Detroit Fury

Years of Existence: 2001-2004
Venues: The Palace (Auburn Hills, MI)
2001 Playoff appearance
2003 Semifinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 22-41
Home: 12-18
Away: 10-23
Playoffs: 1-2
Average Attendance: 8,152

The Detroit Fury salvaged their first season by recovering from a 2-5 start. The players turned it around to a 7-7 record and a playoff berth. Big wins at Chicago and at Los Angeles prepared the Fury for a playoff meeting in Arizona. They were not prepared enough, however, and lost by eight points. 2002 was not an improvement, by far. The Fury went 1-13, which included a franchise-high eleven-game losing streak. In 2003, the team finished at a mediocre 8-8, qualifying for the playoffs. The Fury went on the road at Grand Rapids and upset the Rampage by a point. They then lost at Tampa Bay, 52-48, proving they were quite a team despite the record. In their final season, the Fury lost seven of their last eight and missed the postseason. These losses included a nine-point overtime loss at Indiana.