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2010 BREEDING SEASON commences after a favorable MCKTASIA


THE TYPE comes of the TEXT of the Standards, with the 2006 CFC Update as the Mellennia s earmark; from here it will be the "ACTION" requirements that will relate the probable outcomes for interface of the General Requirements,thru a physical interaction of specific skeletal structures AND, as well to address the Historical setting aside of the ACTION!; set aside until we create a very high pointed family for TYPE; but not historically setting aside the color and markings in another family; here tho: that we set aside into each family, all that is considered the Whole which creates : THE BIRD OF TYPE AND OF ACTION; Historically we have created Families that reflect the various qualities, the various roundnesses, type perfections either without totality, and even in a certain totality, that the lack of ACTION, which goes beyond just a POSING; which also creates an interfacing thru that movement, defined as the ACTION!; but we have not only placed these General Requirements side by side, but, because we have set aside the ACTIONS that create the totality of Carriage and Motion; resulting in the TRI VIEWS presentation of IDEALISM; tho in its stillness, does not show the short , tip toeing that defines this ACTION, nor does it show the stability's during the movements for a completed cycle during a flawless performance;

The General REQUIREMENTS are driven into a Rounder illusion,involving the top tail; the action stabilizes the transition from posing to walking , especially when we see the PROFILE of the TRI VIEWS!; But the ACTION takes us from the simplicity's of a POSE to the IN motions of a total performance....The Canucks have defined the ACTION! ( for us , at least)

Hard to believe , for some, since they move forward from their tiny up types, and others by using the mid west up types; recalling the variations in phenotypes within each GROUP! Historically it does not matter, which was used; but only that both was used; still, we find DE-SELECTION by each GROUP creating a negative impact on our outcome?;

IT matters not what "GROUP" we belong to; it is our point blending and SELECTION that will determine the best OUTCOMES; if we use all our breeding TOOLS, within master breeding skill; We must ask ourselves what the Class winners, and grand champions lack!; today, that is THE ACTION, which comes of Carriage and MOTION; which is not just a posing, but a performance as defined by the CANUCKS;

What we want to see is the TRI VIEW; and we ask: do we each have ALL the GR's such that when the ACTION is applied that they look like the TRI VIEW, in her incinuations for Carriage and motion?; Not only is the Winners lacking, but they are lacking , such that the ALL or none Law prevails: If we don't have the ACTION, we cannot create the TRI VIEW phenotype, for it is the ACTION that physically creates the totallity of its presented idealism; THe posing in each View relates the incinuation of Carriage and the in motion should not be set aside; for it was the key from a stillness to the meat and feather!

THE lack of defined ACTION is why we have not, not cannot!", created the Idealism presented in the TRiVIEW or personal minds eye; THE CANUCKS face the same problems that we do; because we each cannot get the totallity of Genepool to create, maintain, because the point blend is not with all that is needed, for TYPE perfection, or color, or marking perfection; because of a SIXER MENTALITY which de-selects the whaet with the Chaff( RE: The breed outcrosses for rare colorations display our inaccuracy's in SELRCTION, by DE-SELECTION, bits and pieces of the original sequences( each to its own family, or why TS white to ts white expression breeds few or NO whites; like ts from argent/ lark to that of FRILL expression! Lark, like swallow breeds destroy/ defaulting / reverting to the Norms Bodee type; while Modena, remains the default we need to create the Bodee ( keel shape and meat distribution etc) ;

We need to get that SIXER ONE, that has everything in TYPE perfection, and then , and only then can we approach the challenging factors for the ACTION; a Physical phenomenon governed by personality, with the TRI VIEW TYPE attributes. =====================================================================================================

May 13th McKtasia continues and frosted AM :

The cubic bodee, precursor in a conditioned show bird becomes a low rounder, that can Walk and pose flawlessly; If, the legs are correctly set; so any other bodee shape than cubic, instead of to roundness illusion from the product of the GR's involved, inclusive of feather ceraimics, and Structual GR's; so then to their relaxing, their settling into a positioning over, in be tween, their under-carriage; that they assume a profile that is incinuated in the TRi VIEWS.

The"slab sided" keyword found in the Interpretation from Kingkinger/BOLTON( with Ostrander involved in a final writing) is among several keywords that direct a specific understanding/interpretation? where anything other than ROUND from any angle of VIEW becomes an idealism that clearily sets aside the other interpretations seen in todays show specimens; tho, we realize that idealism is closer than the eons away; but closer than even a single generation when we either start with the cubic bodee, with its keel defined shape, the ceramic feathering( verses the pants or any other soft feather anomaly which detracts from the roundness illusion, within the meat and feather; so too, that it is their Under-carriage, driven by their leg settings, which will finally give the best illusion of Roundness, top tail; yet maintain the ability to walk and to pose..transitioning flawlessly( no loss of posing composures) .....

This repitious disertation is necessary for me to transfer theses idealisms of personal minds eye; to a SELECTIVE PROCESS that is inclusive of a point blending sysyem of mating; which always starts out as if we were outcrossing for a rare color or marking!; so that we have come from this beginning from the bottom of our Pyrimd of breeding and have moved towards the top most point; where the Sixer mentaily, can and will create the greatest results/outcomes whic will be , today, the TRI VIEWS conformation, with its incinuated in motion as defined verbally, so many times before; also repititious!

As this, is as per usual" for this Breeder, this creator, this writer own mental process that will create the personal minds eye; which so far differs , not only here, with what MUM seems to create, compared to what the TRI VIEW incinuates, and even beyond the TRI VIEW for its stillness; the In Motion, thos the difference was not the incinuation of motion; but that we did not perceeve this in motion to be possible with a low, round conformation; until we realized that the ATTITUDE is a physical phenomenon that can be defined by the science defintetions for Motion( tho theres more) ; which we must endevor to be able to SELECT for something that is even beyond the fantails; as the fantail Structure is far beyond the requirements of other breeds, save that of the racing homer, that comes home because of these same physical attributes, tho differently presented in same; that we have come to SELECT thru a program that takes these incinuations , both real, and those physical.

What next? lets see what today brings! As we move to select for only TYPE Perfection without losing the colors or markings. as for their under-carriage which drives the physical balance point(s)(toe touch points) to create the best illusion of "roundness" , within the meat and feather( MUMS LAWS) ; with the greatest top tail( within that roundness / verses feather anomalie/or structural variation of the keel) TBC ?? ====================================================================================================

may 12th,2009 a bit behind in the selection process?; but a call for frost and tomatoes pulled under cover!


The Forefathers really said it all; we can take on their "Key Words" and easily describe the Idealisms presented in the Inspiration and the Ultima by John ARENA;with the resulting TRI VIEWS with evan the greater refinement of both General Requirements, as well the incinuation of Motion that creates the best illusions of roundness, of lowness, with the greatest amount of Top tail, and a proper head pocket placement so critical to this creation of Rondness, of Lowness; while maintaining the ability for the defined IN MOTION; which, also enhances/refines the Roundness of bodee, thru a physical stationing of the bodee(keel shape+ceramic feather+ wing structuring and draw, summerged in the bodee feathering, so as to enhance the illusion of roundness, thru a "smoothness defined by both ceramics of feathering, but also structuring.

The Seection Procees is the first step, and should be followed up with a certain point blending in the Projects which is a tad more defining than the mating of your best to best; tho, we can reach a point that type perfection is even more structured in the projects, than the pure stocks of the higest refined Toppers/ best Pheno-types.

When a Breeder has no desire for monetary gains, when a breeder has no sense of a Sixer mentalioty, when a breeder, simple just loves to create, for the state of that creation; for both rare colours/markings, and certainly their Show TYPE; it is just for the love of the Queen herselve!

The Keywords found in the INTERPRETATIONS by O'DELL and by BOLTON/KINGKINGER( Mellennium and the 1950's and its Golden AGE, followed by the fantail Wars, which I must say, were not as devestating to this Hobby as say the Modena breeds) Still, we lack a Historian to take the place of Jeff Batton!

But, time marches on, no matter, and we reach a point that we can set aside their colours and their markings and concentrate on TYPE Perfections alone?; We face the reality of Projects, still behind in type perfections?; so we look to not maintain them; but to upgrade them to the type of their day; or maybe upgrade using the proper legs , which come of the projects, long before their purest counterparts?

THE SELECTION and POINT BLENDING for the Creation of the Modern Mellennium FANTALE

We prfess a personal Minds eye, that creates the idealisms presented in the TRI VIEW, named and with a FULL acceptance of what it incinuates is the Modern Mellennium Fantale coupled with the Odell interpretation which can certainly be updated today, for purposes of Layman understanding; but that sets this Creator on fire with a passion for ZERO NINE Mate SELECTION.

THE PROFILE of the TRI VIEW means, exactly that; the Roundness of the TRI VIEW; the incinuated Motion as defined by her Posing, posing, and posing to walking to clear her fellow entries in her specified color // marking Class.

They all settle in their Show pens; but we are looking for those that settle, and reposition, such that they very, very closely resemble the qualities stated above in the Ideal Drawing of the M. M. Fantale

Head pocket: must be as defined by the Forefathers, and it can not be otherwise, and show the abrupt sweep of the bodee frontal to the top chest that some of our best display; yet, with the Wing draw, and wing construction defined in some of the past champions we perceive that theroundness is further refined, IF the The legs are correct?

Defineing Legs, for the TRI VIEW, in her ROUNDNESS, and her stationing is the bottom line to understanding the correctness of her leg settings and their structuring?

The key here, we feel is the REACH DEFINED by the Jacobins from BOUG and later other famous breeders of Jacobines.??

But what is REACH?

REACH is ideallly the Forward setting of their legs; displayed from the middle wagon balance point, resulting from their toe touch points, with the Point A to point B( SEE yel saddle pix this URL) height dimensions incinuated by the Tri VIEWS; in such a position as to define the repositioning of the Youngsters to the maturity of same after one or more several molts( where conditioning, health and well being, are a must for , and propably the variation in the future molting before this physical re positioning is well, the amount of crowding in the Show pens, or their classes at the shows....( recalling.. as always DIGGER/Spock on that white cock going from up type to low type, and rounder..with a Re positioning that changes them from up types to lower, and even, rounder looking , like the TRI VIEWS incinuate/

So to SELECTION......where color is , and Type is the focus of Point Blending! THE TOP TAIL is the PROFILE and 100 points THE CARRIAGE and the MOTION is a product of the 100 points for the General Requirements; plus the Carriage and Motion point designations set @ 25 carriage and 8 motion( in Sequencing programing)

So it has become possible to SELECT for legs and carriage thru an indirect and mathimatical relation ship of the GR's ( directly as seen) ; with the Physical attributes of motion as a product of GR's and the Physical balance defined .

TBC as time permits/ as we perceive SELECTION and Point blending from years of prezel breeding coupled with the latest research techniques... ==================================================================================================

MAY 6th, 2009....

I suppose after all these years of breeding fantails we can be summed up in just a few sentences?:

The top tail, the wing draw from specified construction of same,the head pocket,the roundness and the carriage and motion come of the Leg settings.

THE leg setting, and the resulting UNDER_CARRIAGE will not only give the IN motion, the walking and the posing; but it will create the best ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS, with a LOWNESS("LOW ROUNDER") that can WALK.

Where the best illusion of roundness comes from a product of the involved General Requirements; but, most assuredly from the position of the legs under the defined shape of the bodee, whose shape approaches roundness due to keel shape,as well the ceramics of feather; ultimately, the difference between taller, verses lower, and rounder, with a delightful wing setting( called draw in some circles) that the Rpondness, as well as the tightness/submersion of the wing lines, especially frontally, is the correct settings for their Legs; which are, at this point hypothetically stated to a correctness by such keywords as: REACH,wide set, which gives a real view of the views presented in the pix. Ie the fore to aft( frontal to ventral aspect of roundness is one step beyond the cubicness seen when their keel is more square, as well, deeper to hold the meat, so muscle of an athlete; but, the difference in the quality of a show fantail, to the that incinuated with the Tri View, from the Ultima or the Inspiration; by fact, and by documentation is defining the roundness, and the ability to walk, and to pose, with out loss of composure( so defined)is actuated, physically during the settling seen ,in their show pens, when in full feather, and in good health...

Their is a repositioning of the bodee between the legs(forefather wide set legs/from keel shape and lengths of each leg, where joint to joint is relative to their size?; but, definetly is relative for a drumstick that is in excess of 60mms, as well for to aft( REACH); which dicatates a repositioning of the toe touch points; where tippy toes, varies with the dimensions of the legs; and knowing that the legs are not "apple on sticks: ( see BOLTON/KINGY interpretation EFC bulletin) The Reach, and the dimensions of each segment ,of each leg create; take an ability from the General requirements, the keel shape, the drum stick length, setting a re positioning that creates the TRI VIEW, and decreases the short coupling, thereby enhancing roundness, allowing lowness, yet retains the tri view phenotype thru out its incinuated posing, posing, posing and walking.

As we pursue the strickness of that sixer mentality is not a matter of Rare coloration, or marking of stencils , or ices, or what ever we each pursue in colors and their markings...but, the stickness of Pretzel breeding that opens up the inbred line:as in : pretzel.. IN and IN and IN...set ; now out to a point blending that compensated for our strickness in a Sixer mentality .


A DISERTATION that might reiterate all our Posts on the AW LIST.. Fantails; or, what we perceive as to HOW the MODERN FANTAIL evolved into THE TRI VIEW dat 20

LOOKING BACK, just to the Late 1990's to date:

THE TYPE ONE, the PROFILE SEEN IN THE POGUE FAMILY of FANTAILS, with their high points, of their day; to 50-60( Per BREEDER in that time); where they have the PERFECTION IN THEIR PROFILE, their SHAPE, their OUTLINE. THE quality of Feather, and Ceramics(hardness and smoothness of feather) of that feather; that allowed time saving seconds to lace for show, or even: RELACE for the Finals; if we perceive that the YOUNGSTERS are weaned away from their parents( no pumpers used)at 2-3 weeks; taught how to EAT, and drink; with a Protein DIET of Canada FIELD PEAS or Roasted Beans; weaned, and their tails set with Tongue depressor(or molted Primary Flight feathers) and high graded Masking Tape.

The resulting tails, flatter, looked bigger(ILLUSION?), and require little Lacing times(PLUS the CANUCK HARD TAIL FEATHER, single layer, laid side by SIDE, by the POGUE METHOD, and Laced in a little under 12 seconds!) ; all from the preset from the blood feather; pulled at just the right time..and a new tail for equal, but even, greater length.

With the , so called: head Pocket problems, the result of A 'short coupling' where Frontal(FORE) to AFT or Caudally, which was completely devoid of the UNDER BELLY(line) ; which set the wheels in Motion to correct immediately; rather than going Back to the OLD STYLE UP TYPES of the KINGKINGER SADDLES( the time of the Brick RED McClanahan RED SADDLE fantails, that looked DUNDEE in STYLE, lacking in TAIL SIZE.

