Nashville Kats

Years of Existence: 2005-2007
Venues: Gaylord Entertainment Center (Nashville, TN)
2005 -
2006 - Playoff appearance
2007 -
Lifetime Record: 21-27-1
Home: 12-13
Away: 9-14-1
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 9,521

The Nashville Kats, after taking a four-year long hiatus, returned to Tennessee ready to be Champions. After a seven-game losing streak, the Kats played two overtime games in three weeks, winning one over Arizona (48-35) and playing to a tie at Los Angeles. (41-41) If the Kats would have won these two games, they could have gone on a seven-game winning streak. As it stood, the Kats won five of seven, showing promise for the 2006 season. The Kats began 2006 by continuing where they left off, winning four of their first five. The wins included a 58-36 demolition of the defending Champion Colorado Crush. The lone loss by one point in overtime to Chicago. However, the team finished the year at 8-8, with backup QB Leon Murray passing for 15 touchdowns, but 10 interceptions. Despite the 8-8 record, the team earned a home playoff game, which they lost 55-47 to Chicago. In 2007, the Kats finished 7-9, missing a playoff berth by one game, losing four games by one score. Following the 2007 season, the Nashville Kats ceased operations for a second time.