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W     E     B     S     I     T     E     S My step-brother's website. He now has about 6 or 7 people now post stuff on his weblog. more than 200,000 hits rather quickly!
Joey's Kincer's Home Pagedecent website - he has a nice Mega Man section!
8 - Bit Theatre Very good FF 1 comic. Funny, and updated regularly. Great place to find all sorts of Ni ntendo products up for auction. Oh yeah, millions of other things too. A great place to ask questions about any video game and have lots of nice people answer you. They've also got FAQs and reviews.
Pokemon Central 's old website. The ANCESTOR of CJT Supersite.

O   t   h   e   r       C   o   o   l       S   t   u   f   f A 1.6 MB Flash movie about "All Your Base Are Belong To Us." It's VERY GOOD.
'All Your Base' VS Final Fantasy 1 Excellent AYB parody. You'll like it. Involves characters ( Fighter and Black Mage ) from 8 - Bit Theatre.
'Final Fantasy 1 VS Final Fantasy 7' Much like the "AYB VS FF1" Flash movie above. Involves Fighter and Black Mage again, this time versus Cloud. Funny!
Shoot The Dog From DUCK HUNT YEAH! that stupid dogs finally gets whats coming to him. And YOU get to deal out the punishment!
Super Mario Brothes Super Show A page that is "devoted" to the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, one of my favorite shows when I was a kid! It has a link to the opening music!
Super Mario Brothers Flash Page A Flash page that starts with 2 guys talking, then they start playing SMB.