Starting with the TYPE ONE PROFILE; we soon learned that as the head pocket, moved Forward of its sweet spot, on those without under-belly line; that the TOP tail Ratio to top chest height was greater, still,tho; the roundness suffered, due to a lack of Meat, or a lack of both meat, and proper feather, and Further: TODAY, it will be the TOE TOUCH POINT that will redefine the Roundness, from any angle of View.

Where the lack of meat , is also a shortage of Muscle , is also the under-lying cause of a lack of the ability to MOTION; and where a lack of feather ceramics, density, and ,without Pants , will also NOT give the best Illusion of meat and feather...FOR ROUNDNESS; but, again, it becomes apparent that THE INSPIRATION, and THE ULTIMA were INspired by the Lavender Grand Champion from DANI FALCONI; which seems to contradict, BP's notion, that we are "EONS" away from THE LC MODEL, or his ULTIMA, which, IS a personal INPIRATION, to the final saga . IE TO give this CANUCK FAMILY the UNDER-CARRIAGE; before we go back to the UP TYPES ; which, are, in the meat and feather, still the JUDGES Choice at the SHOWS ;Where JUDGING BY COMPARISON, does NOT preclude that We are NOT progressing to the SPECKLED WONDER from SPOCK, in a recent POST;NOR that we, as BREEDERS, are definetely aware of the UNDER-Carriage,,GENOME is tainted, even faulted ; or just wonder IF , in all our Haste to create A SHOW TEAM, of HIGH POINTER LIKES, that we set aside THE COLOUR and the Markings; to set a Family of TYPE PEFECTION, second to NONe, still , lacking in under-carriage and the ability to Motion; so if we can set the general requirements to as high as 70 points, can we Not, proceed to set the 20 points for Under-carriage and so MOTION?

We can ,if we can SEE it in several BREEDERS, even ONE Prepotent ONE, from a Nick pair, which is of half sibs which have the separate attributes that, if properly SELECTED, will be Sequenced to the ALL or the NONE effects of this Grouping of genome, which will give the Ultimate Under-Carriage.

For anyone to say, that WE CAN SELECT, from HOME STOCKS and improve the Under-carriage, is maybe a bit far-fetched ? Where as, If color and marking is not left OUT in the race for the best possible TYPE perfection; can we NOT Include, in the POINT BLEND, a separate family, of say 2-4 pairs that show , as aquabs, at two weeks, the air space , like a Ross Carrier, stilty, wide set,with Zero Drop between at this age, but certainly capable at maturity, after a MOLT if healthy, Conditioned, and not suffering from Transporting STRESS, which, an INBRED , FAMILY, will not handle well.

INBREEDING, to set a TYPE, a single TYPE, has never, seen the proper Under-carriage in the TYPE ONES ; but, the UP TYPES, that have been blended, with correct SELECTION of resulting Intermediate TYPES( FRONT LEANerS, ? look ROUNDER, because of their In=complete Under-carriage, which might be a lack of POWER found is in the TYPE TWO's , THe biggest, of which, are also the best , when they are deepest, to ofset the tiny uptypes with squarer Keels; soon the rectangular UP TYPE become BULLs, that have the shorter, so square keels, as well, they have the Power of their UP type genome, and if the intermediates are proper Selected, and not CULLED, when the best over-all individuals have the second best Head pocket, set forward, on their Short coupled Body's( we can use these, but a Judge needs to Caution their proper Point blending to the best UNLIKE TYPES, also bred from crosses, and blending of TYPE ones and TYPE TWOS; where TYPE ONES are POGUE consistant, the UP TYPES are too many, with OLD styles, and not the Refined BULLs, and fatso TYPES.

AS WE MOVE up the Pyrimd of BREEDING from the wide base, and many Birds , building the Fabric , piece by Piece( HOUSE, THE FANTAIL) Again, scarey how I hang on every Key word..LIKE his use of "WASTER".. We have used this as well..scarey...

As we appraoch the TOP, we can Select to a single Phenotype; but if that LIKENESS IS NOT, and does NOT have the Phenotype, and the GENOTYPE that is Inclusive of CREATING THE ULTIMA, THE TRIVIEW, THE INSPIRATION; then SELECTION, MAY NOT cause IT to Happen, even when 7 G's back, it might have the alignments; and with Today's Tainted UNDER=-cARRIAGE.. I OFTEN FEEL THAT SOMETHING MUST BE ADDED, TO BRING OUT THAT WHICH THE type twos POCESSED..bUT, WE DO NOT HAVE THE time OR THE PATIENTS; SO WE , AND mY sLIGHT TIME WITH house, SHOWS me THAT WE NEED TO pull THIS gENOME out, EVEN IF WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE mid west, AND Kingkinger up types.

EVEN as we Start seeing the Correct TYPE ONE PROFILE; we can not SEE the Carriage and MOTION.THIS is the FINAL FRONTIER!; THIS WILL TAKE, most of the Intermediate TYPES from TYPE ONE and TYPE TWO's( REFINED towards Each Other with the first Cross, and a Follow up in Proper SELECTION, and each Year, a proper point blending, in several small families( Fabric,, bit by bit, Gr by GR.. until he said( HOUSE) we reach a POINT.... SEE HOUSE the fantail PIGEON printed 1900...( Note: HOUSE did it in 20 YEARS.. It took US 50 plus.. but, then.. I SEE every WORD, every sentice.. and every Experience, comes alive.. to carry ME to this Final , and most important Carriage and SO MOTION, that also gives the POGUE TYPE ONE, THE ROUNDEST, the smallest, with the ability to MOTION.

WE DO NOT disagree, but LOOK to under-stand, and we always look beyond the initial reading, of the POET; here tho, it was the EXPERIENCE, even tho it was a Blind, and DUMB sort of Experience; it will always BE POGUE that made quiet little statements... ( all that snow in the saddle/ white crosses: "MAYBE USE A SELF?" ( YOU WASTED that BIRD in your BULL PEN..." YOU know how to point blend all this SHIZER(my term),but THEN < YOU don't know HOW to KEEP THEM;!CORRECT, TODAY, I carry it beyond these TOP SHOW TYPES, because as good as they ARE.. I an still LOOKING for What they Lack compared TO the STANDARD of MINDS EYE( INSPIRATION, FROM DANI FALCONI's LAVENDER, and sent to me by THE MESSIAH, a long time ago; Where AS MR....YOU COMPARE YOURS TO THOSE in THE COMPETITION...SUGGEST THAT WE ALL READ HOUSE, that way.. Maybe I won't come back to HAUNT the next Historian....

As we proceed , it becomes apparent that the ROUNDNESS, does not come to its fullest ILLUSION; until we have the proper legs; and it does not stop here; but the Toe touch POINT becomes the Balance POINT, controlled by Power from the MID WEST, and EFC UP TYPES, seen in all the American LOFTS in the time period above.

THE TYPE ONE, with a proper POINT BLENDING to UP TYPES, at first.. revert to their Fantail ancestry; it behooves US to Judge these Intermediate prototypes, so that we can move toward the POINT BLEND both TYPES...( ONE LOFT, may not have both TYPES, because YOU were either AN UP TYPE FANCIER or you were A Warner TYPE Fancier...during the time frame set above.

BEN FERBERs PIX taught us, which Intermediates to SELECT; and if any came with the Head placement forward of the designated Sweet spot?, for sure, the head placed on the cushion of the tail.; then these were Seized by Benny!; but we noted some loss of UNLIKES, to soon in the PROJECT( we did this too!) Then we started Reading Batton on BREEDING Principals.. BATTON has left us a ROAD MAP to create the TRIVIEW, thru his History, and his Breeding Principals.

THE TYPE ONE CANUCK , will give way to an under-carriage set in the UP TYPES. BUT, ALL TYPE ONES, and ALL TYPE TWOS are not created E Q U A L L their BREEDING. BREEDING LIKE TYPES, will only maintain a status QUO, based upon the genomes involved, as well the ability of the point blending in each generation; as well, the CUTS made in a QUEST for HIGH POINTER LIKES..for a consistant production of SHOW TYPES of the DAY.

What we must do is LOOK to the BEST LIKES, GRAND Champion have their taints; look not only to their SHOW RECORD, but also to THE STANDARD of PERFECTION; and if you know their genome, and IF they are point blended with all that is for TYPE PERFECTION, not of their DAY only; but of the TRI VIEW; then and only then can we look to which will be mated to sustain, and which will add to ; to counter the TAINTS in a single SIXER FAMILY.

Monday August 13, 2007:: Defining the Sixer Mentality as A TOOL, that must be considered as only part of THE total Mentality, that we will NEED to create the Modern Fantail.

THE SIXER MENTALITY, is taken Beyond the Writings of the PAST and the Present; so then for the FUTURE?

ALL STARTING STOCKS, for which we look to CREATE a Champion Producing FAMILY LINE; will Be deficient in THE ET TAL, the ALL , the WHOLE of that which we will Need to Create THE IDEAL ; not to say, that It will NOT create the BEST of the DAY, with a bit of LUCK( from previous Breeders endeavor) ; but saying that the LIMIT is set where the GENOME is not there.

WE , can, look to SELECTION of what is in the Genome, to bring it to the Surface, but sequencing that has not been set( like today, for the proper UNDER-CARRIAGE; will require another mentality to create ; that being something that will add the pieces , if necessary( what we can SEE in other unrelated Usefuls), even if some or ALL of the GENOME is already there, and not properly sequenced, to give the best possible refinement for Under-Carriage.

WE must, add to the base family, all that WE can SEE in other TYPES, related at first, but very quickly, with a nick, and becoming related( alignment) So, we are adding, carefully, as we did in our Pyrimd Breeding to set ALL the GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. Today, we feel that these HIGH POINTERS, ( in GR's)Lack only in the UNDER=CARRIAGE.

Even if the Pieces are their, SELECTION , coupled with INBREEDING, at its best will desrupt an every year continuing refinements, because of inbreeding depression( here we use a semi related, some alignments to the original Family,and part of the 'QUADS THEORY' whereby several small familes are kept in hiding places of Ostrander, and Warner.

THE idea that we are dealing far beyond the SHOW ROLLER( maybe even beyond the FRILL with its Stenciling color and Marking, as well its TURBID Head and beak features that coincide with the Fantail general requirements; still, with the QUEEN; we must consider a Greater Mentality?

We must refine the Under-carriage of our fantails; but we must realize that to do so; we must take into consideration, beyond the breeding of The FRILL; and so to the Jacobins of ROY BOUG. Where, we SEE that the feather structure( ceramics in fantails) , where WE see the length of that Feather for all that creates it HOOD, its , MAIN, and its CHAIN;and when we have these high pointers, for the GR's, it still don't SHOW as a FLOWER of its description.

Here we look to the BOUG JACS of their TIME, the TIMES of ED BACHMAN, of LOUIE CRISTNER,RAY STEPINOSKI!!!(and WM I DIEMER who saw it before WE DID?(based on notes of conversation phone watts line, as well One one one dated 1980's) NEW PARAGRAPH

That the Under-carriage of the SHOW JACOBINE was what set the JIM LANDENBERGER DRAFTING DESIGN presented in the 1950's; to the FLOW so designated as The Charysthnum(sp)of the PIGEON WORLD.

SO then with this analogy, not hypothesis?: do we take it to the Queen of the Fancies.. THE MODERN MELLENNIUM FANTAIL.

WE MUST, by whatever means, maybe going beyond the mentalities of OUR Past, and looking to the Jacobine; that we can SEE, how IMPORTANT,( which the FOREFATHERS left in certain KEYWORDS, like UNDER,...B EL,,,LY in the Interpretation, by Bolton, and by BOB KINGY, KINGKINGER, and who in my YOUTH, was always there when EYE become frustrated.. and always the ending note was "WATCH their LEGS, and HOW THEY POCKET"


FROM HERE it goes to JIM ERVIN of FORT PAYNE, a Master BREEDER, A FELLOW GENEPOOLER( COLOR BREEDER) ....out of time..This is a chapter..

BSHEK,WIREY WILLIE, who lives in IOWAY...who from our introduction, and Never meeting HIM; Came before DIEMER, and is consulted today...A chapter

to be continued ??


WE RECEIVED the Copy of HOUSE's BOOK of the Fantail, and J. E. SPENCE we mention here because we didn't relize this Book existed...until JEFF BATTON posted. THE BEST TO THE ENGLISH and SCOT FANTAIL FANCY.


LANCE CHRISTIANSON is an ICON that started all this on the Under-Carriage, with his TAXIDERMY skills, that gave us Seminars, as well, his Robot of Bones n things that set the stage for Vincent, and POLLY, and MYSELF.. into the Physical nature that EYE know will set the stage for fantails that will not be JUST the BEST of their DAY; but will Become so close to the IDEAL shown by THE TRI VIEW( Apersonal name tag )FROM THE MINDS EYE, and thru the Man called "DIGGER, WM, BILL O'DELL. another chapter in our quest for the IDEAL, modern mellennium AMERICAN (NOT INDIANs of CALCUTTA ) ...................




THIS presentation, is for a personal Agenda, to which we look to the Future; based upon Jeff Battons,, History; but more importantly, that he has left HIS personal evaluation of the Fancy of the Fore fathers, and those of His TIME, A LIFETIME of History with his Personal injection of the way it was, and How it IS; and WE will project the Future?;from a projection to A Personal MINDS EYE,and the final saga into the IN MOTION of DIGGER , WM O'DELL.

Likely, we will also Predict that there will be a continued decline in this fantail fancy, not because of her Queen like Complexiety's in Structure; but may be, because of the So called Rocket Science , for which we are responsible.

We can take on the responsibility for ALL that is necessary, to move ahead in a way that Each Fancier will feel A Competativeness, a self satisfaction, that seems to have dwindled thru out History. Batton described THE PROBLEMS, He defined them, and he looked to another for solution; but if Not, then, it will be left to One who might take his Historical Place, in the FUTURE; that will look back , and seek out what is the TRUTH.....

IT will be the Fathers of this Modern Melllenuin Fantail that will Set the Example, as both Jack Gray, and Altpeter Senior had done, and Pettit; ED Bachman, and Ken Walling, and is this when the Jacobin reached its greatest heights? ================================================================================================== Based on a Question of those seeking BEYOND the SIXER MENTALITY of OLD?; to the MENTALITY, that sets a FOUNDATION for anyone to become a Master BREEDER of the FANTAIL, in her COLORS, her Markings, AND in HER TYPE PERFECTION OF TODAY: JULY 30th, 2007..

