists for PSX and n64. I sold Mario Tennis and Driver and gained Grandia and Suikoden, two cool RPG's that are pretty rare and sweeeeet. More to come later, I need to update something. Of course I WAS the last one to DO anything that has to do with games on the site, maybe I can take it easy. Hehe.

Why8/26/01 - For those of you wondering, the marathon went fine. We had 8 people there at one point. I think the marathon pages are coming, not entirely sure. This is more of a rant than an update. That gives me an idea...A RANT SECTION!!! MUHAHAHA! I can spread my insanity to the whole world!!! Er....anyway. I haven't done anything game related for a while. I will NOT be putting up an owned systems or games list cause, well, I really don't have much besides me computer. Other than that, I went to seea movie about an hour after the marathon ended, American Pie 2. Any of you that saw the first, think the series is perverted, ie, flame it like hell, don't. The second move is MUCH better, and is very good. I usually don't like teen angst movies, and thought the first one was good, but this is a very good movie. If you see it you will like it. Well, guess I'll work on my rants section...

Where8/23/01 - We seem to be making so many updates about nothing anymore! Other than that, I remembered one of the other updates. The Poll has been updated! It is now asking for, "Your favorite Genre of game". I guess the site has been as little inactive lately. Might be because we go back to school in like 2 weeks. Also, don't forget to reply to the mailbag. This week's topic is: "Who will win the new console war...PSX2, GCN, or XBox, and why?". Send in your responses. And yes, RPG World 7 is coming along.

8/23/01 - I am lucky to be typing this right now. Thank you, my beautiful Dreamcast! Anyway, my point in this update is to inform you all my PC is down. I would appreciate C and J emailing me their phone numbers. I lost them! Marathon is gonna rule! I might try to beat Xenogears there. That's all for now, this is Tim coming to you from his Dreamcast. It's thinking!!

8/23/01 - Tomorrow is CJT Supersite Nintendo Marathon 3!!! We're planning on having 7 people to make appearances It'll be a blast. More tomorrow.

Pimpin'8/22/01 - Alright. I added a lot of stuff over the past 2 days, but I cannot seem to remember what the hell I DID add! Anyway, I'll tell you what I can remember. The new midi is up. No one got last week's midi. "Zeal Deal" is a mixing of 4 songs from Chrono Trigger: Magus' Theme, Schala's Theme, the Zeal Overworld theme, and the Zeal Palace Theme ( Queen Zeal ). This new midi goes back to what I said earlier about you needin to know about recently translated ROMs. Also, go Here to view the newly made AOL chat log page. It contains the first meeting we had on Sunday, the 19th of August. Take a look at it. Um...that's about all I can remember. Tim and I have been working alot together recently, so maybe he remembers some of this stuff.

Meow8/20/01 - K... Somehow we made updates yesterday and put 8/20 on them. TODAY, MONDAY, is 8/20. I don't know how that happened. Anyways, I don't know where the numbers messed up so I'll just leave it alone. Jay did the Ness page for my Super Smash Bros Coverage and I then added some of my own Ness things, then wrote Kirby's, Link's, and Luigi's. I did Jiggly a few days ago and never announced it. Feel free to hatemail me :D I would like to welcome any of my pojo freinds coming here from GLitcH's site, I am TdOg, hence the T. Hehe.

PooPoo8/20/01 - I put a new link up on the link page. If you go to their banner, and go to their links page, I made us a banner to match our header. He is a friend of mine from Pojo and his site is pretty dang cool. I should do some SSB stuff today. Looking forward to the meeting tonite, I figured out some other stuff I wanna talk about in it.

I8/20/01 - Llama! Well, the thing behind llamas is an inside joke. Maybe I'll explain it in RPG World...Anyway ( I use that word a lot ), the re-routings are done. I will now start working on some actual content now. More Blaster Master, and I'll help tim with the SSB pages. Also, MEETING TONIGHT AT 10 PM! Well, see you all around...Oh right! The new Mailbag is up. Take a look at it, and the topic for next week.

