Sioux City Bandits

Years of Existence: 2001-2004, 2005 as the Sioux City Bandits (UIF)
Venue: Sioux City Auditorum (Sioux City, IA)
2001 -
2002 -
2003 -
2004 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 27-30
Home: 17-12
Away: 10-18
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 2,730

The Sioux City Bandits spent four relatively unsuccessful seasons in the NIFL. Their first season consisted of four wins and a last place finish in their division. Despite a strong defense that gave up just 470 total points, it was the offense’s inability that ultimately held the team back. The following season yielded much more improvement. The team was 9-5 overall and 5-0 in games where they scored 50 points or more. Despite the record, the Bandits did not qualify for the postseason. In 2003, the Bandits began with a 4-1 record, but finished at 6-8. The team had very little offensive output, breaking the 50 point mark just twice. The Bandits were shutout by the Lincoln Capitols, 20-0. The following year, the Bandits were still inept on offense, but played better than average defense to finish at 8-6. Sioux City finally qualified for the playoffs. However, the postseason was terribly short, as the Bandits lost to the Omaha Beef, 46-40. In the franchise’s NIFL history, the team was 1-4 against the rival Sioux Falls Storm. (as of this writing, 2001 schedules are not available) Following the 2004 season, the Sioux City franchise moved to the UIF.