Wisconsin Wolfpack

Years of Existence: 2009-2010
Venue: Hartmeyer Arena (Madison, WI)
2009 - Playoff appearance
2010 - Championship game appearance
Lifetime Record: 15-9
Home: 10-4
Away: 5-5
Playoffs: 1-2
Average Attendance: 552

The Wisconsin Wolfpack were an expansion franchise in the CIFL 2009 season. The team scored only 31 offensive touchdowns, despite indoor football veteran Tom Stetzer leading the team for five games. Eric Donoval spent eight games with the team, rushing for 278 yards and nine touchdowns. The team began the year with a 4-1 record, proving a challenge for veteran laiden Chicago, but won just three more games. Rock River, meanwhile, had won seven of its final eight games and tied the Wolfpack for a chance to square off with Chicago in the semifinal round of the playoffs. However, Wisconsin, by virtue of two early season wins against the Raptors, won the tiebreaker, and another shot against Chicago. This time, however, it would be their worst performance of the year, as the Slaughter cruised to a 63-19 victory. The Wolfpack netted just 93 offensive yards in the loss. The team returned in 2010 and was a great success on the field. Matt Schabert quarterbacked the team, passing for 27 scores to just seven picks. Marcus Lewis and Marques Johnson combined to catch 23 of the scores. Eric Donoval rushed the ball for 189 yards and 11 scores. The team qualified as the second seed in the playoffs and faced Fort Wayne in the semifinal. The Wolfpack won 25-24, advancing to the title game in Cincinnati. Cincinnati defeated Wisconsin 54-40. The team folded following the 2010 season.