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Super Mario Brothers 3

Here's an EXCELLENT midi of the Bowser battle

Some pics:
The Koopa Kids


tanooki and raccoon mario

chomp on a block

SMB 3 stuff:

Did you know that the direction that you are pointing at the time that you hit a determines where the thing that was in it will go? If you are looking right, the object will go left. If you are looking left, the object will go right.

The 3 warp whistles: The first is in world 1-3. When you get to the white block about 3/4 of the way through the stage, if you push down for a few seconds, you will fall THROUGH the block, and end up BEHIND the scenery. Then if you run the rest of the way through the level, and run behind the black thing at the end, push UP. You will end up in one of Toad's Mushroom houses and in the treasure box will be a whistle.

The second is in the Mini castle in World 1. Run all the way to the door to Boom Boom's room and then fly up over that wall. You will appear in a little room with a little treasure box. Touch the treasure box and you will get whistle #2.

The third whistle is in World 2. Defeat the Hammer Bros. and you will recieve a Hammer. Go to the very TOP RIGHT of the World map and USE THE HAMMER. You will destroy the rock and you will be able to proceed to the right, where you will find a Frog suit and the third whistle

Skip a section of the ship stage of Level 8: When you get to the second ship of the ship stage, jump into the water and you can swim under the ship if you let yourself drop down a bit, then quickly tap A and hold right. It saves you a lot of hassle.