Meow! Er um..  8/19/01 - I drew a pretty new banner! Yay! See, Jay likes llamas. That's the funny thing. Heeee Heeee! Sign the guestbook people, we like you and your silly messages :)

The8/19/01 - Due to unforseen ( and some seen ) circumstances, the meeting scheduled for tonight has been POSTPONED until Sunday, 8-20-01, at 10:00 pm. Make SURE you are there. What an awful night....Time to get me some of my leftover pain pills...
( not seriously )

Stop8/18/01 - Yes, there will be a meeting tomorrow night on AOL for us 3. It will be at about 8:00 pm or so. I have called this meeting to discuss a couple topics ( big one: Backing up the website ). After it is over, I will post the log up on the website for you all to view.
Whew! There goes my seriousness for the night! Anyway, no real update, I've basically been working on all this stuff as of late, just making sure the website runs. I also have been doing RPG World Episode 7. Yes, I know you have all been waiting. Just wait for it and the mailbag, they will be up soon ( I hope ). Also, I finished Romancing SaGa 3. This means I'm changing my icon again. I don't know what yet...maybe you guys can Help me by giving me ideas. You have 3 days. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man8/18/01 - Chris so you know, Jay wants to have a meeting tomorrow night at 8 or something. I guess you made it to Jay's that day... DANGIT.. lol. Anyways I added my owned games to the Staff Game Lists. I own pretty many, took like 30 minutes to do. I bought Alien Front Online. It's like online Battletanks but with Mics. It's fun as heck, and you can make some pretty fun sounds on that microphone. I'll have some new Smash Bros pages soon and maybe a review of something. I am planning on a feature of my own, it will probably be a weekly thing of some sort. I am also going to work on a preview section, probably on my own unless C or J wanna help. GCN looks to awesome not to hype. (Nintendo doesn't hype it, why shouldn't I? Haha). More later....

I8/17/01 - I made a page called "Staff Game Lists" so that we can list our games so that you know what we have. All Tim and Jay have to do is make pages with the lists on them and then link them on the Staff game lists page. An old friend from Jr. High is coming to visit on saturday, and if i can manage to get a hold of him before saturday, I might be able to push my NES Game list past 60! I'm making a page with the rest of my WANT LIST right now....

8/11/01 - Well, I went in today to change my reivews over, and my Breath of Fire 2 review is GONE!!! Oh well. Guess I just start on something else. The thing was there yesterday, and it isn't today. Slightly odd...Well I did change all my reviews over to the new system, and made a couple corrections. So, I'll have to make some more.
I get the hint...The new Beaten Games Page is now up! In other news: I should have the new Blaster Master page and the boss list up tonight. Also, I actually had someone guess the midi for this week. Sadly, they didn't read the Instructions I put up. Well, they did get the game right at least. And a final note: Use This Link to go to the page about the RPG Marathon Tim and I had near about 2 weeks ago.
It's not totally done yet, but it is the basic design for the next marathon pages coming along. As usual, if you have any questions, Email Me. Also, if you have something you want to contribute to the site, Email Me as well. I will put it up, let you check over it, and then give you credit for it. We currently have someone doing just that, a Paper Mario Review ( Reviews seem to be popular on this site, don't they? ).

8/11/01 - I added some more games to the beaten games list for me. It is 1:10 am, and I will update a few times tonite with some reviews or something. (EDIT) It is now almost 7 AM here on the east coast. All I did yet was finish up (for now) my input on beaten games. I am sure that will be put up officially by one of us today. I also made a Bio for me which can be found to the left, under Jay's. Or, for the lazy, Here.

8/10/01 - I think I got everything I needed into the beaten games list. Course, some games might confuse you cause Chris told me to use the English translations ( ie., some were never released here ). Anyway, just a list of stuff I got coming up. The To-DO list FINALLY has something on it, and I am working on revamping the Blaster Master pages, and should have a boss list soon. Also, the long-delayed mailbag will be up soon. And, someone got the midi! Before I even put up my second clue. Granted, I know who it is, and they are a HUGE SaGa fan. Anyway, it comes from Romancing SaGa 3; it is the boss battle theme. Next midi is something very special. Check my Instructions I made for you. Also, you can click the link, "Zeal Deal", to the right. This one is pretty damn cool. ALSO, I am starting a quotes section. These can be from anywhere: Real Life, Video Games, etc. So send em in! Anyway, if you have any questions, Email Me.

8/9/01 - Got yearbook pictures taken today, then developed a strange rash. I'm pretty much done with beatengames.html. All it needs is the rest of the crew to put their complete lists onto it. Japanese names not needed unless it is a Japan-exclusive game. The extra long names just make the table scrunch up on 800x600 resolution.