IF we Start with a group of BREEDERS from a SINGLE SOURCE?: WHAT don't we SEE? : TODAY , WE would SAY that they fail in THeir UNDER_CARRIAGE! And, can we assume that their Genome for the General Requirements is NOT defunct, for reasons of Inbreeding within a Single Family,with its common Taints, and even faults; not even with a mixture of Good, and so called bad; which, may be mis identified, because, of certain Unidentifyable Pieces; or for which, the mere sequencing, linkage is also defunct, where Inbreeding sets it Icorrectly, and Heterosis opens a Window, with both Hybrid Vigor, and that after a single OUTCROSS for new Pieces of genome, here to fore Lost , or protected ; or just to force Mother Nature to let go , so that A Breeder can create beyond the old tunnel Vision of A mentality, that leaves OUR NEWBY's in a Fog, and looking for another BREED.. THE ability to MOTION IS NOT in their GENOME? Don't matter, when we build upon a Multiple family BASE, that will individually SET each GR; today.. it is all but, the Under-Carriage.

Based on a recent QUERY Question: Any GROUP that WE start with, will likely NOT SHOW, us, ALL that is necessary to create the TRIVIEW. (PHENOTYPE) IF WE ASSUME that their combined GENOTYPES will ,thru SELECTIVE BREEDING( INBREEDING most likely if this GROUP comes of a Single SOURCE}} bring to the SURFACE all that is necessary to Maintain, refine both General Requirements, as well: THE UNDER_CARRIAGE and the LEG foundation. First, can we identify the PIECES to Maintain what we Have? Is this group with ALL that is Required?( pertaining to today, and to UNDER_CARRIAGE.. Maybe? )

If we assume it is in there; how can we properly POINT Blend to refine This UNDER Carriage, even if we can SEE some of its Pieces; where the result is Proper carriage in MOTION; where the product of the GR's, must be coupled with the POWER induced from a PHYSICAL BALANCE, from the tips of their TOES, to the FRONT REACHING of their LEGS, which are LONG enough point to point, and DIRECTIONAL from each Bone JOINT.

TODAY, we are LOOKING for the LEGS that the baby DOLLS show us; stilty looking, because of a deformed feather structure, but, NOT without the MEAT and Muscle to carry the Rump, which is also devoid of Tail feathers...We bred baby DOLLs from the AL SOMERSIDE Od Modenas.

This reminded us of the Cornish breed of Chickens, so study ensued..The Cornish Stance is stilty, but the legs are Straight, straighter than a POUTER, where the pouter has a waist Dimension, and the cornish , does NOT? NO matter your personal observation..It is Important that we know what to look for.

The bottom line is NOT that we INBREED, or that WE SAY: "THAT WE DO NOT"; THE POINT IS NOT WE DO, OR THAT, JOE BLOW SAYS HE DON"T; it is that we MATE, and POINT BLEND for the Particular GR, or in todays World; that we Point blend for Better UNDER-CARRIAGE, and so MOTION!

This brings us to the HALF SIB MATING; here, they were not RELATED , but from separate family's/COLOURS/ Markings what ever we had that gives the strongest, and the most complete POINT BLEND.And, we set aside the ET TAL, for a single GR, or in this case: for the proper UNDER_CARRIAGE, that gives them the ABILITY to MOTION; and at this POINT, we still are asking, WHat can we do to move from this ABILITY( from GR's/High pointers) to initiate THE ACTUAL MOTION, as defined BY personal Notes in the margins. ( toe touch point, tippy toes..3 or four toe involvement)

Then we come to that FORWARD LOOK called 'REACH' seen best in the old BOUG Jacobines; which have PANTS hidding the reality of REACH, not hiding overly SHORT.Straight, or apple on a stick LEGS, that give an ILLUSION of LOWNESS, and TININESS, rather than the ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS, as a PRODUCT of GR's and of PHYICAL BALANCE, with the POWER of the meat/ muscle that brings out their ability to MOTION..thru that very IN MOTION.

Setting this aside, how do we BREED them towards the proper UNDER_CARRIAGE? THE ANSWER IS SELECTION.. OK, now this QUERY asks: How can we SELECT that which is NOT THERE? WE ans IT IS THERE! BUT then we ask, what will bring it out, when the Family is LOCKED up in itself with SELECTIVE INBREEDING, and CUTTING certain USEFUL TYPES( Phenotypes)

WE ASK?: IF IT IS THERE, how do we open the WINDOW to either move in something Useful to pull it out, for it to show, to take advantage of what MOM has locked away, because of Indiscriminate INbreeding: which here is defined as Not paying attetion to any TAINTS, or any Faults , and not placing in the useful , related, UNLIKE from another family, or another COlor, or from a Patnered BIRD. , or How do we point blend, with what USEFUL( prepotent USEFUL, from Half sibsm that are of several SIXER FAMILIES, that have three G's back sameness in alighnments, but that are going to create a Hybrid Vigir second to nothing, even the BREED CROSS .

Will I proof read this.. today.. maybe tomorrow,, Today, I am the STATUE, because of the ATTITUDE of ONE or two Fantail Fanciers; Tomorrow, possibly I will be the PIGEON?

AS USUAL.. this ONE is for MOI!


Opening paragraph.. :


HIS Enovations, his AGENDA, and his Developement of The Queen is evident , every day that we look to our own fantails.

THE CANUCK FANTAIL developed by BRIAN POGUE, will be ; and has been : 'DUBBED THE 'TYPE ONE' ; and the second TYPE: Dubbed TYPE TWO, the UP TYPE of the US of A. We will constantly reference the Fantails in the USA and the CANUCK ONE FOR ALL. and ALL FOR ONE, that supported THE MELLENNIUM YEARS at the CENTRAL FANTAIL CLUB MEETS.

WE can SEE how the CANUCK TYPE ONE( here to fore DEFINED in Her GLORY) maybe still lacking, due to THE UNDER-CARRIAGE FAULT, and setting aside all that is COLORATION and MARKING; so that WE of the FANCIERS, can TAKE this GENOME , a FAMILY BASE; to NEW HEIGHTS of COLOUR; AND, is this NOT the WAY to create, from a BASE FAMILY, which must, in the very beginning, BE the Ideal way to CREATE THE Modern QUEEN.. TO THE STANDARD of TYPE' PERFECTION, and the USE of the PIX of THE 'ULTIMA, and 'THE INSPIRATION.

THE OBSERVATIONS EYE MADE, that the TYPE ONE, from BRIAN POGUE was that Their Under-Carriage would NOT SUPPORT the 'IN MOTION', while BRIAN , in those times (1990's), was still working towards its peak in a project of his PYRIMD IN BREEDING TIME, at its Base and moving upwards towards the top most of its peak; where TODAY THE TYPE ONE, modified, refined, has continued to MOVE US to the HIGHEST POINTERS! POGUES Champion YELLOW showed improved LEGS, back when, that is when I knew what to do?

When EYE looked to their(CANUCK TYPE ONES, and be it known it was to, and is: to Create the ULTIMA of BRIAN POGUE's MINDS EYE, and not to Defend, any Taint, but to SEIZE this GENOME for ALL that it is called FADDISM; and this TOO is MY direction in Breeding better fantails; IT was not MY PURPOSE to GO BACK TO THE UP TYPES; but to take the BEst of each TYPE and POINT BLEND THEM.

OUR APPROACH was not in the Direction Backwards( BATTON , in his E mails has shown MOI, what has happened Here) to the OLD UP TYPES,(TO: the BULLISH ONES, then Selection and point blending of BOTH TYPES as it was NOT to rest on the LAURELS of the CANUCK POGUE; because, BRIAN, would say nothing, save that "THEIR GETTING THERE?". But, when asked a Direct question: and I have been like the rest of those LIKE ME.. I looked at this WARM FUZZIE ,and what He said, when he was trying to get throught this FIST in front of MY FRONTAL Head SKULL(THE ITALIAN AMERICAN MULE HEADED SIGN...!!

EYE did not have any intention here , but to hold the attention of the reader, for what We were saying. EYE did not question the UNDER_CARRIAGE of the TYPE ONE; EYE Moved the TYPE ONE PROFILE of the POGUE CHAMPIONS into THE already, refined Mid WEST UP TYPES( and here too, I was Misunderstood! MY Entention was to POINT BLEND the Faddisms, the best of each Family, and it is quicker(see results with a single crossing) if you have this( under-carriage today) set in a Family, even if it is a LOW pointer, or even a BREED CROSS Family, where,but we always preferred A Fadded Family, or a USEFUL, that we could SEE the PIECES..

WE used the POGUE PROFILE..DONE, but now we have brought in the Tainted , and it was Faulty back then; Today it is Corrected by OUTCROSSING to A FAMILY which has THe prefferred UNDER-CARRIAGE and proper LEGS; and YES we SELECTED for it, and it was there, because, all that does not look to be, can be, especially if we Force it to surface with INBREEDING; but when INBREEDING is defunct TO ALL that is NEEDED; then it is best to SEE, at least, the pieces in each, and in this case; the Pieces came from another Family.. Which, like Battons comment on the Big tails coming on the Dundees/UK crosses' because some of them had, in their inheritance, big tail genes ( oinion rings of time, like those in a TREE with each year) But,IF we DO NOT Perceive the USEFULs, and we CUT the Intermediate TYPES from such a Cross : When I reference BENNYS Pix of the Bshek crosses to his Canuck TYPE ONES..EYE saw what I needed to do( In other words, SOME of YOU, continue to miss the POINT intended. ) TEACHING BY EXAMPLE?

IN order for US to ALL move ahead, will REQUIRE something that THIS FANCY has never been able to set aside.. FEAR, of lossing Personal AGENDA, CONTROL, self Centering Fanciers that Take THEIR CREDITS from those LIKE JOHN MOPPIN, and USE POLITICS to do SO, and here, POLITICS is a MILDER ADJECTIVE than needs to be used.. and I am willing to Take all this upon my personal self idded personality!

LIFE IS SHORT, We all say things we shouldn't; and sometimes it just comes out wrong, or is well meant and it is taken Wrongly; can we , LOOK to a FOREFATHER ??


As to BRIAN POGUE...HONOUR HIM, for He is also A FATHER of the MODERN FANTAIL....might Be that he is THE FATHER,,but only History can do that......AS FAR AS THE be it!

This is incomplete.. I can show historically how BRIAN, and his MERRY MEN, CANUCK Fantail Fanciers LEAD US..... US-SINS to the TRIVIEW....based upon being there, and based upon the words from JEFF, SKINNER he saw US.. THe PRICKLY BEARS, and the WARM FUZZIES.

THE JOHN ARENA WEB PAGE is WELL WORTH STUDY..We have with this recent loss to this FANCY; have looked to STUDY..Clearly, JOHN ARENA is a FATHER of the MODERN FANTAIL.From FUTURA and FIRETALK DAYS, it inspired US to these New HEIGHTS!; Johns' ULTIMA and HIS INSPIRATION, has INSPIRED the MODEL, which has been set to ITS IN MOTION..SOMEWHERE on these PAGES..we mentioned ,well after a FALCONI FANTAIL SPREAD( on the lost URLS)that MY FIRST GLIMPSE of INSPIRATION was from POGUE's ENTRY's ; that the FUTURA was SCOTT BERGS( close to Batton) Meat and Feather( see the web page EYE posted for THE NDFC, as well SCOTTS personal PAGE) Scotts was a yellow or GOLD, and MY GOLDIE is still up on the OLD pages LINKED to the NEW at .

THE ULTIMA and the INSPIRATION come from LAVENDER, pictured , also on one of our Pages: THE LAVENDER was FROM some young KID named DANI FALCONI, ONTARIO CANADA; who has a URL that shows him progressing FORWARD, in all aspects , inclusive of Proper UNDER-Carriage!

TO COMPARE PICTURES of CHAMPIONS, is to take away from the Competative spirit which must be preserved; however, it remains a good TEACHING TOOL, but like we used Scott Bergs Champion for all the FUTURA series( their were hundreds..of this rendering BY JOHN ARENA)and WE had PERMISSIONS...

TODAY, because we have set the FOUNDATION with the ULTIMA and the INSPIRATION from DANI's LAVENDER CHAMPION..I was wondering IF WE could look upon each OTHER, and their BIRDS with a competetative that precludes that THE JUDGE,gave the NOD in each CASE, and that WE , do not JUDGE ; but for MATING..and not by comparison of PICTURESm which do not show the Points for MOTION...and maybe that is why we must focus on MOTION.. and leave the JUDGING by Comparison to the TIME and place of THE SHOWING. RESPECT THE WIN! RESPECT THE BREEDER! RESPECT THE JUDGING; and maybe then we can compare PICTURES for TEACHING BREEDING skills?

THE TIME PERIOD from JUNE 1st to JULY 30th marked the Termination of a Discussion with Historian Jeff, THE SKINNER, BATTON; a time of Intense Study.

This is a final Disertation that will Finalize a personal quest for the IDEALISMS of A PERSONAL MINDS EYE, which is very well Perceived in the TRIVIEW by O'DELL, as well the Rendering from JOHN ARENA ,AU ; inclusive of His WEB PAGE and all his Renderings from FUTURA thru ULTIMA( POGUE and JOHN} to HIS "INSPIRATION" which is a Personal GOLD PIECE.

With that said, We move to Create History , TODAY, in HONOUR of The DISSCUSION with JEFF BATTON; both on the AROUND THE WORLD of FANTAILS, but Personally as well; so with hundreds of E mail pages; a night without Sleep; EYE look to pave the way for Myself, as always; but for antone who has a spark of YOUTH within!

THE Historical NOTES on the FANTAIL, are the result of a LIFETIME with Fantails, and the 40 BOOKS of Fantail History ; which has become clear to Me!

THE 29th of JULY 2007, Jeff E mailed JOHN BRAGG, President of THE Fantail CLUB in the UK, and was to send his Historical Summation( with notes in the margins! ! ) of some 70 pages.

JEFF sent to US, ANDREW KERNS and I, an E mail dated : October the 28th, 2006 , what EYE feel is the greatest Road map to successful Fantail BREEDING, that will lead ME, personally in this final SAGA of creating, THE Personal minds eye, and the MINDS EYE of A CANUCK , Named BRIAN POGUE.

We mention Brian because in our personal Historical Papers their appears a DRAWING that is seen in the TRIVIEW, which Followed ; It came AFTER his Brothers early Drawing seen in the 1970's, and BEFORE anything like it has been perceived.

THIS fact, which had been forgotton; sets a FOUNDATION as to where THE FOUNDATION of the MODERN FANTAIL had its beginnings( IN THE MINDS EYE of BRIAN POGUE; often referred to as the MESSIAH of the MODERN FANTAIL.

BIG BOB POMMER, whom we consider a Master BREEDER of RARE & standard Colours, marking/type in his saddles GENES, as well, a Master of ENGLISH COMPOSITION: we also thank for his POSTS these past months, pertaining to Mother Nature, and his Counsel on the application of UNDER_CARRIAGE to the Fans of TODAY..their main TAINT. ;;IN personal, as well Around the WORLD of FANTAIL PIGEONS , THE LIST .

