Lehigh Valley Outlawz

Years of Existence: 2006-2008
Venue: Stabler Arena (Bethlehem, PA)
2006 - Playoff appearance
2007 - Quarterfinal appearance
2008 - Semifinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 19-18
Home: 11-6
Away: 7-11
Playoffs: 1-3
Average Attendance: 3,136

The Lehigh Valley Outlawz were a mediocre team in their first season. Offense was the biggest problem for the team, as the Outlawz attempted 36 field goals, which was twice as many as their opponents. The Outlawz also gave up a league record 90 points to Rochester in a 90-45 loss. A 5-5 record earned the team a spot in the playoffs and Rochester easily beat Lehigh, 58-27. The Outlawz' talent level didn't improve greatly in their second season. As a mediocre team, the Outlawz beat up on the likes of Summit County, NY/NJ, and Miami Valley to earn a playoff spot. The Outlawz earned a playoff spot and lost at New England, 58-34. The Outlawz opened their 2008 season with a postponed game due to NCAA basketball. The team's longest winning streak of the season was just two games, as it was a very up and down year. In the final week of the regular season, the Outlawz defeated New England, 45-42. The postponed game was to be made up at Lehigh Valley the following week before the two teams would meet again for a third consecutive time in New England for a playoff match. However, the teams agreed to make the game in Lehigh the playoff game. The Surge may have regretted their decision, as the Outlawz won 27-21 to advance to the semifinals against Saginaw. The Sting brought the Outlawz title dreams to an end, with a resounding 59-25 rout.