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We are providing this gestation calculator for information and fun only.
The dates that are calculated are an estimate of when to expect your new arrival
and not to be used as an exact date for foaling.

This Foaling Date Estimator is based on 340 days gestation.
You should average plus or minus 10 days for actual foaling window.

If you wish to keep records for several horses,
enter each horse's name before printing the page showing its estimated foaling date.

Foal Gestation Calculator

Fill in lines 1. and 2., Calculate on line 3.

 Horse's Name:

1. Enter the last date the mare was bred:    
2. Enter estimated gestation period in days:
Normally calculated at 340 days.

 Week 2 (2 weeks to 18 days) 
- First Ultrasound or palpation to detect pregnancy
  / /
 Week 4 - 1st Month 
- Second ultrasound or palpation to detect heart beat
 Week 12 - 3rd Month 
Give all vaccinations recommended for your area
     - Worm the Mare
 Week 20 - 5th Month 
- First Equine Rhinopneumonitis Vacc
 Week 28 - 7th Month 
Equine Rhinopneumonitis Vacc
 Week 36 - 9th Month 
- Third Equine Rhinopneumonitis Vacc
 Week 44 - 11th Month 
- Give all vaccinations recommended for your area
         so mare produces antibodies in colostrum.
- Worm the Mare 
      - Begin watching for waxing and other signs of early foaling.
  / /
 Due Date   / /

Disclaimer: It is the mare owner's responsibility to consult their vet with regard to broodmare health care.
This Calendar is a guideline for a personal use only.


Number of days mare in foal calculator

There is no guarantee or representations as to the accuracy calculated

Enter last date mare was bred:

Enter today's date:


Estimate of days mare has been in foal