JEFF BATTON has left us with a ROAD MAP, as well HOW and when , to USE ALL of OUR BREEDING TOOLS! He has shown US that it is NOT just the use of INBREEDING,but the HOW, and the when to apply it; also, the use of OUTCROSSING( shopping for Birds); blatent BREED CROSSING FOR A RARE COLOURATION/ MARKING , and FOR THE TYPE PERFECTION defined in the 2006 Central Fantail CLUB of AMERICA, as well the O'DELL TRIVIEW dat 20 and his CIRCLES of ROUND. Here, JEFF BATTON had his Circles of ROUND with a Dancer named LOREN..( see his NOTES}

THE VAUGHN FAMILY, that took the LEADERSHIP of the CFC, whereby DON set forth an AGENDA, publicly noted (2000 YR?); and that DON VAUGHNS AGENDA would carry us straight thru to MEET this MELLENIUM FANTAIL, know as the MODERN MELLENNIUM FANTAIL.

THE AROUND THE WORLD of FANTAIL PIGEONS is JUST THE orchastration of ALL that has Prevailed since its inception, post FIRETALK and THE URLS that followed from BOB VINCENT, now lost to infinity, along with OUR OWN. with inception from the 1990's, inspired by BOB ANDERSON , an OKIE MOOKIE BREEDER with a LOVE of the HOBBY and the FANTAIL.


WE LOOK to THIS KID to present, as he always does, thru THICK and mostly THIN, these days; with his EASTERN FANTAIL CLUB BULLETINS.

He wanted to present the History of his CLUB, the EFC; from its ONSET; but was devoid , because of A FIRE that burned the records; I will say that I may have enough to present a wonderful Layout in a FUTURE BULLETIN.' but here TODAY.. I ask that He consider an ODE to JEFF BATTON, by fulling his wish thru the HISTORY of the FANTAIL( which he said , Few were interested}; but when we asked for not only the History to light the way to creation of idealisms,but with coupled with his Breeding Principles , with their Exacting application. ( SEE OCTOBER 28th, 2006 E mail from JEFF to RTMCK and ANDREW KERNS)

THE FANTAIL CLUB of ENGLAND, President JOHN BRAGG will assist in documenting and saving the LIFE's WORK in both the History of the FANTAIL PIGEON , as well the BREEDING PRINCIPLES set forth in his October 28th, 2006 E-mail to ANdrew Kerns, of Va.( to be continued 08-05-2007)

BATTON , ENGLISHMAN..EYE KNEW, but they maybe did not know.. that because of JJ, that it was to look like a BATTLE of TITANS ; alas, it was A JOURNEY that could have ended with each EXIT to a VACATION, as he called it.. Sad, JOHN.. YES.. and we first saw this happen with BUD HAGEN.. 1975......

THE FOCUS is placed upon the TYPE ONE, for its Visual Profile

Looking first to set the Proper UNDER-CARRIAGE to the TYPE ONE. {a} That the General Requirements re in the High Pointer range, giving the proper Interfacing of all that is Strickly the fantail complexiety. {b} That THE genome that creates the General Requirements is coupled with the Physics of the proper legs, and therefore the UNDER_CARRIAGE; which comes of things set outside the relm of creating a family of fantails. IE CIRA, ATTITUDE, CLASS ACT. Ahead of it time.. etc, those exceptional Individuals that come of a Highly inbred family, in which heterosis is the Binding hybridism that opens the Window for , more than genome, its exacting Sequenceing; but also those things set forth in a Science of production beyond the usual conclave of Sixer mentality.; which stops at the doorstep, because of an open door, that has no steps, upward or downward.

Lest we become engrossed in things of said nature, it is likely that we get back to the Breeders, and let them show us the way, and with some luck; we can set aside theis Phenomenon into the Definetion of CHIRA.

Where, the meat and the feather will display a specic UNDER-CARRIAGE, with a SPECIFIC PROFILE, as seen in the TRIVIEW dat 20. ONCE SEEN, and once losy, were the Birds with the CHIRA, , where their Profile fell short of the TYPE ONES; Today, maintance, and setting the Under-carriage using the TYPE ones, the TYPE TWO's, the FATSOs, THE Faddisms have set the direction for a combination of EACH FAD. IE for smallest they can be ; the low ROUNDER, with the ability to Motion..

IT has been written, so it must be of the MEat & of the feather..

THE FUTURE of the FANTAIL FANCY depends upon THE CLUBS ability to Create a Competion that CARES about EACH INDIVIDUAL MEMBER. IE JUDGES GIVING THE NOD , based upon a FULL Knowledge of THE CREATION of the IDEAL FANTAIL as dipicted in the STANDARD. Where we use the INTERPRETAIONS set forth by BOLTON/KINGKINGER, and THE O'DELL INTERPRETATION as a foundation of UNDERSTANDING.

Likely, the Clubs have undated a CHECK LIST; and without the Bolton/KingKinger and the recent INTERPRETATION from DIGGER; We might be back to the IdeaLs that NO ONE can 'SEE" from just a 'CHECK LIST' ; while HISTORICALLY WE have had some 20 pages of Description of the Ideal fantail of their DAY!( SEE BATTON on the HISTORY of THE FANTAIL, from BROAD SHAKER.

THE BOLTON/KINGY INTERPRETATION of the 1950's was in itself, a tremendous Guide to Understanding; and we expect that the O'DELL INTERPRETATION will do the same for our MODERN MELLENNIA IDEAL FANTAIL.

We have made some NOTES in its Margins, which O'DELL did not MISS, but that remains open to further Discussion, based upon the Meat & the Feather of actual Creation.

THE CLUBS will have to LOOK AHEAD, LOOKING for the Fancier of TODAY, as they LOOK upon those with 30-40-50 years of Breeding and SHOWING ;WHAT do they feel we need to build this Fancy? CONTROL by the SENIORS in some small TOWNS, here, has let them deteriorate and die.

It will always be Bottom Line Money for both the CLUBS , as well the MEMBER..and One thing IS CERTAIN: THE PRICE of FEED; THE PRICE of TRAVEL; THE TIME TO TRAVEL, when being a HUSBAND, A FATHER, A GRANDFATHER what is taking the TOLL on this FANCY.

Having Raffles, AUCTIONS, SALES; not only builds the TREASURY, but it builds the FANCY.This is not the PROBLEM?; OUR LOCAL CLUB ceased to Exist, because those that DID the WORK, made the Decisions, were beat up for "THE WAY THAT they HANDLED THE CLUB AFFAIRS,

WE all know the PROBLEMS, and we must build a COMPETATIVE SPIRIT; but be aware that ALL IS FAIR in LOVE and WAR.. and BUSINESS! Without THE BOTTOM LINE..we cease to EXIST.

We must look to the root of our problems, and set Policy and procedure to protect the MEMBER, no matter who they BE. The BY LAWS are meant to Protect The very Existence of the CLUB.

WE must also find a Commitment to Humanity that does not reek of Personal AGENDA; but Truly gives the NOD to fulfill the very thing that sustains the Fancy.. and her REFINEMENT.

JUDGING from a KNOWLEDGE of BREEDING will show the WAY to continue to IMPROVE, per INDIVIDUAL MINDS EYE, and based upon a KNOWLEDGE that will not be discounted .

THE PROBLEMS are THOSE which becames apparent : IE WOODSTOCK, several YRS ago? WE NEED MORE 'GOOD" JUDGES. SO WE tried a Certification method....... THIS TURNED OUT , this TIME to BE very Difficult, and did not relieve the PROBLEM at hand.

THE FANCIER ALSO TOLD US : "THAT WE NEED MORE GOOD BREEDERS; and Later we will see this as a SOLUTION, as long as we COUPLE IT with a KNOWLEDGE of what can be created..with a personal 20 page STANDARD, inclusive of the INTERPRETATIONS, THE NOTES in the MARGINS for 50 years, and an open mind to all, to anyone that has something to say; looking INTO each WORD; as tho "HANGING on each WORD" Of anyone who takes the time to Speak of the QUEENS BREEDING, results, observations etc etc.

WE are now, of the Mind ; that THE FANCY must approach from the BREEDER/BREEDING STAND-POINT and the JUDGING will take care of itself?

TO do this we must educate; contrare' to the insufficency of the Check list, without the background in Knowledge set forth , say Historically, coupled with, that of a LIFETIME, in a vaccum ?.THE OUTLINE, then, of the 20 pages of Knowledge now set forth in a Check List, we call a STANDARD of PERFECTION.

It becomes a Fact of resolution that we BECOME BETTER BREEDERS, and create; and KNOW THAT we can CREATE the QUEEN, from the Faddisms of HISTORY: TODAY that is THE smallest, the Roundest, proper profile of the TRI VIEW, with the ability to MOTION; and futher, that this ability is precipitated thru that which cannot be perceived in a STANDARD PIX..or PICTURES, plural.

WE Must SEE THE ABILTY to MOTION with the SHAPE of the TRI VIEW, 20 if we prefer, don't matter, for it is our ability to SEE, That all things, in Nature have Genome, and as well ENVIRONMENTAL , PHYSICAL PRESSURES; which Protect the ability to REPRODUCE.

THE MODERN FANTAIL can WALK, so SHE can REPRODUCE; SHE is created from the GOOD WORK of EACH FADDISM, of each BREEDER, in each of their LIFETIMES.

Knowing that we do not have to "GO BACK" to the MIDWEST UP TYPES(KINGY was EAST COAST UPTYPE/STOP getting personal NOMENCLATURE for teaching confused with GOSSIP)..... or back to the PAST TYPE ONE( Canuck} BUT, to THE TYPE THREE, which is the Best of both TYPES, and maintains the ability to WALK, as well..IT IS of the SHAPE, the OUTLINE,


Knowing today, that THE GENOME that creates the HIGH POINTER, THE GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, all properly interfaced with each other; with a knowledge that We must also Visualize the physical ATTRIBUTES of the UNDER-CARRIAGE which will control the PROFILE, THE SHAPE of the meat, muscle and Skeleton ,, to that CHIRA shape when et tal Genome and Physical balance is such, and created with the shape of the Keel, the proper under-carriage , THE proper Legs, length and width, with a cubic bodee, first, and smoothness from SELECTION, visually, coupled with the meat, and the ceramic feathering, the wing construction, and knowing that the latter wing shape, is still not maintained in the Walk/ pose, if Out of CONDITION; or if the FOUNDATION upon which the Bodee sets is NOT correct for the PHENOTYPE...and the fatso genotype is too in the TYPE ONE, plus negative Under-carriage; the TYPE TWO we have the Balance, the ability to motion, and the type TWO up type, now bullishly larger, looks smaller,when it drops into its TRI VIEW SHAPE. AND, of a SIXER mentality..they come SMALLER, FOR JUST THEIR selection WITHIN A SINGLE FAMILY .....

WE had a long conversation with a YOUNG FANCIER, A HUSBAND, A FATHER, AND a successful Fancier and IN LIFE .WOODSTOCK

WE BOTH CAME AWAY , not with the Gossip of What had Happened, when A FANCIER , who has led the WAY for THIS FANCY..since he was 16....wanted to solve the PROBLEMS of this FANCY...MORE GOOD JUDGES!(JUDGES is NOT THE PROBLEM; it is what we Class that makes it more difficult; with fantails, not being SHOW ROLLERS; we need to know that we can show Fantails which are not just the OLD TYPES, that can WALK, but the NEW TYPES that CAN..

We both came away with THE KNOWLEDGE of the PROBLEM; and Today.. WE would like to Present a possible SOLUTION?

WE might start with THE QUEEN.. and HER STATE of Idealism; within the MINDS EYE of EACH FANCIER, dedicated to HER; AND, maybe NOT in our "THIS IS ABOUT MOI, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, and THE GREATEST BREEDER, of SHOW TYPE FANTAILS,(said to be a KNOW IT ALL, and thinking: if the shoe fits here, plus it is true LOL) with both COLOR, their marking, and Certainly THeir TYPE of the Day.

WE can continue down this ROAD in a false hope ! That what drives the "COMPETATIVE SPIRIT" will bring with it, certain DEDICATION and FOCUS on BREEDING and SHOWING Great Fantails; with another ILLUSION that THE JUDGING will include a KNOWLEDGE, and an ABILITY of that Knowledge to SELECT the BEST FANTAILS in their Color CLASS, and THe best Fantail of the Showing, with the check LIST,backed by A MENTAL INTERPRETATION the Fancy has built upon since 1950's and prior.

WE MUST approach each MEMBER, with TEACHING TOOLS, WHICH will guide them to the TRUTHS of all this.. solving the Problems.

This Discussion: WE MUST HAVE MORE GOOD BREEDERS,SHOWMAN, and so JUDGING which propagate TRUTHS., FACTS based upon the O'DELL INTERPRETATION, as well the Bolton / KINGY Interpretation..... THE ORIGINAL STANDARD of PERFECTION of the 1900's, with Mellennium updating.. and techno. to work.. MAY THE EDITING IN ORDER.

We prefer the BREEDERS APPROACH to define a proper COMPETATIVE SPIRIT; It will be LEFT to the CLUB EXECUTIVE TO CONTROL FAKING, or FIXING, by indiscretion, or out and out VIOLATION of the CLUBS BY LAWS which are set up to Protect the JR, THE NEWBY from TRicks of the TRADE. Reminded that in the BUSINESS WORLD , there are NO RULES . And, in a TRADE, likely expect that we should be glad to have had a chance to Get bested in a the face value of Phenotypes TRADED; while, the new Blood, as it were, opens a geat WINDOW of Heterotic Opportunity.. and so to BREEDING the MODERN FANTAIL.(Dedicated to JACK GRAY, FANCIER, and who set an example, yet to be fullfilled.

THE SOLUTION comes under the BREEDERS responsibilities!

==================================================== Facts..Historical AND TO DATE JUNE 2007 : consider this SOURCE, because it is OURS, and ours alone... ======================================================

UNTIL MORE of us CAN SEE that the TALLER LOOKING P H E N O UP TYPES, are the same as the LOWER LOOKING ONES,THE LOW ROUNDER THAN THE UP TYPE for which, it is; but that it is NOT THE PHENOTYPE that resesults from the General REQUIREMENTS alone, BUT the EFFECTUAL PHYSICAL BALANCE which changes the UP TYPES( better the BULLS , even bigger looking, }TO THE LOWER LOOKING, and ROUNDER, if BULLISH, and IF away from short COUPLE( here we use these as well to force an UP TYPE, BULLISH or NO, for it is also the PHYSICAL BALANCE that adds to the ROUNDNESS, and which CAN WALK ALL DAY .

THE BOTTOM LINE FANTAIL FANCIERS is the POINT BLENDING of those SHOPPED FOR, to THOSE of your personal minds eye, and with a SELECTION in a DIRECTION which will NOT TAKE YOU BACK to either the UP TYPE or the CANUCK TYPE TWO; and this we call THE TYPE THREE, IE( When BEN crossed LC from SHEK to CANUCK TYPE ONES( with their under-carriage problems( we don't SELECT the head setting that is NOT in the pocket, but forward against the UPPER back, to make room for short coupled Individuals, TYPE ONE CANUCK TYPES of OLD} and second point.. If we Breed from these, we MUST move away from this type of head pocket. with shorter coupling, than the BULLS. Bigger, bolder, taller looking, because Their Legs are now half Straighter, and Half Directional, for drop down..

