Evansville Blue Cats

Years of Existence: 2005-2007

Venue: Roberts Municipal Stadium (Evansville, IN)
2005 - Playoff appearance
2006 - Semifinal appearance
2007 -
Lifetime Record: 15-18
Home: 10-11
Away: 10-17
Playoffs: 1-2
Average Attendance: 2,311

As a UIF franchise, the Evansville Blue Cats won more games in 2005 than they did in two years in the NIFL. The team completed the regular season with a 7-8 record and only one road victory. All but two of the team's road losses were by more than seven points. In a watered down playoff format, the Bluecats went on the road to Lexington and lost, 55-50. The 2006 regular season wasn't much of an improvement, and for a while, things looked bad. The Cats won three of their first ten games, coming up just short in many of them. Four of the team's eight losses were by single digits. When it came to playing top teams like Lexington, Rock River, and SIoux Falls, the Bluecats were winless. After holding Omaha to 15 points at the Slaughterhouse, the Bluecats met up with Sioux Falls for the second time in three weeks, losing 32-26. Two weeks earlier, Sioux Falls won 33-26. The Blue Cats fell apart in 2007 , winning just five games. Three of the wins came against Ohio Valley, while another was against Sioux City. Nine players took a snap as the quarterback of the team. Following the 2007 season. the Evansville franchise folded