2011 Foals

All foals born at Hidden Timber Ranch are AMHA/AMHR registered unless otherwise stated. All foals will be sold with their registration papers, no foal will be sold on application! Each foal is given individual attention and by the time they leave our farm they have learned to tie, lead, and pick up their feet. Our foals do equally well in the show ring, the breeding shed or as loving companions. All the mares were vaccinated before foaling in order to make sure that all the foals have full immunity. A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 will hold any foal until weaning, balance will be due before pick-up. All foals sell with a negative coggins and health certificate when needed. Foals are weaned at approximately four months of age. The sires and dams of the following foals can be seen on our stallion and mare pages. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me an email @ hiddentimber@yahoo.com
or give me a call, I always love to talk horses.

Hidden Timbers Precious Streak AMHA/AMHR

Our first foal of the year arrived on April 29, she is a pretty, little black and white overo filly out of Hidden Timbers Splash of Ebony and sired by Streaker. Precious is as sweet and delicate and correct as her two sisters have been. This beautiful girl deserves to be shown! We raise performance horses but this one belongs in the halter ring!! She has two blue eyes, four perfect socks and a large splash on her right side. Precious tested LWO negative, she is a splash white overo like her mom. We expect this refined little filly to mature around 31". Congratulations to Robin Good of Romandaro Miniatures on her purchase of Precious. I'm sure Destiny will love her :) * * * SOLD * * *

Hidden Timbers War Secrets AMHR

Our second foal was born on May 2 and she is a loud tovero filly out of East Acres Grulla Babe and sired by War Chief. It appears Secret is going to be the same dark chocolate/silver color as her mother. She has tested positive for the LWO gene. This filly came out just as pretty and correct as can be. She also has two blue eyes with eyeliner around the right one. This little girl will get you noticed! I expect she will remain A size. Thank you so much to Lloyd Mostoller of Friedens, PA, Secret will add much color to your herd!! * * * SOLD * * *

Hidden Timbers Sparkling Doll AMHA/AMHR/PtHA

Sparkle entered the world on May 4, she is a jet black and white tovero filly with two blue eyes, correct conformation and a gentle disposition. Sired by War Chief and out of our homozgyous black and white mare, Patches (MD Little Doll). Sparkle has tested homozygous tobiano and homozygous black. I am going to be retaining this pretty little girl to be my future show horse. NOT FOR SALE.

Hidden Timbers War Princess AMHA/AMHR/PtHA

Born on May 7 this darling bay tobiano filly was nine days late but well worth the wait. Princess has the most darling little head on her with big dark eyes. She's gentle and easy to handle. Sired by War Chief and out of Annie, our chestnut homozygous toby mare, this girl is just as pretty and pleasant as could be. Princess's test is back and she is indeed homozygous tobiano like her mom. She will be triple registered. Thanks to Janette Williams-Cross, Princess and Amy are such good friends, this is great! * * * SOLD * * *

Hidden Timbers All American Girl AMHR

"Amy" was born on May 10, out of Silver, Gold and Diamonds Galore and sired by War Chief. This filly will be AMHR only, she is a spitting image of her mother. Deep, rich, dark red coloring with a big blaze face and one blue eye, the other one is partially blue. Amy may be the friendliest of the bunch! Very correct with a gorgeous neck and pretty little head. Amy tested LWO positive, she carries her dad's frame overo gene. This calm and gentle little lady is really built to make someone a super little performance horse. Thanks so much to Janette Williams-Cross, Amy and Princess get to go together! * * * SOLD * * *

Hidden Timbers Streak of Miracles AMHA/AMHR

Filly born on May 11, out of Lilliput Acres Miraculous Alex (chocolate sabino) and sired by Streaker. "Mira" is a stunning little filly that has tested positive for sabino1, negative for LWO. Very correct pretty girl with blue eyes and a ton of personality. Mira has decided that she would like to remain here at Hidden Timbers Ranch :)

Hidden Timbers Bold Streak AMHA/AMHR

Our seventh foal is a colt! He was born on May 23. Gorgeous black and white overo colt with two blue eyes and opposite white feet. Out of RHA Private Mercedes and sired by Streaker this guy is what we are breeding for. Correct in every way with bold color and the most gentle disposition. Bo's tests are back and he is LWO positive and homozygous black. Congratulations to Adele Ventrola on her purchase of Bo. See you at the shows!! * * * SOLD * * *