8/7/01 - Guess what? I got more stuff for ya! Not as major as last time, but still stuff. First and foremost: The Reviews Section is undergoing some modifications. First of all, I have put up the very first Playstation Game review, for Xenogears. Second, I have changed my rating system, and have made something up to explain that. Last, I will be modifying my reviews to convert them over to the new system, and to make them look prettier. Head on over there to check it out. Also, I have something else set up, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow. That is it for the moment.

8/6/01 - Woke up around 5:30! ACK! It's like 10:30 now, I have been workin on HTML stuff for like an hour or 2. All I have to show for it for now is I posted a Smash Bros review and wrote a whole lot of stuff on the Beaten Games list Chris mentioned. Hope he allows me to put Playstation! I've only beat like, a few NES games... SNES however.. hehe. More later, I'm still working. Enjoy the review! I think I might review Donkey Kong Country games next, or maybe Kirby's Adventure. Me and Chris might fight over the Kirby one, I saw that he beat it already (pretty easy for NES).

8/5/01 - Well, since everyone else is doing GB and N64 stuff, I'll finish some pages that got started but are still, well, in pieces. "Small of Two Pieces" is a good song by the way...Ack! Gotta' get this Xenogears stuff out of my head! Anyway, the first page I will be working on will be finishing the Blaster Master pages. Also, since this is a kind of hard "Guess The Midi", I will create a couple of hints. No, I won't tell you where they are, but, they are pretty easy to find. Anyway, time to get back to Romancing Saga 3. It is a great game, very neat battle system, fun, and challenging as hell.

8/5/01 - Strange things happen here. Some gay person admitted their gayness on one of the new pages I was making, but i got rid of that, and the new "Beaten Games" page i was working on was deleted. hmmmmmmm..... So I made a new one! IT's not up yet, but getting there. I've also been working on learning Javascript. I'm getting there too. I updated my NES games list. I also made a new page in the marathon section for the Nintendo Marathon that will take place in a few weeks.

8/5/01 - More update madness! Anyway, there is now a GB ROM and Emulator section, which I just put up. It has a DOS and Windows Emulator, along with 3 ROMS: Seiken Densetsu ( Final Fantasy Adventure ), and Saga 2 & 3 ( Final Fantasy Legends 2 & 3 ). I think that is it for this update. Wow, I didn't know how awake this music could keep me. Gotta' love Xenogears stuff. "One Who Bares Fangs At God" is so neat. As is the stuff from Romancing Saga. "Island at the Farthest Reaches" is, well, let's just say it makes you wonder about your sanity at time. As usual, EMAIL ME if you have any questions!

8/4/01 - Wow! Lots of new stuff for you guys! First, I want you guys to go and Check the Disclaimer Page, cause I got a lot of new spur-of-the-moment stuff up on it. Also, though not up yet, and related to the Disclaimer update, I will start the GB ROMS and Emulators pages. Next, I put up a new review, which is of Earthbound, for the SNES. Also, the new "Guess the Midi" is up. My 3 weeks time! HAHAHAHA!!! Anyway, you guys who do a lot of playing ROMS that were previously translated will have a slight advantage. I also have a special version of the "Guess the Midi" that I will put up AS SOON AS this one is guessed. Anyway, last week's was, "The Burning Blood" from Final Fantasy Legend 2, for the Game Boy. Ironically, that game is both related and unrelated to the game that this week's midi comes from. Confused yet? Well, it is a lot to put in one update, so I'll have another later to smoothe it out. Just wanted to get all I could in before I forgot it all. As usual, EMAIL ME if you have any problems!

8/4/01 - "Hey TIM! did you get your permit??" Of course I .... didn't. ARGH!!! It was pretty hard actually. I am gonna go again soon. If anyone wonders what I am doing, I am working on some Smash Bros stuff. (there, that makes this update worthwhile).

8/4/01 - I went to see RUSH HOUR 2 last night. IT WAS GREAT!! It's a MUST SEE!! Hey TIM! did you get your permit??

8/3/01 - Not to take fire away from Tim at all, but I forgot to mention this earlier. Just a real quick announcement. If anyone has any requests to make ( ie., mp3s, certain ROMS, anything that you can't find and want ), send them to ME, and I will do what I can. Ok, that's it.

