Albany Firebirds

Years of Existence: 1990-2000, 2001-2004 as the Indiana Firebirds (AFL)
Venue: Pepsi Arena (Albany, NY)
1990 –
1991 – Playoff appearance
1992 – Playoff appearance
1993 – Playoff appearance
1994 - American Conference champions, semifinal appearance
1995 - Eastern Division champions, semifinal appearance
1996 - Eastern Division champions, semifinal appearance
1997 -
1998 - Eastern Division champions, playoff appearance
1999 - AFL Champions
2000 - Eastern Division champions, quarterfinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 88-60
Home: 54-22
Away: 34-38
Playoffs: 6-8
Average Attendance: 11,221

The Albany Firebirds were one of the longest-running franchises in AFL history. In their inaugural season, the Firebirds finished at 3-5 and missed the postseason. Their fortune would turn around just a year later and the team finished at 6-4. The Firebirds ran into the Detroit Drive in their first-ever playoff game, and were defeated 37-35. The following season was much of the same, only this time the Firebirds lost to the Dallas Texans in their lone postseason game of the year. The following season ended with the same result: another first-round loss, this time at the hands of the Tampa Bay Storm. 1994 was somewhat of a breakout year for the Firebirds, as they cruised to a 10-2 regular season and finally got a 49-30 playoff victory over Las Vegas. Like before, however, the season would end with a loss, this time, a 40-33 win by Arizona. The following season, the Firebirds went 7-5 with a two-point win in the playoffs over St. Louis. They would lose to Tampa Bay once again to end their Championship hopes. Old habits continued the next year: a 10-4 regular season and a 62-55 loss in their second postseason game at Iowa. The Firebirds didn’t have to worry about a playoff loss in 1997, as a 6-8 record would keep them out of the postseason. “Almost” could best describe the Firebirds, as, once again, they would end their season with a playoff loss in 1998. The Firebirds finally broke out in 1999, with their first and only AFL Championship. They would have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs and beat Grand Rapids, Arizona, and finally, Orlando. The Firebirds returned to their old ways in their final season, with a first round playoff loss to Arizona, 55-52. The Firebirds moved to Indiana where they would remain through 2004. The Albany Conquest moved into the Pepsi Arena in 2002 and has played there since.