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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

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Name: Kommissar
Location: USA
Materials: "I am the model of this costume, obviously, instead it's my wife who is wearing the armor, but I made this piece over the course of around 6 months, hence why I am showing my work. The Commissar with her in a few pictures is me.

The costume is a Sister of Battle from Warhammer 40k, the Sisters, also known as the Adepta Sororitas, are a female only force of warriors who specialize in combat involving power armor and heat based weaponry.

They are also known for their devout piety towards their lord The God Emperor of Mankind.

My motivation for doing this costume; love of the Warhammer universe, and primarily a test of my skills and a step towards a portfolio piece in my pursuit of a career.

Also representation of a group of competent female warriors who wear more than a chainmail bikini, and earning kudos points with my wife, of course ;) as she's quite the fan of them.

Well with alot of patience, polymer clay (which I will not be using again for details on armor) and plastics, I have made, I feel, a pretty decent attempt at a Sister of Battle from the order of Our Martyred Lady.

One nice thing about the armor is that the backpack has a magnetic top, so the plate which the smokestacks rest on comes off, to reveal a camelbak for water, and storage for stuff like wallets. I tried to make this armor as convention friendly as possible.

My personal favorite detail of the armor is the word on the scrollwork on her shoulder with the fluer de lys (which was entirely sculpted by hand), reads "invictus" latin for invincible.

The chest piece was a sport chest guard by the way.

(the armor is made from) pvc expanded foam."

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