Abilene Ruff Riders/Bombers

Years of Existence: 2012-
Venue: Taylor County Expo Center (Abilene, TX)
2012 -
2013 - Playoff appearance
Lifetime Record: 10-16
Home: 7-6
Away: 3-10
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 2,521

The Abilene Ruff Riders moved to the LSFL after leaving the SIFL. The team had a few quarterbacks to pull through a 4-8 season. Larry Dockery, Byron Ingram, and Jonte Manning combined for just over 2,100 yards, 43 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. Le'Juan Edwards and John Anderson were the top two receiving targets, catching 13 touchdowns. The team held opponents defensively, allowing touchdowns just 50% of the time in the redzone. However, the kicking game was a problem for Abilene. In a 42-41 early season loss to Amarillo, Abilene missed an extra point that would have sent the game into overtime. Three field goals were missed in a 38-37 loss to Rio Grande Valley, and two extra points were missed in a record low scoring 13-12 loss to Laredo. For 2013, only Byron Igram remained as a quarterback. He threw for 1,570 yards, 27 touchdowns and ten interceptions. Ingram also led the team in rushing with 15 touchdowns. Le'Juan Edwards stayed on the team as a wide receiver, catching 36 passes for 439 yards and six touchdowns. The team began and ended the year winning three of four games, losing four in a row during the middle of the season. Three of the team's six wins came against one-win San Angelo, but a 6-6 record got the team into the playoffs. Abilene traveled to Amarillo where they were quickly handed a 70-42 defeat.