Milwaukee Mustangs

Years of Existence: Years of Existence: 1994-2001
Venue: Bradley Center (Milwaukee, WI)
1993 –
1994 –
1995 –
1996 – Playoff appearance
1997 – Playoff appearance
1998 –
1999 – Playoff appearance
2000 – Playoff appearance
2001 –
Lifetime Record: 46-66
Home: 24-30
Away: 22-36
Playoffs: 0-4
Average Attendance: 13,900

No one thought that the Milwaukee Mustangs would be a successful franchise after their 0-12 first season. They would be right, for the most part. In 1994, the Mustangs’ average margin of loss was 19 points. The team only had a few close games and despite all the losing, the team drew around 12,000-15,000 to each of their six home games. 1995 wouldn’t end much better for the Mustangs. However, the team won four games this time around. The wins came against Charlotte, (31-27) San Jose, (64-47) Arizona, (66-53) and Memphis. (53-37) Three of the wins came at home, which kept the fans coming back. The Mustangs seemed to turn it around in 1996, putting together a franchise-best 10-6 regular season record and qualifying for the postseason. Three of the four losses were on the road at Anaheim, Arizona, and Iowa. To begin the postseason, the Mustangs would be on the road again, this time at Albany. The Mustangs lost, 70-58. In the next season, a 5-2 start turned into an 8-6 finish, with a four game losing streak after a five game winning streak (unfortunately) highlighting the Mustangs’ season. Two of those four losses came to Arizona. In the team’s first-round playoff match, they would travel to Arizona. The Rattlers beat the Mustangs for the third time, 46-29. In 1998, the Mustangs finished the regular season at an even 7-7, missing the playoffs by a game. A 62-62 overtime loss to Nashville would loom large, even as the Mustangs won three of their last four. After struggling on the road in the past seasons, five of the losses in ’98 came at the Bradley Center. The following year, the Mustangs started by losing their first five games. The closest losses of these five came by seven points, the rest being blowouts. However, the Mustangs made a playoff push by winning at New England, at New Jersey, at Grand Rapids, at San Jose, and at home to Portland, Iowa, and Arizona. Splitting the regular season series with Iowa, the third game would be a playoff match up. The Mustangs lost in Iowa, 66-34. Starting 2-5 in the 2000 season, the postseason was in doubt. The Mustangs suffered several losses by eight points or less. However, like the year before, the Mustangs made a playoff push, winning their last four games of the regular season at Los Angeles, at Tampa Bay, versus Oklahoma, and versus Houston. The Mustangs would be on the road for the playoffs once again. Tampa Bay beat Wisconsin 72-64. An eight-game losing streak opened the Mustangs fateful 2001 season. The team was blown out in almost all of their eleven losses. Attendance dropped drastically compared to previous seasons and the team, after six seasons, the team had not hosted a single playoff game. The team did not return in 2002.