8/3/01 - Hey people. My name is Tim, as you might guess, for any who don't know me. I will be posting some stuff around here now. Fun Fun... I will probably do a lot of reviews. I am an avid gamer, and have been for quite awhile now. I am also a fan of practically every game system, so that's always good. For fans of Chris's old site, he linked to me and I linked to him. Pokedojo was my site, which hasn't been updated in like 2 or 3 years. ANYWAYS, I will be around now. I kinda have been for awhile. I attended the first Nintendo Marathon. That is all... for now. Mwahahaaha

8/3/01 - Well, since everyone else has an animated gif, I decided to use my own. I'm currently playing Romancing Saga 3, so I used one from that game. And a special announcement above me...

8/3/01 - Jay, its ff not fs. Yesterday, I updated my goldeneye times again. I've been shaving off seconds on a few different stages. Bunker 2 and aztec mostly. I put up the Excitebike 64 Codes page. Ill put more there later.

8/2/01 - The Pain! I need something stronger! Anyway, I fixed up RPG World episodes 1 - 4 so they are easier to read. And since no one has sent any ideas in to me yet for part 7, I'll have to do it myself. Also, Chris told me to hold off and STOP putting SNES and NES stuff up, because he doesn't want any more. He wants more Gameboy and N64 stuff. In preparation for that, I put up 2 GBS files, which are Gameboy soundtracks, which are playable through Meridian. Also, Audio Overload, the Mac SPC, GBS, NSF, and GYM player, is up. The files I put up for GBS are Final Fantasy Legend 2 and Link's Awakening. I also think all download problems are fixed. If not, EMAIL ME. I will now update my To - Do List again, since it is totally out of whack now. I suppose that is it.

8/1/01 - Must...get...more...painkiller... Anyway, the biggest thing that, I'm sure some of you people might have recognized, is that we are having problems. 1)Angelfire has been kind of screwy lately. 2)We were hacked on the site, and Chris got his IM beaten up pretty badly. So, hopefully we can get back on track. I got stuff I want to do, so, I hope I can do it. Let's go!

8/1/01 - Happy 20th MTV!!! Chris, the YARDSALE BANDIT has STRUCK AGAIN!! My neighbor is moving out, so they had a yardsale, and what did i find? A box-stlye NES, SMB1, SMB3, Goonies 2, Kirby's adventure, and some sh***y pirate cart, a controller, and a tv hookup for $5 AGAIN!! Just like last time though, its seems that they left a cartidge in the NES and packed it away for a couple years, so the 72 pin connector doesn't connect as well. As a matter of fact, this thing barely connects AT ALL. I've gotta find a way to bend it back... and the other one too... I partially updated goldeneye times again. Dang i've been playing that alot lately. I'll update those times again some other day. I kick @$$ in aztec and bunker2! I got a guess for the midi and they were right (he also decided to but some of you other guys can guess too. I'll leave it up till sunday or so. Edgar rocks!

7/23/01 - 1:33:46 AM - Live from what may be called CJSNM2 (C+J Supersite Nintendo Marathon 2). We're not sure if it's an official Marathon, cuz it will only last 17 hours, but hey, it's better than nothing! I just sorta showed up at Jay's house at 1:00 PM with all my Nintendo gear, and we started playing. At around 9:30 PM, we decided it should be an all nighter, but not 24 hours because Jay has a dentist appointment at 10 AM. We have already beaten Ninja Gaiden, and Double Dragon II, and are working on others. We might actually have pictures this time! Last weeks midi was "The Light Statue" from Ninja Gaiden. It plays during the cutscene after Act III. The new midi is up, if you know what it is, email me!

7/20/01 - I cannot believe he got to a Ninja Gaiden review before me! Anyway, I put up a review of Dragon Warrior 4 and Final Fantasy 1. I will now be working on some other stuff, such as fixing up the old RPG World episodes, and starting Dragon Warrior information. This AP stuff is starting to catch up with me.

7/20/01 - I did a review for Ninja Gaiden, and updated Top Scores. I've been thinking of a new website layout which will help make surfing the site move faster. And I'll make 3 new N64 pages soon.

7/19/01 - It seems like the site is working alright to me, but i'll check it all out. I have an amazing Ninja Gaiden story that even JAY will be amazed at. I even had a cool experience with Donkey Kong classics. I'll make a new section for "WEIRD NES STORIES" That'll be cool.