THINK saddles..Zero Type of the day, rich ash red saddles to whites, and the white(zwh masks the Saddle marking, or it gives snow in the saddle marked areas with age.(THINK of this PROJECT as a METHOD of MADDNESS/MCNUTTY) But, for those YOUNG LIONS of the CFC: SEE THIS PARADOX of Marking creation; paralleled to set the Guidence for TYPE PERFECTION..we call PRETZEL BREEDING....""" MOVE AWAY FROM THE OLD BIRDS IN SUCH A PROJECT to the YOUNG BIRDS; but as we go forward, look back often to SEE those that are PREPOTENT for their LIMITED Balance, or their LIMITED POSITIVES.. and call them USEFUL; for in that TRANSITION TYPE( BOB VINCENT, BVINCENT, THE SPOCKMAN)always looking whether to use the short couple with the second best Head setting( verses the std designation head pocket and the sweet spot can be with either )

When we have this TYPE, with the head pocket forward, it does give added top tail, but roundness suffers, as does the ability to Motion!; still as with any such FAD, we can move to refine ..THE right mate is a must, and here is where A single Sixer Family; will NOT Move you to a better bodee roundness; it must come from a Cherry pick, or if your NUTS..and no one has one,, then look to the cobbiness of FRILL, or meat and ceramics of the MODENA......It is a LONGER ROW TO HOE; still, think ma//ma modtail..small tailed and all..for where we are in a PROJECT didctates what we will point blend into the Genepool..a mentality, which alone, will NOT, as the Sixer mentality, will not alone.. meet the great MINDS EYE of creation.

NOW, here comes THAT SIXER CANUCK BREEDER...with his SELECTION away from this whitening... "USE A SELF>>" with no splash( PIED WHITE) SELF BRED, but with TYPE.. so then to BLUES, SILVERS( from Crewdson threw Macy)

AND HERE COMES those so called MCK pepperheads, and LB says, better not to use the ones with white flights, and he is right because there two genomes for WF's. (this is another storey, and . ,yes we would use a WF pepper head,, and breed it out later, after we have some with the TYPE improvements, and to much bishop.. Bishop comes of the WF's from ?? verses those of the saddle marked. ??)

Color breeding not only teaches how to set TYPE PERFECTION, but the OUT CROSSES add a whole new Dimension to open the Window f heteroisis which sets the QUAD base, each different, in that their weakness are NOT the same within the other family; this is Quad Breeding.. Pretzel Breeding , selecting away from the original crosses to set that which we want; and this recall is that which we must not cull , for it be.. a piece of the GR we wish to create, and if a single family is set.. and its best breeds the Best; then figure that a color family , a SIXER Family base, and A Color bred TYPE FAMILY(TYPE), and a Family that has Original COLORATION (ice??) with TYPE FAMILY BREEDING; now SELECT THESE USEFULS , EACH FOR THEIR OWN..and expect.. TYPE, COLOR and MARKING with the ABILITY to MOTION...

When we can SELECT, and Make our CUTS using the USEFULS,and carefully watch where we might use the wrong headsetting(due to short back, short coupling)(not improper Under-Carriage with proper legs, so UNder-belly line) That this SHOW TYPE, is with a genome that can take its BREEDER BACK to the CANUCK TYPE ONE; or, it can be used, carefully point blended, to one(A TYPE TWO ' MIDWEST ' PHENOTYPE that THE MESSIAH didn't used to USE.. because his Minds eye was Focused upon the PROFILE now defined in the CFC STD of PERFECTION. ( and, INTERPRETED BY O'DELL)

THE SOLUTION is a simple BREEDERS Creating the TRI VIEW that can WALK..IN MOTION...

IT is USELESS to GO BACK to the MIDWEST UP TYPE TWO( KINGY TYPE, LaFLEUR, and bshek, and TK, and THE BIG E",THE FATHERS OF THE UPTYPE, and saving %^# for the Finally, where the AUSSIES will out bilk this continant, because they use THE HP USEFUL TYPES and ignor warnings from ,%^# too boot!THE "LOW ROUNDER, first heard from a CANUCK.. who has most assuredly moved backwards to the UP TYPES . ),

to AVOID THE TYPE ONE with its apple on a stick legs, and short back, and even with its improved pocket, still, not the prefferred , and correct pocket at the center of, the base, with head neck ,back lengths interfacing because of the under-carriage definedm=, the GR's involved, and the abilitiy to settle between its widely set legs, directional, and longer point to point,but Directional at each JOINT.. forcing a TOE TOUCH POINT that makes a MID WEST UP TYPE look like the low rounder...AND IT CAN walk.....

THE TYPE THREE, The IDEAL; THE TRI VIEW..will SET A COMPETATIVE SPIRIT which will build the FANCY; and this is FOR THOSE YOUNG LIONS who might , NOW, take us FORWARD, RATHER than HOLD THEM DOWN,just to satiate THEIR MR STATUS.

THIS IS BUT A FIGMENT of MY IMAGINATION; in that we can see how to BREED THEM, but more often than NOT some tragedy wipes us out; or we forget that Sixer Mentality..must be defined beyond the SAME MENTALITY that continues to DESTROY the GOOD FEELINGS of the COMPETITIONs of the past.

We look for the YOUNG LIONS , still without the foul taste for SELF ID; to SELECT.. breed, and so C R E A T E..THE O'DELL TRI VIEW..and show us, that we can have the Fadisms of the CANUCK TYPE ONES, added to the MIDWEST UP TYPE; and that we can SELECT for GENOME, but we must also SELECT for the PHYSICS which not only allows her to WALK, so gracefully; but who can also REPRODUCE as any Flying BREED.


THE GREAT COLOUR and the MARKED FANTAIL; Must always BE, all that it can be!

We have NEVER been without a MINDS EYE FOR both GREAT COLORATION, their Marking, as in STENCILS; and for Marking in the TM's, BM's, and SADDLES.

WE have always HAD the IDEA, that WE CANNOT call IT a SADDLE if the THUMBS are both WHITE. ;;; LIKEWISE, WE cannot call it a FANTALE' IF it is NOT with the TYPE PERFECTION of the DAY.

What we need to DO is be watchful of our NEWBY's , as Master Breeders, recognizing the slightest tendency to being a GREAT BREEDER and SHOWMAN; HOW?; By recognizing ANYONE who is SHOWING a DANDY..

AS a JUDGE, YRS ago, IN PARIS.. WE gave the NOD to a YOUNG KOOPS.. a BLOODY RED SELF, a CHERRY RED in coloration, and at that time, as to TYPE, very close to the second place BLUE BASED "ember"(Em//e)(SEE LARRY LONG and the GENETICS Fancier) . KOOPS got the 'NOD'!

We need to SEE JUDGING that SELECTS the BEST FANTAILS ( BY COMPARISON) with A KNOWLEDGE' of the ENTIRE FANTAIL STANDARD in MIND..and USE THE CHECKLIST as a Mental GUIDE ! This meaning, that OUR STANDARD of PERFECTION,must be used with the BOLTON/KINGKINGER INTERPRETATION; as well, THE O'DELL INTERPRETATION of the Latest STANDARD of PERFECTION, for which we are reminded of the Complexiety of Breeding the QUEEN .


(verses the Faddisms seen in the past, not purpetrated to WIN; but to Develope Better fantails/ with more refinement!)

LOOKING now to the CIRCLES of ROUNDNESS done by THE CFC: WE SEE the Correct Head setting/ POCKET. Stepping ahead? : Can we SEE the PHYSICAL BALANCE in THE CIRCLES of ROUNDNESS set FORTH by the CFC? Or?: If the head, and its POCKET are inside the Circle of Roundness.. are the meat and feather, not a bit more short coupled, and in turn less ROUND!.

The head pocket inside the CIRCLE of rROUNDness equates to some degree of short coupling!; while, while the head set which lies outside this CIRCLE for Roundness gives the best ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS; Especially when the general requirements are above 65 POINTS.

That, the "UNDER-CARRIAGE" is constructed , with an INTERFACING of said General Requirements( 100 points); Interfacing with the Bodee SHAPE, also a Product of Bodee GR attributes; and Structurally set UPON the LEGS, which is only PART of the SKELETON.

THERE REMAINS but one facet of UNder-standing, and that bein; OUR ABILITY to relay the PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES of PHYSICAL BALANCING. IE The TOE TOUCH POINT' that is the Key to THE Ideal Fantail creation.

When the YOUNGSTERS come as they do in the Realm of the Mid WEST UP TYPES, looking Taller, looking bigger, with top tail and without. 1. The TOP TAIL is relative or the Product of the Physical Balance with a Keel that is square, not rectangular, of legs which are NOT Short, or Moderately SHORT Straight, Apple on a Stick type legs; but Low looking to the Judger. 2. Where Taller is because the Longer legs, are not Directional as much in these TYPE TWO's, than in the same UP types, save that the Keel is squarer, so shorter?; and they are BIGGER looking due to their Meat, muscle and ceramic feathering.. all yielding the final Product...An UP TYPE that can walk, and looks so BIG , because of the MEAT, and not just the feather of the Show ROLLER, or the LFCL Tumbler etc used to make the SHOW ROLLERS look so BOLD. in their SHAPE.

The idea that we consider PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES for Physical Balance( as we do the Attributes of Each General Requirement}} as an added ingredient in the SELECTIVE PROCESS, rather, than excluding it as we DO the Color, the marking,when we first enter a project to create a prize winning Family of Show fantails.

Here, we again ADD to the Ideal creation from a genepoole that is not prohibitive in genepoole, that we not only lose Color, markin g, but we lose the Ability to MOTION.

It still remains, engrained in OUR MIND, with its Figments, and its Dilusions, that THE QUEEN is to be of a TYPE , of a COLOUR, of a Marking.. or Rare colouration; and never without THE "WHOLE, THE ET TAL of the Creation of the Modern Mellennium Fantail.

Back on the original Thoughts..?? Physical Balance, not to be confused with GR Balance, and the Judging by Comparison; precludes to a Sixer Mentality, and inclusive to both the Geno-TYPE, THE PHENOTYPE( that which is Chemical Properties/ genome; and that which is PHYSICAL PROPERTIES of a Molecule, or in this case the Fantail.

Where in the Chemistry of MEDS , Chemical Properties are all that is considered when breeding the Show ROLLER; but, as we say: The Queen is like the CHIRA DRUG, which does NOT give a Therapeutic Action; UNLESS the PHYSICAL PROPERTIES of the Molecule is specifically correct( IE shape in Insulin, is helical, NOT FLAT structured.. The Nobel peace Prize was won .

A bit far-fetched.. maybe NOT... !! Where the CHIRA SHAPE IS the PROFILE we SEEL with that TOP TAIL, that Lowness to top chest, with the Legs directional , forcing a Physical Balance POINT whic differs enough to enhance the Roundness, and maintain the Lowness,,with the ability to WALK, where the head pocket is a Product of Physical Balance as well of the bodee depth,keel shape..and so the under-belly line length. ALL defim=ned, all properly interfaced.. and identified from the PROFILE seen in the Dat 20.. and its Circles of ROUNDNESS.

Now, look to the UP TYPE Yel Saddle Rendering showing the Legs, the profile, still, looking taller.. The E' Rendering, has now been modified to show the more Directional leg joints, with resulting bodee drop, slight rotation, slight forward touch point, and enhancement of Roundness, and lessening of the Short couple, even when the Head pocket is pushed forward , on shorter( too short couplied Individuals,, ; with a short BULL type bodee shape.. and VIOLA.. the same old Taller WHITE, that O'DELL saw.. changing from a LOW ROUNDER.. to a North American UP TYPE.. not inclusive of the Northern TIER North of de Border....

HOW DO we Perceive, and in this perception, Point blend to refine, and enhance the Shape of the Dat 20..Using the GR's, with the Physics of the structure, and of the under-carriage.

Minds EYE, NEVER COMPROMISES THAT a FANTAIL with TYPE OF THE DAY( or of the FUTURE) and these of the FUTURE..will always be used to UP GRADE those RARE colorations ..... How can we see such a Physical Phenomenon? Flat..without first.. maybe NOT.. Perception developed by JUDGING the Largest FANTAIL SHOW in the WORLD, each YEAR.. and being an OBSESSION; which is contrare' to the Common Sensical nature of being a SIXER, after becoming a POOLER , which gives a POOLER perception of those Prepotent for Qualities, not SEEN in the BREEDING STOCK in a single Pair, but in a Family.

Or are we agreeing, don't matter; that what "THEY are, is what they will that this is true only withing a family LIne, inbred, and Smartly SELECTED; with CUTS done Oh so carefully( tested for prepotency)

Or that LIKE produces LIKE, and BEST to BEST.. gives the BEST; Wonder where the the 2007 YGsters came from with such atrocities; Fantails are NOT SHOW ROLLERS!

Still, for sanity.. SIXERISM is still the best WAY; especially after some Long years of " YOU KNEW how to make the good ones; YOU JUST don't know how to maintain them; let alone.. Keep on Improving.." BPOGUE JULY 1999?

Again, the first comments from the LOOK out MOUNTAIN; and now back up NORTH ... BOTH Fanciers are CORRECT; but why should WE rest on anyones LAURELS?

TODAY, MCKTASIA CLASSIC 2007 ended ; TOMORROW, we can say we have done ot both ways; but we still will look to the Spread disappearing from the Families of Saddles.. and two black selfs are set forth in the saddle pens.

We hang on every WORD of EVERY FANCIER...and we use it all( ET TAL) and we don't rest on our Laurals, or THEIRS; WE seek to CREATE using Their TOOLS of KNOWLEDGE; with the POWER of Heterotic Genome, that allows the WINDOW of SELECTION to remain open; while we remove that which IS NOT condusive( genome) to THE Proper PHYSICAL BALANCE which gives the O'DELL DREAM, A parallel of SIXER MENTALITY..coupled with Heterosis from abilities/ instinctive mating from knowledge and experticed gained with Breeding the Purest of the Impures, from Calcutta to the Breed crosses for Coloration that sets us afire with enthusiasm.

WE CAN SEE PHYSICAL BALANCE .....That which gives the LOWNESS SOUGHT by THE MESSIAH,with the TOP high as to be deemed RENDERED; and we know that the Physical a Product of Under-belly, Head Pocket, and Profile.(GR'S)... which yields the ROUNDNESS from any angle , and the Unbelieviable IN MOTION, while it PROFILES, or redlines as does the TRIVIEW VIEW ...


