Utah Snow Bears

Years of Existence: 2004-2005
2004 - Semifinal appearance
Lifetime Record: 26-1
Home: 17-0
Away: 9-1
Playoffs: 2-0
Average Attendance:

The Utah Snow Bears will be the best one-season team in the ABA. Game in and game out, the Bears crushed their opponents, except for one game against Arkansas. The Bears, however, have a tragic end. After advancing to the semifinals, the team left the league, claiming they were asked to pay travel costs for other teams. After the team left, an apology was issued by the Bears and the former claims were retracted. The Bears would've played Bellevue in the semifinals, a team they beat six times in the regular season. The team would have met Arkansas in the final for what would have been an incredible championship game.

11/19Central Valley W 132-96
11/20Central Valley W 94-87
11/25@ Bellevue W 113-101
11/26@ Bellevue W 111-100
11/29Fresno W 119-105
11/30Fresno W 127-101
12/3@ Ontario W 72-70
12/9Bellevue W 102-84
12/11Bellevue W 109-86
12/17Bellevue W 99-74
12/23@ Los Angeles W 146-94
12/28Calgary W 101-95
12/29Las Vegas W 121-105
12/30Las Vegas W 119-112
1/6Tijuana W 110-77
1/8Tijuana W 121-88
1/15Los Angeles W 124-87
1/18@ Calgary W 109-101
1/19@ Calgary W 89-86
1/21Calgary W 114-107
1/23@ Long Beach W 118-113
1/27@ Bellevue W 104-95
2/10@ Arkansas L 104-97
2/13@ Arkansas W 114-110
2/15Los Angeles W 118-104
3/7Tijuana W 122-76
3/9Long Beach W 130-115