7/18/01 - Strange... I'm working at my grandmother's computer ( in NY ), and, it seems as if the downloads on the site are not working... Maybe it's just me. If anyone is having ANY problems whatsoever with ANYTHING on the site ( I've addressed a few with Chris ), PLEASE EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY!!!! I will be looking into some of these things, as I want to make hte site run as smoothly as possible. By the way, Lufia 2 spells are up. I seem to be able to upload stuff now. Problem is, most of it is at home.

7/15/01 - IMPORTANT NOTICE!!! My email address has changed. It is now: A little more politically correct. Also, before I did that, I got the urge to check my email. I was going to change the midi anyway ( that will be done every Sunday ), but someone got it! I think the exact name is, "Revival of the Mana Sword" or something, but it is the Mana Beast Battle from SOM. Anyway, Chris' is up. Email Chris for this one.

7/14/01 - Alright. I am working on the stuff I put in my To-Do List. Some of it I changed, but what I expect for Monday SHOULD be done ( though I'm note specifying what TIME on Monday ). I put an RPG World Teaser up for you all to look at. It has absolutely nothing to do with episode 7 ( which, by the way, will use your ideas only if you Email Me Them ), but simply shows what some of the characters do in their off time. There is now a Secret of Mana ROM in the SNES ROM section. I have more stuff for RPG World for Monday...hopefully.

7/14/01 - Turns out I might still be here on the 20-21. AND that woman I won the games from replied, so I'm getting the games. I found a good flash game. In this game you get to KILL THE DUCK HUNT DOG!! It's on the links page.

7/13/01 - Well, if those are the dates, I might not be at CJSNM2. [:(] I might need to go to some relatives house sometime around there, FOR A WEEK. And that stupid woman I won stuff on Ebay from hasnt contacted me since Sunday. I sent payment MONDAY, and we made plans for her to drop it off with my dad. But she didn't show. She'll probably jip (or is it gip?) me. I added some stuff to the miscellaneous NES codes page. And I have my first "Guess the midi" midi picked out, but I'll need to make it at Jays house. I don't even know what midi is on now! I added a poll.

7/12/01 - Yes, I do work tomorrow. I'm free Saturday though, and NEXT Tuesday, but I need to know before 4:00 Monday about the Marathon. Best dates are Friday/Saturday a week from next week ( 20th - 21st ). For the rest of you people: I think I'll skip Dragon Warrior 1 stuff, and hop right into Dragon Warrior 4. So, hopefully I will have stuff by next Monday.

7/12/01 -HEY JAY. I fixed the FF1 page. You work tomorrow? We gotta talk about the July edition of the marathon. I made somewhat of a Links page. If you want on it, send your url to me.

7/12/01 - I don't know what is wrong, but if anyone has been trying to view the FF1 pages, you would see that they are having some problems. Looks like we've lost some more stuff. I'll try to fix it when I get back from work ( I'm on my break now ). I don't know what's wrong with it. Yes Chris, that is my number. You also can email me ( anyone for that matter ) at: This Address.

7/10/01 - My step-brother sed that if I come up with some good websites, he'll give me update access to his website - That would be cool. He told me of this GREAT flash page of "All Yuor Base Are Belong To US" origin. Check it out here. It's 1.6 MB, but it's worth it. I'm going home tomorrow.

7/9/01 - Not a real update, just a little chatter. We now have 25 MB of crap on the server, which means we are using up half the space we are allowed. Celebration time! Also, I will put up a to-do list, showing what I am working on, and stuff I plan to do. That should be up when I get back from work tonight. Also, I will be adding D&D section. It will be just a summary of campaigns I've done, but I will add up rules and the like later. Going to start Dragon Warrior stuff, Lufia 1 stuff, finish up Lufia 2 stuff, and do more crap. And don't forget, the next installment of RPG World will use some of YOU PEOPLE'S ideas. So SEND ME your ideas.

7/8/01 - Finally! Someone got the Midi. From Megaman 3, it is the ending theme. I was going to put a harder one up, but I think I'll put a slightly easier one up, before Chris does his 3. Anyway, I also put up 6 ROMS today. Dragon Warrior 1-4 ( NES ), Lufia: The Fortress of Doom, and Earthbound ( SNES ).

