Oklahoma Wranglers

Years of Existence: 2000-2001
Venues: Cox Convention Center (Oklahoma City, OK)
2000 – Semifinal appearance
2001 –
Lifetime Record: 13-17
Home: 9-5
Away: 3-12
Playoffs: 1-1
Average Attendance: 9,049

The Oklahoma Wranglers moved from Portland after 1999 and have provided a fine example of what happens to teams that can’t win on the road. In 2000, the team began 4-0, with wins over Los Angeles, San Jose, and Buffalo. The Wranglers followed up this start with a 3-7 finish, but managed to qualify for the playoffs. They would go on the road to New England and win, 52-38. However, the next week, in San Jose, they were on the short end of a 63-40 blowout. In their second and final season, the Wranglers were 5-9 and missed the playoffs. The name “Wranglers” has resurfaced in Houston, but that team is under different ownership.