Wyoming Cavalry

Years of Existence: 2001-2007
Venue: Casper Events Center (Casper, WY)
2001 - Indoor Bowl appearance
2002 -
2003 -
2004 -
2005 - Playoff appearance
2006 - Playoff appearance
2007 - Semifinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 47-51
Home: 32-21
Away: 15-30
Playoffs: 2-4
Average Attendance: 3,358

The Wyoming Cavalry has been the proverbial cellar-dweller for most of the franchise’s NIFL history. The 2001 season was the only great season that the team has had. Following an 8-6 record, the team qualified for the playoffs and defeated Utah and Sioux Falls to advance to the inaugural Indoor Bowl. The Cavalry lost to a red-hot Mississippi team, 55-21. The team did not rebound well in 2002, winning just three games. It wasn’t for a lack of effort, however, as the team lost two overtime games to Rapid City and Bismarck. The next year, the Cavalry won four games, dropping ten. The team lost some barn-burners to Utah, Rapid City, and Billings. In 2004, the team again failed to post a winning season. Wyoming lost nine games, four of them nail-biters. In 2005, the Cavalry finally made a return to the postseason following a 10-4 regular season. After splitting the regular season series with the Tri City Fever, the Cavalry lost their first playoff game in four years to the Fever, 49-46. In 2006, the Cavalry benefitted from forfeits and replacement opponents. Five of the team's eight wins came by forfeits and beating Big Sky and Lincoln. Against quality opponents, Wyoming was rarely competitive. After receiving a playoff berth, the Cavalry took a quick exit by way of a 45-20 drubbing by Tri-Cities. The 2007 season brought turmoil, as the league began to crumble for good. Wyoming was set to join the UIF, but elected to stay in the NIFL, as close opponents in Colorado were promised. None of these teams panned out, leaving Wyoming to fill its home schedule with semipro replacement teams. The Cavalry did play two thrilling games against San Diego, and a third was set to be played as a playoff game. However, the owners could not decide who should host the game. The Cavalry were kicked out of the league, according to a letter the team received. The team then played at Fayetteville in what was called the Indoor Football Championship. The Guard defeated the Cavalry, 48-34.