7/7/01 - Back from camp, and...tired. In other news: I recently got Diablo 2 Expansion, but it is not working for me. In fact, many people are having trouble with it. Just a warning. Be prepared. I want to play it so badly. Any questions can be sent to me. So, I am working on some more stuff, just general crap. I also think another Marathon may be coming up soon. Watch for more details. Also, if anyone has a ROM request, send it to one of us. I am going to try as hard as I can to get as many rare ROMS on this site as possible. It is so hard to find a good ROM site ( ie., any site that actually HAS ROMS ). Speaking of rare ROMS, check back later tonight. I will put up all 4 Dragon Warriors from my personal collection in the NES ROM Section. I also think I'll add DW stuff, starting with DW1 ( which should take no more than a day; it's pretty small ). I got lots of other feature plans for the site, so stay tuned.

7/6/01 - These past couple weeks have been a blast. But ***NEWS FLASH*** I went to CREATION and took some pictures to complete the roll in my camera. I finished the roll, tried to wind it up........It wouldn't go. I tried and tried, so I had to open it up to find out what was wrong. In the process I probably destroyed the pictures, but I found out what was wrong. The film bunched up. I was screwed anyway. THAT MEANS.....C+J Supersite Marathon pictures were probably DESTROYED. Other than that, I just won an auction on ebay for StarTropics (w/manual), NES Open (w/manual), and Mario Bros. (the original) for 5.50 + 2.50 shipping. But i might be able to stop by and pick them up so i save $2! My NES game total is now 54! I added a MISCELLANEOUS NES CODES page. And put a code on the SMB 1 page.

6/30/01 - Well, I got enough done on my new pages to put them up. I present to you: LUFIA 2!!! It doesn't have as much as I wanted to get up, but I have the parts that I'll do next on the page. And, as always, they are still preliminary. They have some stuff that needs worked out. They will be under constant construction. Also, take a look at the Lufia 2 Midi Page. I designed it the way Chris said for me to, but I think it looks like crap. I was expecting more of a, "Click-to-Download" thing. I mean, it works, but I still don't like it. So, SEND US some responses. I'd like ot hear what you guys htink. And finally, someone got the midi ALREADY! It was, "Dance with Death", better known as "Battle with Magus" from Chrono Trigger. Anyway, the new one is up now. It is one of my favorites.

6/29/01 - I'm back! A great trip, I really enjoyed it. Unless you guys ask me, I won't take up space and tell you all about it. Suffice to say that it was amazing. Anyway, I'm home for 2 days before I leave for another week at Scout Camp. Then I'll be nice and home for a few weeks. I am going to work and get some new stuff up. A new section for another game, music, and a couple other things. Also, if any of you guys didn't know, I play D&D. I am going to add a section about my D&D adventures as well, though that will take second priority. I have a lot to say in this update, but I think I will just keep it short. Oh yeah! Someone got the Midi I put up. It was a type of trick question. The answer(s) were: Lufia 1 - "Guard Daos" or "Meeting the Sinistrals with Maxim". The song is played at both those points, which some people don't realize. Your prize of Jack Sqaut will be mailed ot you in a week. The new one is up, and it should be MUCH easier to guess. Anyway, that is it. Bye!

6/25/01 - Live from USA, and in a different time zone, so the order of these updates are correct! I'm going to CREATION tomorrow, and then going to my dads for a week, so I won't be home for 2 weeks. My dad has the net though, I'll update there. I have SOOOO much info to put up.

6/26/01 - Live from England! I love these Internet Cafes! There is now a "Guess The Midi" below the other one on this page. I am looking for a specific answer. These Midis will stay up for about a week or so, then we will move on. Look at them both. Well, I get back Thursday. See ya!

6/23/01 - Just got back from scout camp. I got 2 merit badges, and did something called the COPE course. It rained from wednesday to saturday. The mystery MIDI is up. If you know what game it's from, and where in the game, email CHRIS your guess and you might win something. Still have a couple pictures on the roll, so it will be a couple days till the pics arrive.

6/18/01 - Well, before I leave for England tomorrow, I have some stuff to share. First, the new Mailbag is up, and the topic for the next one is ready to. Send all replies to Chris this week. Second, I didn't finish my new pages, but I did rush and get RPGWorld 6 up. Enjoy it. I'll see everyone in a while...

