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The Unofficial Warhammer 40k Costume and Prop Archive

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Name: Horgh
Location: UK
Materials: "I'm embarking on a new and fantastical mission, to make a Chaos Space Marine suit, and thanks to everyone to helped make the space marine peps, I've got more or less everything ready to get me going. Though in true Chaos Space Marine style, I'll steal the armour and corrupt it to make it cooler.

I went a bit sneaky with this if I'm honest. I took the pep (well, pdf) of a space marine from Dawn of War, blew it up to a suitable size, then stole some horns from another pep from World of Warcraft (death knight if you must know) and combined the two. They sit equally which is a big relief. I screwed up with some of the gluing as you can see, but when it's all complete no one will notice

I'll be redoing it in much thicker paper (300gm) for the final."

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