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Name: Dodi White
Age: Old enough
Location: USA
Occupation: Homemaker, Mother of 2
Hobbies: Crafts(all sorts), showing + breeding small animals, card collecting.

About me: I started collecting cards because of my crafts. I presently make clay figurines at the holidays, and the one year, Pokemon was "big". Since I am a perfectionist in my crafts, I wanted everything I could find about Pokemon. This included the TCG. To date, I have probably made over 150 Pokemon figurines. My next venture(not attempted yet) is Yugioh.
Since then, I have learned to play Pokemon, played in 2 East Coast Tournaments in New Jersey, started collecting Harry Potter and also learned to play that TCG.
Most recent my collection has included Yugioh. I collect the sets but have yet learned to play, even though I run a ladder for it online.

I also am a Services Admin for MediaDriven, a chat server and Head Admin on 2 major trading sites besides my duties here on GAB as Team Leader for Inquisitors and member of the High Council and Hall of Fame Team.