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Early Mining Pictures from Summit Hill Pennsylvania and Panther Creek Valley


Updated December 28, 2006


Photos of the No. 4 Men in the 1890s.

The No.5 Breaker Boys around 1900.

Two pictures of the he No.5 Miners around 1897.

This picture is of the men who drove the shaft of No. 8 in 1888.

Here are 3 more stereoview images from Kleckner's 'Switch-Back' series from the late 1860s. The first shows mules coming out of the mine tunnel while a group of men pose in the second view. The bottom photo shows the slate pickers at No. 8.


These 2 views are from A.M. Allen of Pottsville. His Switck-Back series in cluded 5 photos of the Panther Creek planes, two of which are shown here, both of the No. 1 plane. This plane ran up the mountain from Lansford into Summit Hill and the tracks ran by the Armory.

These two particular views of the No. 2 plane are from Kleckner. This plane extended up the mountain to Summit Hill from the No. 8 breaker.

A view looking down the No. 2 plane.


LC&N's first coal breaker was built in Summit Hill (1844) in the 'Woodside' section of town.

This picture was taken from a Kleckner stereoview dating to the early 1870s when he was located in Mauch Chunk. This was a 'new' breaker at the time this picture was taken. The card was not marked which breaker this was.

This is a view of McCready's breaker in 1909.

Number 6 Breaker

Here are two early views of the Number 6 breakers located in the Andrewsville section of Summit Hill.

Number 8 Breaker

Here are two early views of the Number 8 breaker from Kleckner's 'A Trip Around the Switch-Back R.R.' series. In the photo on the right, the No. 7 breaker can be seen in the background.

Yet another Kleckner view of No. 8 looking west towards Tamaqua.

Number 8 and 9 Breakers

Views of the 'new' No.8 breaker and the No.9 breaker on the Coaldale, Lansford border.

Number 10 and 12 Breakers

Views of the No.10 and No.12 Breaker.

Overview of a Coal Yard.

Mountain of Coal Silt, No. 2 Plane

The picture on the left is from a J. Brown stereoview dating to the mid 1860s. This view is handwritten on the back - 'Artificial mountain of coal silt from plane No. 2'. Plane number 2 located in Coaldale, north of the No. 8 Breaker. The picture on the right is Kleckner's view of this same area.


Two pictures of the #13 locomotive at the headquarters in Lansford.

Taken in 1914, a picture of the workers in the Lansford Shops.

A picture of the Lansford Blacksmith Shop taken on October 4th, 1911.

This is the 'Black Maria'. It took the injured miners to the hospital.


The following mining pictures are what I call 'general' mining postcards. They may or may not have been taken in the area. I have seen these same postcards with different towns listed on them, such as Shamokin. These particular examples were, however, they were sold in the area and represent life in the mines.

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