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Castle music

The flagpole tune
Overworld music
Castle tune
Water level tune
Underworld tune
Invincible star tune
End tune

a few pics:
Top score: none yet

Super Mario Brothers

Some Tricks:

The minus World:  Go to the very end of World 1-2, where you are about to go into the pipe which leads to the flagpole Break the two blocks to the left of the block that is farthest to the right. Don't understand? look below......

Jump up just as Mario is doing in this image. Make Mario look left, then jump so that the right side of his head is just barely touching the block (don't break it!) To make it to the Minus World, go into the first warp pipe. The other pipes take you to other worlds

Get 100+ lives:  At the end of stage 3-1, there are steps with 2 koopa troopas walking down them. Let the first troopa pass by. When the second troopa gets almost to the bottom, if you jump on the very EDGE of the troopa, it is possible to continue jumping automatically, and in the process gain 1-ups. I only got this to work ONCE, so i don't fully understand the trick to make it work. Once you amass 10 lives, instead of having numbers for lives, you will have symbols. Try not to get more than 100 lives, because I heard that the game will mess up if you do.

The secret to fireworks:  You need to have the ones digit of the seconds counter AND your number of coins to be 1, 3 or 6 when you land on the flagpole. You will get the same amount of fireworks. There is also a similar way, but I haven't figured it out yet. (this just in - I think im wrong (4/30/02) When I play this game again, I'll figure it out.

Continue code:  When you return to the title screen, hold A and press start and you will continue on the first stage of the World you died in.

Castle Mazes:
Level 3:
Part One: Top route
Part Two: Bottom route

Level 7:
Part One: Bottom route
Part Two: Middle route
Part Three: Top route
Part Four: Top route
Part Five: Middle route
Part Six: Top route