We assume tail size with the HIGH top tail. Even when they are borderline Short coupled; their head pocket is pressing Forward ,off the cushion 'sweet spot' ??;

The short coupling actually increases the TOP TAIL; the zinger comes when we change the short straight legs to the Hinged at each Joint; this allows a shift in where the toes Touch , to attain a PHYSICAL BALANCE that allows for MOTION, enhances the ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS...and maintains the proper head pocket..PROPER HEAD POCKET is NOT found on EXTREMELY SHORT COUPLED..TINY 'UP TYPES' WITH THEIR "SHORT or MODERATELY SHORT LEGS, ; ..^%$* that are IN FACT:: SHORT and STRAIGHT(APPLE on a STICKS).LEGS),LEGS which MUST be the FOUNDATION, of ALL that is for MOTION!

THE JACOBIN from BOUG: Sat back on their Tail; Stretching UPWARDS to show the FLOWER, for which Cannot be spelled CHRESATHINUM***^^%%$$##; NO BREAKS between, the HOOD, THE MAIN , and the CHAIN, and CERAMIC FEATHER holds the whole outline, or PROFILE*&^%$#@!THE LEGS ARE THE FOUNDATION !

THE ROUNDNESS: from any ANGLE of VIEW!!! is not JUST dependent on the interfacing of the GENERAL REQUIREMENTS for BODEE,HEAD POCKET; BUT THAT the UNDER_CARRIAGE be based upon the CORRECT LEG SETTING at the Pelvic joints, LONG enough, and Directionallly at each LOINT, ENOUGH to alow for the Proper TOE TOUCHPOINT' which WILL show the JUDGE a SHORT, or Moderatly SHORT LEG; that instills a Vision of LOWNESS, that allows for the IN MOTION

THE OLD LOOK OF LOWNESS, and of based upon a Construction of UNDER_CARRIAGE which WILL NOT SUPPORT the FOREFATHERS INTERPRETATION..IE as well the KEY WORD.. found therein.. "UNDERBELLY"!

What is the Single most IMPORTANT General REQUIREMENT? It is the Under-carriage Requirement, which has many 'attributes.

IN SELECTION OF BREEDING STOCKS we look for tail size, the top tail, which comes of the Correct under-carriage for the creation of specimens closest to the Ideal, which is Personal minds eye; or the personal INTERPRETATION of the Standard of Perfection.

The single most important SELECTION TOOL is SEEING the ones with the correct LEGS, and preferably on the TRI VIEW liknesses.(PROFILE)

THE INSPIRATION was used here to define the Proper leg setting for the Ideal Phenotype. It is likely the Exagerated leg length, or long legged look that allows our ability to Identify those that are heading in a direction , that will change a short coupled LOOK, to a Low rounder, with a change in touch point .

This is SWAG... text theory?? To the actual SELECTION of meat and of feather, Healthy, Conditioned, happy and in their OWN safe environment.... No small tails, no soft feather, and the short couple, all but disappears, when keel shape is squarer; we simply look for those that take on the CHIRA SHAPE; here CHIRA is the same chemistry( organic) save the Legs will change the shape of their Bodee, creating the TYPE THREE/ Ideal Profile( molecular structure of a drug,must be in MOM Natures shape to create the desired drug effect. IE INSULIN , a flat molecule will not provide the insulin effect..)

THE LEGS are the FOUNDATION, by which , a multitude of TYPES can come closer to the TYPE THREE phenotypes, that I call IDEAL.


May 2007


THE thing we want to SEE, is the Cubic Bodee shape ; verses the 'UP TYPE' with their Longer, Lesser Directional, more stilty,less Directional, so straight legs, that is seen in the IMMATURE YOUNGSTERS, with just a single dosing of FATSO PHENO-TYPES( LOW ROUNDERS, SMALLER BULLISHNESS due to less Short Couple, and so to the Background based upon personal Interpretation of the KINGKINGER and BOLTON Fantail STD Interpretation . and this is The Product/THE CONSTRUCTION of the UNDER-CARRIAGE set forth in same INTERPRETATION, from a SIGLE KEY WORD..IE UNDER-BELLY. of Meat/ Feather, and Keel shape( squarer)

Hence, that the UNDER BELLY LINE length, of this Time, comes of a Knowledge of FORE to AFT DEPTH, away from short coupling seen in the UP TYPED PHENOTYPES, some that cannot WALK, and Mid West TYPES that could.

When these Mid West up-types were crossed to the CUTS of the COMMON SIXER MENTALITY of the TIME(1980's thru Mellennia)THE ability to CREATE the INSPIRATION, of MY Influence, and the Totality of Intelect, free of Breeding handi-cap, and a skill, of the early Adoby Software.

THE Correct legs on the UP TYPES, either MidWESTERN,( KINGKINGER was a constant CFC EXHIBITOR and his were MID WEST UP TYPES) or Canuck . These are the TYPE ONES, with their tremendous Top tail; but, in the past, with the best PROFILE.. and TYPE ONES; these failed as Far as UNDER=CARRIAGE..and the CORRECT LEGS for the ability to MOTION. The TYPE TWOS had the correct LEGS for their TYPE TWO BODY STYLE,,and PROFILE, usually less top tail. Their Legs were Less DIRECTIONAL as Youngsters, but with maturity, a Molt; they dropped a lot; but without the LOOK set in the STD of perfection for SHORT to Moderate Legs; where it should say..LOWER as Possible, without the loss of MOTION... From here we speak of TODAY, what we SEE: to be continued... LEGS are not what they seem...until we under-stand their Physical ability to seek a Forward REACH..with a rotation, and a swing downward to the TOUCH point of their tippy TOES( IDEALISMS BY Personal INTERPRETATION... so then to MCKTASIA.. A CLASSIC dedicated to LOFT CHAMPIONS..and Free of the STRESS that should not take away from a JUDGING far away.

THIS IS SWAG: and subject to editoral refinements !!
The KINGY/BOLTON INTERPRETATION of the PAST STANDARD Gave us the under-standing to ROUNDNESS; but LEGS REMAINED a MYSTERY , even at the beginning of this Mellennia?

We still find it difficult to RELATE textually, what , not even the Minds EYE perceives in the 80's; today, past the FIST and THUMBS UP ; arms bent at the elbows; where the THUMBS ARE the LEGS..The BEER BELLY and perception of the HUMan skeleton from pelvis to toes.

With this 'FAR FETCHED COMPARISON, we shall proceed to NOT SWAG, but just what the meat & feather has presented, free of MODTAIL, or other BREED OUTCROSS( though we, admit that within the MN's Protection of her DNA , of Survival; That all that was within that proptected DNA, in HER well protected Sequences, for Reproductivity.

In HER protection.. we Come back to the Legs as the FOUNDATION, of MOTION, as well, then ? Reproductivity, and parenthood; save we want PUMPERS to shorten a welled REST PERIOD.

Backing up ,then to the Under-belly, the Legs as the FOUNDATION; OF: the Cubic Bodee Shape, the proper head POCKET at the RUMP/CUSHION.. NOT on the TAIL, NOT @ UPPER BACK; BUT in that "SWWEET SPOT" defined by the 1950 INTERPRETATION; the ROUNDNESS as a PRODUCT of the UNDER_BELLY; and LEGS with a REACH FORWARD, not From a structural Standpoint only; but, also from the Leg JOINT DIRECTION, the width of the Pelvis, and a Length that IS not the shortest Distance betwwen TWO POINTS, Is a straight LINE; henceforth, the Legs in such Joint Direction are In fact look TALLER, and STILTY, not compared to a POUTER, of course, but to the MID WEST UPTYED PHENOTYPES THAT CAN WALK.

What then Controls these UP TYPES, more frontal, so more UNder belly, but, to balance Physically.. and caudally, we increase the Frontal, as in Front leaner, and then we counter balance with Tail Shoing, but these are not just a single , but multifaceted.. where, it is also the AFT dimension, longer, as well from caudal Skeletal extension( like the Jacs were neck vertabrae are involved, along with THE STRETCH and the ATTITUDE, with the best Strech attained with a TAIL feather BALANCE caudally, and TIP TOES forward)

What is a CHIRA 'SHAPE" ?? CHIRA is the SHAPE of the PROFILE created with the right TOP tail, and bodee height at the TOP CHEST; BUT, it will be the Carriage and MOTION, that is Pre-conceived as a Product of Bodee SHAPE, with meat and Feather; along with the Under-Carriage, with Longer Under-belly LINE..adding to the ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS, in a LONGER FRONTAL to BACK CUSHION DIMENSION; with the LEGS to set it all to its Max , like the Stretch in the Jac; but here, multiple Physical FORCES; allowing the maturity, and a relaxing/ settling SHOW PEN state, which best exemplify's the ROUNDNESS, and its abilit to WALK..and to POSE.. starting from set in ( in a sprinting of Walking Motion, which proves the stability of the Proper Length of LEGS, which is A RESULTING LOOK, to which we SEE, both in pose and Motion; if we don't SEE some LEG, we might not SEE the MOTION.

The secret to Motion, the secret to LOW ( ROUNDERS) that can WALK.. come of Proper LEG height, not Proper LEG LENGTH as in straightness of the Pouter, Nor to the Less straight of the UP TYPES; immature, or without proper POINT BLENDING of certain USEFUL PHENOTYPES shunned .

LOOK UPON the CHIRA SHAPE in SPACE, as a Product of General REQUIREMENTS,PLUS: the LEGS that seek a TOUCH POINT , based upon direction from Pelvis to tippy toes.


Can we SEE the TYPE THREE and its Proper CARRIAGE and IN MOTION? Can we SEE. THE CORRECT LEGS, at anytime, maybe NOT?; can we Feel them, can we then let them settle, in a Conditioned State, of health and well being, and STARVED of Grains for 18 to it then...


end of SWAG Some confusion about BLUE BAR NORM....!! Blue bars and Barless give the clear, clean blue, silver, ash red,and dilute bars.. AND, BARLESS gives the best ANDALUSIAN coloration, and BAR PATTERNs next; but if the Barless blue is better, even with some of the CRUDDIES, like Dirty, SOOTY, etc because these CRUDDIES( Sooty,(so) dirty(v),Smokey(sy//sy) are not able to EXPRESS on the barless;(because the Coarse spread A R E A S are non existent?) where they can with the Bar pattern and up that Series of Pattern.

What ever the Bronzing is.. seen.. The bar Indigo ,Spread Factor reeks of YakKY dark shades. with loss of that light Gun meTal bluish Indigo, throught out..the defined ANDALUSIAN coloration.. ( and IN//+ GUN BLUING , blue is seen in the tail of such Cruddie Tainted Phenotypes. Move up the pattern SERIES, and VIOLA..YUKY BRONZISH DARKNESS propagated from the Cruddies on the Coarse spread areas. Clean BLUE CHECKS, blue/grey in with clear barring in both Smooth Spread as, well; COARSE SPREAD AREAS of the Phenotype. The SELFS, will get Better, Or they say.. THEY are coming in coloration.. but ALAS, even with SPREAD FACTOR,( SPREAD AREAS, both coarse and SMOOTH AREAS are NOT CLUMPED , as in the BLUE areas) and some of the CRUDDINESS.. these Birds STILL are BLUISH / BLUE based . AS THE SOOTY HEADS to INFINITY, thru the Flecked, but not Checked with POWDER, to the EXTREME SOOTY that engulfs the BLUE AREAS of the BARRED SHIELD. ADDIING DIRTY' and then SPREAD FACTOR, and we Get bad , greyish BLACK SELFS; add a dose of MILKY( my//+) and the black get better, and better yet with CHECKER blue and T pattern.. with CT//CT the ultimate; backing up to a lost point; The sooty, and the Dirty with CT//CT gives the best "BLUE BASED" BLACK SELF COLORATION.9 with purple sheen.. until we Homogenize and SELECT for color within these CONFINES in GENOME. LOOKING NOW to KITE, Bronzish, with bluish at the Rump ets, rearward We can expect that the bodee SELF coloration will get Better, tho, the EMBER, tail coloration is still prevalent. And when the genome is e//Em? the bluish moults to destroy the SELF coloration. KITE , with bronze is a transformation state from BLUE base to MIMIC BLACK BASE coloration( no color coat, as in AUTO painting) ( farfetched comparision?)No add the BASE COLORATION of the ASH (BA) mutation, or the brown BASE...herein lies our confusion.?? ASH RED Bars give the GRIS males, the Best colored Cream Bars( second only to ICE home cream bars.. even Intermediate ICE is over-welming) LOOK now to the TAI Indians of long ago, IMPORTED.. These were KITE, and black KITE based, but not MIMIC Black Base of the untainted, black WING Archangel) But, even with JUST THE KITE..these INDIANS HAD white Ribbon Tails. If they were BLUES, with that bluish, plumbiness at their Rump areas; we could use fs//fs or even fs//+ to move the ribbons to WHITE. ASH RED, and Browns: give a better SELF coloration, without the KITE base; however, with OUR concern for TYPE PERFECTION, and its Complexities, compared to other SHOW BREEDS; We have found less challenging Creation of Both TYPE ,as well GOOD SELF coloration. From here, we will diverge into a mentality, which is inclusive for creating both TYPE and Coloration. The bottom line has been found with the Quest for the SHOW CLASSICAL ALMOND COLORATION; with a Maintance of TYPE PERFECTION and with CLASSICAL color. THIS becomes possible when we SEE the Classical as a POINT BLENDING of SUB VARIETIES( likened to TYPE ONES, TWO's and Ultimately the TYPE THREE.. IDEALISM of TYPE PERFECTION; where THE 'Classical coloration is the TYPE THREE or TRI VIEW( ANY FROM #7 UP to DAT 20) POINT BLENDING for COLOUR , and POINT BLENDING for TYPE PERFECTION, and both their maintance each SHOW YEAR. With this in MIND, the REFINEMENTS upon a FAMILY LINE can also sustain the Quality LINE, but eventually the GENEPOOLE restricts the Proper Blending to a Status QUO; and here is where the FADS arise; with a setting aside, firstly for COLORATION/marking; and then to Fads, which give ILLUSIONS of IDEALISM; but cannot SUPPORT the ability TOO:...MOTION. THE ability to maintain the TYPE and the Classical Almond coloration; is the best exercise for mainting, improving both the COLORATION and its Complexiety( verses blue bars, or WHITE( zwh) as well: The TYPE PERFECTION, Once to this mental plateau, we proceed to understand the UNDER-CARRIAGE that will support the ability to MOTION. NOTES in the margins: THE 'PROFILE, we PREFER is WELL DEFINED in the UPdated Standard, and the PIX in TRI VIEW. THE HEAD POCKET is a dangling FADDISM of any Extreme found in SHORT COUPLING. THE LEG LENGTH is still A WINDOW of DECEPTION? Which we can close with understanding and JUDGING which describes the UNDER CARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS.

