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History of the NES

30 Million Systems Sold
700+ Licensed Games
Most Sold game:
Super Mario Brothers

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System revived the Home Video Game Industry after Atari sorta failed. (This is what I've heard:) It was first released in 1985, in only New York City. In 1986, The system was released in San Fransisco, and in 1987, The NES was released all over, and the World Domination had begun.

The New Style NES

In 1994, when the Super NES had taken over where the NES left off, The NES had begun to lose most of its sales. Few games were being released due to the desire for bigger and better things. To help rekindle the dying flame of the NES, Nintendo of America rereleased the NES in a smaller, sleeker form, shown above. The components were virtually the same, but the outer shell was changed to take up less space and look cool. Alas, in 1994, the last NES game was released, and the NES was pronounced officially DEAD in 1995.