Green Bay Bombers

Years of Existence: 1999-2000
Venue: Brown County Arena (Green Bay, WI)
2000 IFL Champions
2001 - Quarterfinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 22-8
Home: 10-4
Away: 12-4
Playoffs: 3-1
Average Attendance: 3,180

The Green Bay Bombers were an original team in the IFL. In 1999, the team finsihed with the second best record in the league at 9-3. The start of the season was not pretty, as the team lost two of their first three to Peoria. The week before the playoffs, the Bombers beat Duluth, 52-15. Despite the great regular season record, the team was forced to travel to Lincoln in the playoffs. The Bombers brought back 44-34 victory and a trip to Peoria for the IFL Gold Cup Championship. The Bombers won, 63-60. The following year was very similar. After a mediocre 6-4 start, the Bombers won their final four games by large margins. After being routed 40-16 by Peoria, the Bombers took their frustrations out on LaCrosse to get the four game streak started, 62-26. The Bombers' actually got a home playoff game this time around and they took advantage of it, crushing Dayton, 64-23. Their bid for a repeat championship ended the following week, with a 21-10 loss at Steel Valley. When the IFL was sold, the Bombers disappeared. In 2004, Green Bay got an af2 team.