The Identification of the MIMIC BLACK INDIGO , without SPREAD FACTOR leads the way for understanding of the difference between THE BLUE NORM coloration, without the MIMIC BLACK KITE,BASE; which, covers up the BLUISHness, better than SPREAD, or Ashm or Brown barred MUTANTS.; it also sets the ability for US to Point blend and SELECT for Andulusian and its counter part with the Mimic black base, from blue base and low the Best colored SELFS ever dreamed for in Minds eye; and we can carry this thinking, or mentality from color Breeding to TYPE PERFECTION Refinement.
continued for COLOR...BREEDING ( black mimic, no spread factor , Indigo//? shows Zero Indigo in their tails. ) If we want good colored Selfs ,(defined by their complete Lack of PLUMINESS) we also NEED the 'CT//CT' Pattern..( as we go backwards, down to Barless; we see, especially in the heterzygous ( CT//Ck or CT//+ etc) We also need THE KITE,( KITE BASE is free of PLUMINESS/BLUISH tinges, especially at the posterior that are not showing any BLUISH anywhere, lastly at their posterior; KITE comes with and without Bronzing, as we approach the CT//CT and MINIC BLACK,, suppresses the bronzing. When Pale factor is added THE GOLD is GOLDEN red HUES, not YELLOW golden buff Yellow. The down length and thickness on a GOLD is very long, golden and thickly esembled. Yellows that are naked, are LEMONY, and Blues/ Blue Base, without the KITE, first, with its Bronzing, and the ultimate is a 'CHERRY RED" , THIS CHERRY RED, is MIMIC BLACK based, it shows ,. no Bronzing, and when it is mated to an ALMOND, WILL give the CLASSICAL in a single YEAR; the following YEAR, it will require a Bronzy KITE Mate to keep the Classical COLORATION. beyond their First of second molts, and three yrs for ST Classical hens. Spread black rec reds are better colored, especially with CT//CT pathern .. but we are LIMited by the BLUE base of the racing Homers ; so what do we do:"? For good SELFS: Use Archangel bred mimic black KITES.. these produce too dark of ground for Classical ALMOND, so we use Pale ( dP) to compensate, for classical almonds, but in the SELF coloration we, stay intense..and produce SELFS with exceptional collor, no matter the base coloration. of BLUE, black, ash or brown. The blue racing homers in Yancy's LOFT are blue pigeons. these are Bar , checker and CT//CT? These are BLUE PIGEONS; blue pigeons do not produce good colored selfs'; we must cover this bluish with the KITE.. no one knows what ITE is.. But Ka archangels , ANgels have no blue showing, and they do give the desired red brick coloration for re reds, and all the rest.. including ash reds with white ribbon tails.,/. e spent 2 hours on this and it was lost by YAHOO M AIL... So much for the BOTTOM LINE ON COLOR BREEDING SELFS.. and Damescene ICE blues..
TYPE PERFECTION is WHAT WE WANT with any COLOURATION, Marking.. or RARE COLORATIONS. WE have , dug out OLD NOTES of the Creations of the 1980's in TYPE PERFECTION:

WE seemed to STRESS HEAD POCKET as defined by Bob KINGKINGER, as well, now understand that when KINGY said.. "WATCH THEIR LEGS, WATCH THEIR LEGS."

One thing becomes apparent; that TYPE PERFECTION depend upon THE CORRECTNESS of LEG SETTING, and HEAD POCKET. These INTERLACED, and a Product of the Structural Compatibility, within EACH PHENOTYPE..within EACH PHEN O TYPE.

THE PHENOTYPES ARE MANY, but to set a point.. WE REFERENCE THE TYPE ONE, THE TYPE TWO, and that the TYPE THREE, is the SELECTED, and POINT BLENDING of BOTH TYPES ONE AND TYPE TWO'S; with FULL UNDERSTANDING that THE TYPE TWO BULL is with more Depth, this depth, Forward, and Aft , alone , is not the only influence on the ROUNDNESS from any ANGLE of VIEW. THE TYPE TWO"S had rectangular shaped KEELS, BULLS have more Square KEEL. THE LEGS on the UP TYPES were LONGER LOOKING , because they ARE LESS 'DIRCTIONAL at their JOINTS. THE BULLS are BIGGER LOOKING, because of their Meat, and their feather, still these are 'CUBIC shaped in Bodee( when ALL that is Generally Required in GR's) THe ROUNDNESS, THE ILLUSION...OF ROUNDNESS, if we WISH, is the Product of ET TAL UNDER_CARRIAGE construction, With a definet Bodee depth, that moves us away from the TINY up types( but not their short , square Keels.) Away, from the Short Couple that gives a Striking, head pocket; like a Multiple Test Question??} Where D is of correct head setting (of the shorter coupled individual), and E is MORE CORRECT with the less short coupled, with preferred, and defined Head setting per OUR INTERPRETATION of Past and Present definetion.. of head setting.

THE KING/BOLTON INTERPRETAION has created the MODERN MELLENNIUN FANTALE; thru its use of 'UNDER-BELLY..non existent in the TINY UP TYPES, without the ability to WALK, and seen in their ability to only POSE..and i suppose we can even over-come this all with the Proper UNDER_CARRIAGE; and we have yet been able to 'Patch refinements to this end on extremely short coupled individuals, however, we have transposed from each TYPE,, and set the Sequence, first seen in their PROFILE, and secondly with less 'short coupling' and proper under-carriage( directional LEGS, ) we have seen the Illusion of ROUNDNESS increased, along with the Ability to MOTION..AND, even seen those with the CORRECT LEG SETTING, but based upon the PROFILE sen in the TRI VIEW . INSPIRATION shows longer legs, or less drop than the ULTIMA...and THE Under-carriage is BEST seen in todays meat and feather...

THE TERM 'CHIRA' is a personal KEY WORD, as we have been looking to be able to SEE the WHOLENESS in the TYPE THREE PHENOTYES, or those with the Proper PROFOLE, which defines the Bodee shape, bodee height, based on actual Leg HEIGHT, and the deepest possible fore to aft depth, away from tiny TYPE ONE uptype phenotypes

IN THEIR SETTLED MODE/ RELAXING into a POSE, after being set down, and a Jaunting WALK ABOUT , their SHOW PEN, will enable us to SEE the ones that have the RIGHT LEGS.

THUMBS up Analogy, didn't help OUR SELECTION capabilities; but We Can SEE that if the Wings are correct, THIN and HIDDEN , in the Dense, and ceramic feathering, with the ability to MOTION; soon we realized that SELECTION away from those that couldn't POCKET, Firstly(1980) , secondly that wings, and angles of the wings, etc, and here to for defined; are a Must to DE SELECT,

DE SELECTING this TYPE will not be as simple as we first thought, untill we realized that it was these GUNGA DINNERS" DOWN SHODS can be CORRECTEd with the USE of USEFULS, IE Front leaners, Umbrella( with tight lines, and big huge tails) The fatso's and those cow hocked from Ca depletion, from Breeding or from WORMS.

THE MELLENNIUM FANTAIL comes to US with THE CORRECT LEGS , and setting atop their LEGS the PROFILE with the BODEE.

CHIRA ICON is a CIRCLE OF ROUNDNESS, front VIEW; with the legs appearing to be attached at the outer- most circumference'; in the meat and the feather SELECTION... Those that do not Walk at set in, those that are NOT the proper PROFILE( top tailed) ;; can be DE_SELECTED IF WE HAVE THOSE WITH THE PROPER HEAD POCKET, THE CORRECT LEGS , for this TYPE THREE..THE PROPOSED Standard of PERFECTION, and a Personal MINDS EYE for its INTERPRETATION.


THEY SAID THE LEGS ARE THE FOUNDATION; we interpret this, that THE CORRECTNESS of the LEGS is dependent upon the TYPE we BREED FOR; TODAY , the CLUBS( CFC, EFC..have addopted the NEXT GENERATION of SHOW FANTAIL.

THEY SAID, IF YOU UPGRADE, USE YOUR BEST; today, that is inclusive of PROFILE, with the FOUNDATION that not only Yields to MOTION, but ALSO to the ROUNDNESS, and so, to the LOWNESS in the "SMALLEST LOOKING, with Legs that LOOK SHORT( but ARE NOT, as in DIRECTIONAL, verses STRAIGHT legged, or even partly SO, from the POUTER to the TYPE TWO up types, to the LOW ROUNDER that can WALK. THE FRONTAL< as they said.. is the GIVE AWAY.. but, they all will break up, if tired, over-fed, without a proper rest period.. and CONDITIONING. STRESS of the TRIP to the SHOWS, separates the LOFT CHAMPIONS from those that take the NOD. . THIS IS SUBJECT to furether additions and Edit


THE Standard of Perfection for Fantails is but a Figment of our Imagination; still, it will carry us out of this Mellennium; with each Personal INTERPRETATION be it with Concensous or WITH-OUT!

From a Single point of VIEW; in this case, a Personal View; we stead-fastly remain with a Personal Minds eye; Un-TAINTED by OPINION! It is very easy to become LOFT Blind, when what we see is so wonderfully beautiful.

For us to say that we are 'eons away in the meat & feather compared to the Standard of Perfection is realistic; but as A BREEDER of FANTALES , we prefer to look to next YEAR, not only for the SHOWS; but for setting a lasting Construction; the Construction of the BREEDERS, so that we can build and refine; rather, than 'Patch' as we go for Next years SHOWS.

A FOUNDATION built from several FAMILIES; each with their own Extremes or strong points; that can be POINT BLENDED, as UNLIKES.. to meet in a very near FUTURE of what we LIKE, and, so SEE in a personal Minds Eye.

That this meat and Feather, can never be maintained, or Improved within ONE, 'very well managed Family under the 'SIXER MENTALITY'; that those 'UNLIKES, the Extremes, that we designate as USEFUL; no matter their Phenotype, alone; but their Genotype; especially if we have POINT BLENDED, ALL that we wish to see in the final creation, of personal minds eye in the Show TYPES.. in TYPE PERFECTION, as well in their COLORS.., their markings; and those Markings of the 'z' locus. March 2007

THE GROWTH of this FANCY is also a CONCERN!


"WE NEED MORE GOOD JUDGES and MORE GOOD BREEDERS." OUR DEFINETION for a GOOD BREEDER is as SIMPLE as GOOD JUDGING: for what it is worth; maybe not to compare Judging in ones own LOFT..with a Clear FOCUS on what has been accomplished, and what Can be accomplished with proper POINT BLENDED matings.

In a sense for it, We are JUDGING in a vaccum that serves only Personal Minds Eye; while The SHOW JUDGING is creating an aire of COMPETITION; and we must secure this Competative spirit in our SHOWMAN, with a FAIR playing FIELD.

GOOD BREEDERS BREED FOR NEXT YEARS SHOWS, to a personal MINDS EYE; but If we are to continue the GOOD work of our BREEDERS; their personal MINDS EYE should/must have the FANCY at Heart!

We must create the fantail from an outline that best will create the LOWEST, Roundest with the attitude, and Physical Balance to 'MOTION'.

From this OUTLINE, THE SHAPE that best, will create the best ILLUSIONS of Meat and of feather from A PERSONAL MINDS EYE to approach this creation, as BREEDERS .

THO OUTLINE becomes the PROFILE of the MEAT and the FEATHER from which we set the FOUNDATION, upon which a BODEE will reflect the best 'ILLUSION' of ROUNDNESS from any ANgle of VIEW.

We also look beyond the BREEDER, and we LOOK to THE JUDGING at our SHOWS!!

"WE NEED MORE GOOD JUDGES" We look at it this way: "WE NEED MORE JUDGES" who will become more competant with Experience, and a guidence thru Coaching, which will instill a sense of confidence, to accomplish this we can start with the NON Participants JUDGING the JUDGE?

THE JUDGE has two EYES,even two Fanciers have double that, and they can make their personal observations with a consultation that a JUDGE does not; we ask a person to JUDGE.; His WORD is FINAL. or everyone should JUDGE ONCE.

FOR the FUTURE to be Promoting this Fancy; we need to define , and set the POLICES which DEFINE JUDGING; but FIRST to the JUDGE.

We feel that , our greatest FRUSTRATION, as a KID, in this FANCY was How we could take home an image of what we might Breed for? THE FANTAIL is not a SHOW RACER, or a SHOW HOMER, or a SHOW ROLLER.

Fantails have ATTRIBUTES that cannot be assumed like they are in other SHOW BREEDS, as named; to go forward.. we see the JACOBINE, and the FRILL as having more ATTRIBUTES within their General REQUIREMENTS. STILL, the Fantails' UNDER_CARRIAGE is an engineering feat.


TO ME, today, this means that we ask a Fancier to JUDGE..SO be it. Judging the WINNERS, at the time, is a Given RIGHT, as is Personal MINDS EYE; but we do not have the RIGHT to disrupt the JUDGING, nor THE JUDGE with questions.This has been called SHOW ROOM ETIQUETTE.

We approach the Pictures of OUR WINNERS, as if we were there, and JUDGING..We cannot JUDGE PICTURES, We cannot JUDGE THE JUDGE, and we cannot take the Entries out of their "Contextual' SHOW PENS. We cannot do this before, during ,or, after THE SHOW.. THE JUDGES words are FINAL. We need to have a WRITTEN RIGHT if a FANCIER accepts JUDGING assignments?

If we do not have Different JUDGES: DO WE BECOME SHOW BLIND?

Yes, we do , as we become enveloped in our OWN JUICES of CREATIVITY..even...SELF ID?

THE STATE of the HOBBY, is the state of the JUDGING?:

Here we shall LOOK to the Standard, to its PIX, and to the AUSSIE ARENA to SEE beyond that of the mortal FANCIER; we shall look beyond the creativity of Meat and feather to a secunda artem of the best 'instincts of artistic, even autistic creativity?; Looking to a talent that come of the Greatest paintings, Musicians; and let such Talent create the most Challenging MINDS EYE, with a Tolerance for the Learning process that make the best BREEDERS, and so the best JUDGES.

THE BREEDER will make the JUDGE: simple? Lets look deeply, and beyond the usual contextual WORDS.. THE BREEDER. will present the Classes of "THE DAY"! Look now, to what these CLASSES POCESS, and How do we as JUDGES Process them?

How do we process them?; based upon their PROFILE, and their ability to WALK/POSE/ WALK.BY COMPARISON to what is in their CLASS, at the TIME, A MOMENT, A BRIEF MOMENT, that any good BREEDER, with an EYE to see this , if only one TIME in their LIFE TIME, a Spark?

Taping their Tails, Conditioning, SHOW PREP of BREEDERS Makes a JOB of JUDGING much easier, for we look for the best of their Day; this day.. at this MOMENT when the JUDGE is LOOKING.. FOCUSED.

