Rapid City Flying Aces

Years of Existence: 2006
2006 - Semifinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 12-4
Home: 8-1
Away: 4-3
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 3,014

The Rapid City Flying Aces replaced the Black Hills Red Dogs (UIF) to keep football in the area. After three games, the Flying Aces had outscored their opponents (Lincoln and Big Sky) 153-14. The team didn't even play a competitive game until week ten, when they defeated Tri-Cities by 16. Usually when a team is in trouble, they play poorly on the field. In Rapid City's case, not too many people saw this coming. Midway through the season, the team was almost dissolved because ownership had not paid several bills. However, due to the success, new ownership was found and kept the team afloat. Coming down the stretch, the Aces fell to Wyoming and twice to the Billings Outlaws. After earning a first round bye, the team would take on the Katy Copperheads in a questionable game. According to some reports, the Rapid City ownership did not send money to Katy on time for the Copperheads to secure their flight. As a result, Carolyn Shiver promised the Copperheads a charter bus, but it never showed. The playoff game ended up being delayed by a half hour, as Katy, minus six of their best players, including their starting quarterback, arrived late. The Flying Aces advanced to take on Billings the next week. For the third time, however, the Outlaws corralled the Aces, 62-54, holding Rapid City on four downs from the Billings 3 yard line. Following the 2006 season, the Aces attempted to move to the UIF, but were too late. The team did not play in 2007.