6/16/01 - 10:39 PM - Marathon is over, and it worked out well. Just a fairly long update. First, on the right is an unknown midi. Guess it! First one to email one of us with the correct criteria ( name, game, etc. ) wins a lifetime supply of DIDILY_SQUAT! And, yes, you can cheat this week by viewing source... Second, I will be gone from Tuesday, June 19 - Thursday, June 28th. I will be in England ( more on that some other time ). Then I will be gone from June 30th - July 7th, when I will be at Scout Camp. With the crap going on, updates will be slow from me. I will try to get something out before Tuesday, but I make no guarantees ( stupid Earthlink... ). Third...well...I can't remember, so watch for something...

6/16/01 - 9:47 AM The 1st C+J Supersite Nintendo Marathon was a success. Things didn't happen like we hoped would, but it was still great. We will have a total recap sometime soon - with a pic or 2!

6/15/01 - 10:51 PM The 1st C+J Supersite Nintendo Marathon is underway. We stared at 9:00AM and we are more than 13 hours into it and are now on a 5 minute food break. All's going good. Truthfully, we've been playing N64 all day. We didn't even break out the other systems yet. All we've played is Super Smash Brothers and Perfect Dark. We couldn't get a hold of the digital camera, but I brought the old film one. Another update in the morning.

6/08/01 - Like I was planning, I didn't STAY in school today. I left at 8:06. The whole plan was to go to TIM's house and play Nintendo games for a couple hours. Little did I know that the plans were changed so that the gameplaying would take place at my MORTAL ENEMY - Jeff Chrismers house. He surprisingly let me in his house. We played fomr 8:30 till 1:00 and then Nate and I left cuz Jeff got mad at me for trying to light his hair on fire. We dorve around a while and then went home. I put up the 3 NEW MARIO BROTHERS PAGES, as seen in the NES section of the links on the left.

6/07/01 - Just 1 day of school left, even though I probably won't go! I found a site "devoted" to the Super Mario Brothers Super Show (click on it to go there).

6/07/01 - Well, the new pages I had prepared are not working because of something wrong with Angelfire and I-Gear at school. I can't seem to get the pictures up for some reason. My FF2 stuff is gone, so I guess I need to get this other stuff up faster...

6/07/01 - N*^&#(Y!&#TB(&DVTgGH@&T&T#^T^FG*YGFHIAHFISJH*(#HQ*#H*(UHT*(#U(HUGHIHJEARTHLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, at least I-Gear isn't being stupid, and it is letting us into the site today. I-Gear is a, "Protection", program our school has, but all it really is is a $5000 virus! Anyway, if no one has noticed, I have a lot of Rars in the /mzips directory. Right here ! Besides that, I think some other stuff will be delayed, but I have some extra crap I think you will all like ( ok, I'm starting another couple pages ). And if no one noticed, the Final Fantasy Pages are basically done, except for a couple additions on the enemies page, and maybe a walkthrough. Besides that, have a nice day and, BEWARE THE LLAMA!!

6/06/01 - MINOR BUMMER. That stupid internet regulator at school DENIES our WEBSITE and everything else on ANGELFIRE because of "SEX" which is B.S. because nobody on Angelfire is allowed to have PORN. The new Mario pages are almost ready. 2 days of school left. 9 days till the C+J Supersite "Nintendo Marathon." Jon backed out so we might have a shortage of people, or Tim might take his place. We're hoping for 4-5 people. The Top Scores page will be HUGE after the marathon. If you have beat any of the scores, send it in and you might get your name up on the page.

6/02/01 - I just tried out Super Dodge Ball for the NES. I put a screenshot to the right. If I can get a hold of Jay, and if he wants to go to the Flea Market again, I might buy it tomorrow. It's a great game! The Nintendo Marathon is coming in less than 2 weeks! All new Information will be posted on the Nintendo Marathon page.

6/01/01 - Just 1 week of school left! I got an 89 on the chem test! As you can see, I put up the Stinger and Super C pages, although they're not complete yet. Better not done than nothing, right?

5/31/01 - Chris never tells people that we are in the same grade. I took that same test today too, and I thought it was really easy as well. Anyway, up now is a review of Bof2 and the ROM itself. Currently, the radio works perfectly. I will now dismantle it AGAIN, so as to put classics stuff on it ( Ninja Gaiden, and NES/SNES stuff, no PSX ). Sorry, but that is the point of the site...Though I might put some of that stuff in anyway. Take a listen if you want. 1.5 hours up on it now.

