Florida Bobcats

Years of Existence: 1996-2001
Venues: West Palm Beach Auditorium (West Palm Beach, FL) National Car Rental Center (Sunrise, FL)
1997 -
1998 -
1999 -
2000 -
2001 -
Lifetime Record: 26-59
Home: 11-23
Away: 12-33
Playoffs: 0-0
Average Attendance: 3,679

The Florida Bobcats, with the help of some very strong ownership, stayed alive in the AFL for six seasons, despite never qualifying for the postseason. In 1996, the Bobcats lost two very close games to Tampa Bay and Albany, which could have turned the season in the opposite direction. As it stood, the team finished 6-8. In 1997, the team was only able to schedule two home games, the rest being on the road or at neutral sites. The Bobcats won four games, against New York, New Jersey, and Iowa. The team had four home games the next season as attendance numbers at home and at neutral sites dropped well below 3,000. The team lost several close games and only won three all season. In 1999, the Bobcats moved to a new arena, but the game results stayed the same. The team only managed three wins and attendance was still dismal at best. In 2000, the team again only won three games. Attendance dropped below the 2,500 mark on a consistent basis. In 2001, the Bobcats completed their final season, 6-8. Attendance dropped below 1,500 for one home game, and hovered around 2,000 for the rest. The Bobcats finally folded following 2001.