Cincinnati Marshals

Years of Existence: 2005-2006, 2004 as the Waco Marshals
Venues: U.S. Bank Arena (Cincinnati, OH)
2004 –
2005 - Semifinal appearance
2006 - Quarterfinal appearnace
Lifetime Record: 22-28
Home: 12-10
Away: 10-18
Playoffs: 3-2
Average Attendance: 3,907

The Waco Marshals was a franchise that struggled to stay afloat in 2004. The team had only three home games and finished at 2-8. Following the 2004 season, the team was sold and relocated to Cincinnati. The new Marshals have been much more successful, finishing at 8-6 and making a deep playoff run. The team would play their first playoff game on the road against River City. The Marshals won 67-64. The following week, the Marshals defeated the Fayetteville Guard, 70-69. The Marshals’ season ended at U.S. Bank Arena against the Rome Renegades, 51-41. The Marshals were a medicore team in 2006, benefiting from beating up on several weak teams. In fact, Cincinnati did not have any victories over playoffbound teams. The Marshals shutout a Tennessee replacement team, 82-0 late in the year and also won two overtime games against Montgomery and West Palm Beach. The Marshals qualified for the playoffs and were supposed to travel to Osceola. However, neither team could secure a venue and Osceola was disqualified from the playoffs for not signing a no-compete agreement with the NIFL. Cincinnati was awarded a forfeit victory and moved on to play at River City. The Rage knocked the Marshals out of the postseason for good, 48-23. Following the 2006 season, Cincinnati resurfaced in the AF2.