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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

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Name: Nimba Creations
Location: UK
Materials: "They were made from fiberglass and had the front and back body as one including the shoulder pads, the arm pieces were in 3 parts comprising of upper, elbow and forearm sections. The legs were made from 2 parts, thighs and lower legs including feet. The lower leg sections and feet were made from foam rubber with a latex type coating. The helmets were either fibreglass or vac formed plastic which were then lined in a similar manner to motorcycle crash helmets, very little internal detailing apart from the padding, although there was another display helmet which had a lot more detailing including internal gubbins. Gloves were painted cricket gloves which worked really well due to the padding on the backs. The backpack was fibreglass as well made in a few sections (was hard to tell how many from looking at it). All pieces were made plain with no insignia or details on, these were added later to enable various chapter designs." Produced for Games Workshop in the mid to late 90s and used for cut scenes in various video games as well as the Inquisitor short film. Now on display at Warhammer World.

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