Cleveland Thunderbolts

Years of Existence: 1992-1994
Venue: Richfield Coliseum (Richfield, OH)
1992 Playoff appearance
1993 -
1994 -
Lifetime Record: 8-27
Home: 4-13
Away: 4-14
Playoffs: 0-1
Average Attendance: 7,431

The Cleveland Thunderbolts moved from Columbus following the 1991 season and completed their first season in their new home at 4-6. A three-game winning streak to begin the season and a final week victory over Albany was just enough to secure a playoff berth. Unfortunately for the Thunderbolts, their playoff game would be at Orlando. They lost, 50-12. In their final two seasons, they would combine to win only four more games. They would only win one more game at home. After three poor seasons, the franchise folded for good.