5/31/01 - Well, the Chem test went well. Don't know the grade yet. I uploaded 2 more NES ROMS. Stinger and Super C. I'm trying to contact Nintendo to see what their opinion on NES and SNES ROMS are, but I did not yet recieve a response cuz I sent it only 7 minutes ago.

5/29/01 - I am making 2 pages for Stinger and Super C. I got some screenshots and codes, etc. but the pages aren't up yet. I have a major Chem test on thursday ---- gotta study.

5/28/01 - Greetings all after the great purge. I still don't know what happened, but it seems only the main page and my review were affected. Anyway, I have the new radio information up. Basically, all I have up are the RPG mp3's that I could find and just threw them up. Don't worry, lots more coming. Ninja Gaiden, Zelda, etc.

5/28/01 - Whoa. I had the choice of going to Jay's house yesterday, or going to an Irish festival in the Poconos. I went to Jay's house. Meanwhile, at the Irish festival, TORNADO!!! Anyway, I made a Mega Man 3 review, a Super Mario Brothers 3 review, and a Super C review. I noticed that the main review page was only half there too so I fixed it.

5/27/01 - Just perfect. On my 17th Birthday (happy birthday to me!), the main page goes kablitz. Our entire "what's new?" section is gone, and this is the start of the new one. I made a Top Scores page (under website features) and put a few of the top scores we have achieved onto it. Jay's review of FF3j is half gone too. If you find anything else wrong, please email one of us and tell us. This is just a normal day.

News here was lost

5/05/01 For five wonderful connection actually stayed up...then died. In that time I actually got some stuff done. If anyone can recommend a good connection, please tell me ( I'm in PA ). There is a review page up, and I ALMOST got the next part of FF2 characters up ( Edward, Edge, Cid ), but the connection died before I could ( Thank God for Copy-Paste ). I'll be working on more stuff here, like another review, and some other crap as well. I actually got time to do stuff. Now if only my connection didn't suck...

5/03/01 Don't expect much from me this week until Sunday ( day of rest...Ha! ). I've got 3 field trips this week and I am just tired after today's. I started part 4 of my ongoing story, prepping review pages, and working on getting my FF2 image selection up. Give me 2 weeks or so to finalize a new internet connection ( cable is looking good ), and you'll see lots of new updates.

5/2/01 - I'm back. I've been studying Adv. Chem. so i haven't had time for this. I pulled off a B on the test (this is the hardest teacher in the WORLD), so there is no threat of me being ineligible for track next week. That means i'm going to districts! Now for the website news: I gave the Mailbag page a more organized layout, I fixed some errors that were on a few pages, I changed the midi on this, the main page (as we do almost every day), and made a little headway on the new Mario Brothers pages which aren't up yet.

4/26/01 - Check back here again at, oh, say 11:00 or 12:00, and the start of the Final Fantasy 2 page will be up. And I can't believe I forgot this, but I'll also put up an item list for Final Fantasy 1 as well. EMAIL US!!! Come on people, I've had NO EMAILS FOR THE MAILBAG!!! Send us some feedback.

4/25/01 - Well, I jumped 39'1" in the triple jump at the track meet yesterday and took first, now i have to pay for it. I got a sprained ankle and i'm staying home for the day and am making use of this time. I'm made a new page. It has a list of all my NES games. I made a mailbag page to put your responses. I made a new page for the Nintendo marathon we are planning on having this summer. It's under Features. Go to that page to get the specifics.

4/24/01 - I updated the Final Fantasy Pages. There is now a music section, and a walkthrough is pending...

4/24/01 - Yahoo! I actually have 2 emails! Ok, well, even if it is small, I guess I'll try making a sample mailbag. So, make sure you email us. Check back later, and I'll have the topic ready. By the way, the mailbag will be a weekly thing, so send it in all the way until Sunday, and I'll put the responses up Monday ( or close to Monday ). Ok, the topic is: "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE GAME, AND WHY". Simple for a start. Send us your responses!

4/23/01 - I put another ROM on the NES ROMS page. it's of Mega Man 4. I made the links look cool too. You guys should send us feedback. Email and guestbook are both good ways.

4/22/01 - ARGH! By the end of thi