As BREEDERS, WE must present a JUDGING CHECK LIST , which CO incides WITHthe creation, the Breeding to minds eye , and TODAY we see MINDS EYE in THE TRIVIEW( it is the result of many FATHERS)

ULTIMA and INSPIRATION come of computer Techno, artistic skills, and creativity of an ARTIST, beyond that of the common BREEDER' , but with BREEDER COUNSEL, CONSULTING, for each General REQUIREMENT, and with its proper Interfacing of Attributes, so that the IMAGE set forth is the Ultimate INSPIRATION in the Creation of the MEAT AND FEATHER; from JUST a NON ENITY, at the recent SHOWS, but, also from the MInds EYE of THE GREATEST(writers opinion!! ) FANCIER,and SHOWMAN,and TEACHER; know by some as "THE MESSIAH of the MELLENNIUM FANTAIL" (HEARD FIRST from SPOCK in PRE FIRE TALK DAYS)

If we can look to ALTPETER SR, and we can find a little in each OLD HEART, enough to IMPART, INSTILL to the NEWBYS who are here, and those to come; we feel the JUDGING, will take care of itself, especially with a JUDGING CHECK LIST which will not only GUIDE the NEW JUDGES; but will SHOW OUR FANCIERS that BREEDING, is creating, a DIRECTION for personal MINDS EYE, that will clear the way for a certain amount of CONSENSOUS to IDEALISM; without Mis Interpretation, which will take care of itself, when the level playing FIELD is partly resulting from an understanding that Fantails are THE QUEEN..and so because of HER unigue Construction; her more complicated Construction, with so many ATTRIBUTES !!!

THE CLUB EXECUTIVE can assertain legitimate Grievences; however like some forms of FAKING in SHOW PREPARATION of an entry;It really must go far beyond the "TRICKS of the TRADE". to be called a legitimate complaint; furthermore, MOI has learned so much from Karl OTTO, and then BILL WARNER, both FOREFATHERS; in that we have come to SEE what we can , never have SEEN..without what they could do with a fantail( of course they didn't have the Techno, the new 'super glues' etc...but, then we look at what is permitted in the World today in the BEAUTY CONTESTS; which are Falling away in their TV ratings and beyond.Maybe a bit of a farfetched comparison, still our Concern is the OUT COME of EXCESSIVE PREPARATION.

Excessive preparation should be left to the JUDGE, maybe call it a handicap until the BREEDERS, who exhibit can set down the correct PROFILE with the ability to walk; the correct Roundness, the Proper head pocket.

For instance, If we have a correct 'PROFILE" and it can't WALK, and it is short coupled..THE Mellennium TYPE ONE, with head pocket pressing inside the circle of ROUNDNESS, which it also lacks somewhat, and but it can walk if pushed; then I ask you?: How should a JUDGE place it, above the the bigger UP TYPES with the same problems; the up type with biggness from bullish bodee depth, that can walk all day...

Honestly I won't burn out on this subject; and a Judge has only seconds and minutes to assess same situations; and we don't care which way he goes.. He is going to get BEAT UP.

Maybe we can set a JUDGING LIST that calls out the PROFILE in the first line, then, look to roundness, head pocket; so then to MOTION..A JUDGE will still be following the his NODS for the Comparison.

How can he explain his choices? By realizing that if the PROFILE is Correct, then the PHYSICAL Balance can only set the exacting ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS, because the BODEE is cubic, the legs are widely set, and the longer leg dimension is another ILLUSION of moderately short, even a LOWNESS which further enhances the Profile defined; THE KEEL is square and not rectangular: A bigger square is a MID WEST UP TYPE with BODEE DEPTH; the pelvis sets a wide stance, the bodee dropping between, the REACH is exaggerated a touch FORWARD( {+1mm)THE amount of TIP TOE also enhances the attributes of the LEG SETTING.

A tiny up type: Little bodee depth, but legs are coming longer, and more directional at each JOINT, the bodee is dropping, the keels have always been shorter, still rectangular in shape; now add the caudal extension, add the frontal, re-shaping the KEEL is a function of the ATTRIBUTES of the UNDER_CARRIAGE REQUIREMENTS they inter face with each other , no matter the TYPE, or the PROFILE!

THE TEXT above is a figment of our IMAGINATION.. based upon the FIRETALK DAYS...and where has ET TAL gone?; where has the "LOW ROUNDER, that could WALK ? Where is that wonderful Figment of any other imagination?


with a DISREGUARD to THE TYPE ONE, and back to the UP TYPE TWO's, and these without the Bodee depth, and still compromised by their in-ability to WALK.

WHERE WILL WE GO? WILL WE SEE' that THE PHYSICAL BALANCE of the MID WEST UP TYPE, a BIG BIRD..with Profile, with bullish bodee, fore to Aft dimension is a plus of the Short coupled, the latter without a properhead pocket inside the circles of ROUNDNESS for BODEE+ meat+feather+ skeleton shape of KEEL and lengths of legs, stretched out, and approaching the pigmy pouter, but when directional ..the JUDGe SEES A LOWNESS, and with the Relaxation , the PHYSICAL Balance touch point is modified FORWARD? with a REACH second to nothing without the TIPPY TOES of the CHRISTNER Fantails. ( a JACOBIN MAN...who saw the best of BOUG, maintained by RAY STEPANOWSKI, from the BREEDERS named WALLING, BACHMAN and goodness only knows..THE FLOWER so designated.. not seen today, or is it just the STRETCH, the PHYSICAL BALANCE, and the Lack of CERAMIC feather. )

BUT how do we POINT BLEND? WHAT DO WE POINT BLEND? and we all well KNOW the SIXER Mentality of a single FAMILY that consistantly produces show birds year after year.. for what three years.. more than three years!, then we say "CHERRY PICKING is just like BREED OUTCROSSING; or the safer way from a Family with its own alignments today, from a similar Sixer mentality; and so it goes; and comes to pass, that For every family, semi related, to avoid the dangers of losing our base Family; to find out that each to his own, has SELECTED the LIKES, and discarded ALL' the UNLIKES, and with these CUTS went the Butter, the cream, that makes the cake so moist, that you don't need ice cream , and the icing so sweet you can't stand it..

WHERE HAS all the CALCUTTA peaks, and boots gone.. ?? WHERE have all the WHITES GONE?


We should, along with the CLUB's EXECUTIVE, and the JUDGE..LEARN from our MISTAKES;JUDGING only by COMPARISON, for the best OVERALL GR BALANCE, with proper INTERFACING, so that they can RELAX, and settle in their best SHOW PEN MODE!

When they have the CORRECT PROFILE, Then we look to their HEAD POCKET, and to their LEGS and under-carriage.

We also must remember that Balance of GENERAL REQUIREMENTS and PHYSICAL BALANCE ARE seen with EACH Phenotypical PROFILE, even for those Phenotypes which are outside of the STD of PERFECTION's definetion of a Proper PROFILE! ( here to reach the STD 's Perfections, we must start with the PROFILE, set the FOUNDATION;we must also see the least 'SHORT COUPLING' to achieve the ROUNDNESS from any VIEW!

MOTION is only possible when a High POINTER( in GR's)proper interfaced with each other, especially with those involved in the Under-carriage; and when their FOUNDATION, their LEGS are 'SET PROPERLY' ; To which the Keel Shape is so very important.

THE FOUNDATION, their LEGS, their wider setting off the pelvis(VINCENT ..Pre 'FIRETALK') can support any of the various defined PHENOTYPES(IE TYPE ONE( CANUCK WINNERS MADISON to 2005); THE TYPE TWO, the typical MID WEST UP TYPES, some refined to BULLiSH, with enhanced bodee depth dimensionBIGGER LOOKING until we see them in a PROPER PHYSICAL BALANCE!; and some like the TYPE ONES which looked low, because of their NON DIRECTIONAL & STRAIGHT LEGS and deficient in bodee depth, so short coupled, unable to Perform/ MOTION save a POSE a step.. rather than a Pose, a transformation and a WALKING without any JAUNTINESS that will disrupt the Compactness of the BALL shape Requirement . .

LEGS that are: TOO SHORT to carry the IN MOTION; even with just Feather and the light weight of more feather , than MEAT.:: Verses the BULL, with its bodee depth,POWER of meat and muscle.

A modified / refined, TYPE TWO (Modified and refined as with their more square KEEL shape, with more bodee depth fore to aft, and these seem to come with an ability to MOTION, yet they do not show their actual LEG length: for 2 reasons?: 1. WIDE LEGS with bodee dropping between, with a very small, but dramatic enhancement of TIP TOE, Touch POINT, FORWARD

not because .taller, higher looking due to their stilty legs ,BUT the so called{Mcknomenclature)TYPE THREE, THE TRI VIEWS, THE CIRCLES of ROUND gives us the OUTLINE, the SHAPE in space ; but know that this SHAPE, this TYPE THREE is with specified Meat, Feather and Skeleton} ))) is a JUDGEMENT; the NOD is a JUDGEMENT, and we need to give everybody a chance to learn with on the Job training. (Pre certification is likely like the Fans to the STD of PERFECTION today? )

We look upon the SHOW Entries and Pix of Winners from a stand point of a BREEDER; This will create more chance for MORE JUDGES. And, BREEDERS, will become better BREEDERS; and JUDGES will become better JUDGES.

THE RESULT will be Bigger SHOWS, more WINNERS, based on the INDIVIDUAL JUDGING MINDS EYE( translated from JIM ERVIN e mail....)

A JUDGING LIST that not only guides the JUDGING; will also GUIDE THE BREEDER is HIS BREEDING and MATING. UNTIL WE CAN ALINE JUDGING with the BREEDING TECHNIQUE we will continue to see so many TYPES; this also Exemplifies that THE SIXER MENTALITY is the ULTIMATE is producing the SHOW BIRDS; just that we want them year after year; enabling us to improve every YEAR( RENEGADE early 1900's}}} without loss of the neucleus FAMILY, and with a GENEPOOLeeeeeeeeee Mentality that refines the loose ends of the Sixer Mentality, which is what we use, and more so today , than before Today; just with a FULL GENEPOOLE which 'EnTails THE so called " ET TAL'( MCKNOMENCLATURE0 (defined by SPOCK in the days of SNOW to the gutters/ now ice cubes in the WATER ) THE ALL', in GR's, Their proper interfacing, ultimately from both PHYSICAL BALANCE in the SETTLED SHOW PEN MODE, as well the BALANCE of the GENERAL REQUIREMENTS defined.
THIS PREMPT is DEDICATED to 2007 McKTASIA, Personification in the CREATION of THE MODERN FANTAIL..and to : TIP of the BREEDING SEASON: A scoopy tail, of a stencil black laced tail , if taped, might allow one to SEE that it has the most length of TAIL feather in the several FAMILIES!

I know, you have better..maybe so; but shouldn't we have several eggs in several baskets; so that when we make the CUTs ..and we lose the Carriers of large tail; that we can always pick it up, and even see the stencil penatrance enhanced, as well?


WE know that when the Construction is such that is defined in Mcknomenclature to be a TYPE THREE , that soon the TYPE THREE's can come in the Nests; so far, tho we look only to the Stencils; and if we SEE in that QUEST certain EXTREMES of UNDER-CARRAGE, or, bodee depth, and so shaped, such that any proper look to the frontal view is so low, as to not perpetrate the TRUTHS od their length, or too their SETTING; yet maintaining their ability to MOTION, tho.. they do not; should we not look at their CONDITION, their Traing..their state of WELL BEING...? CAN WE SEE the CORRECT LEGS on this O'DELL TRI VIEW, of a TYPE THREE, ;; so then SHALL WE SELECT for the UNDER-CARRIAGE!!

We are dedicated to creating the TYPE PERFECTION of the IDEAL FANTAIL. We look upon TYPE PERFECTION and of Color Perfection. as we look upon any Marking Perfection IE Saddles,Tail marks, and Body Mark; The marking of the STENCILS.

We advocate A Fantail with TYPE PERFECTION , no matter the Colour, or the Marking. But we, feel that you cannot CLASS a marking unless it is Marked properly; likewise, Standard colours should be as defined, for clearity in blue, ash, brown based Bar and pattern; while the SELFS will be defined as Richly colored, free from any bluish base tint.

We believe in preservation of an Individual's "MINDS EYE"

January 2007

THE STANDARD of PERFECTION set forth, and updated(January 2006) by the Central Fantail CLUB with its "INTERPERTATION" will be our MINDS EYE VIEW.

The TRIVIEWS, ALL from 7 thru Dat 20, and inclusive of the "Circles of ROUND" will be OUR IDEALISM.

THE ULTIMA, as well the INSPIRATION, from JOHN ARENA , Australia will also be OUR MINDS EYE. INITIALLY, WE had a DREAM that any Colour, any marking could be Created with the TYPE PERFECTION of THE DAY. We felt that the Color Classing would set a strong foundation for growth of our Hobby, as well creating an open invitation to the NEWBY, and our YOUTH , in preservation of this GREAT HOBBY.


FUTURA, started a 'ROLL' that lead us to the MODERN FANTAIL, we sometimes refered to as "THE NEW TYPE FANTAIL. THE ULTIMA and the INSPIRATION, as fondly named by JA, has become the ULTIMATE INSPIRATION for a Personal MINDS EYE.

HISTORY will name the FATHERS' of the MODERN FANTAIL! The top of the LIST is inclusive to ALL!

THE CFC STANDARD of PERFECTION will set the Pace. THE HIERARCHY of COLOUR CLASSING was an inovation Pre FIRETALK and the ARENA FUTURA; here we have seen its Model set;what it means to the Future of this Fancy, will set a Precident, whereby Those involved in Master Breeding both Colour/Marking, and TYPE PERFECTION.

Once we asked what can we do to enhance the Future?: THE HIERARCHY will open new Windows, and it will keep them open with a Proper CLUB, EXECUTIVE POLICY and definete Procedures, which will create a Master Breeding accomplishment ; which is FAIR to the present Club definetion; as well, set a precedence for accomplishments in TYPE and Color / marking. The HIERARCHY will allow this to happen, and building a very strong foundation for the FUTURE.

JUDGING can accomplish this; the same as we dedicate the biggest SHOWS to the Less fortunate. While retaining the fairness to any Member Exhibiting.

Ultimately, The PIONEERS became Co Ordinators of all those involved!; and we saw it in the DRAWINGS, we call TRI VIEW; inclusive of all working drawings to co ordinate Interpretation , as well understanding .
THE INTERPRETATION of the 2006 Updated Fantail Standard of PERFECTION by O'DELL sets the pace for this mellennia Fantail.
THE PHYSICAL TRANSITION of a PHENOTYPE ( from the Drawings/working prints ; transitional to Breeding the meat and the feather; is a personal point of interpretation ; certainly farfetched?:

The Blue Prints, the TRIVIEWS; the CIRCLES of ROUND are working prints from which we can create in the Meat & the Feather. THE OUT COME : THE INSPIRATION!

We believe that THE PHYSICAL BALANCE controls the closeness to the IDEAL, as long as we have the General Requirements, as defined . The Interpretation is inclusive of both Physical Balance and General Requirement Balance with proper interfacing of each GR.

as time permits...THIS NEW PAGE remains under CON STRUCT SHE ON!


1. Adressing Queries on my use of the BLUE BASE, verses the KITE, Black KITE( MINIC BLACK NON SPREAD ) 2. THE CHIRA ICON, now a CIRCLE of ROUND, with legs at either side, positioned at the outer-most point of circumfirance. (a) That the CHIRA icon is used to SEE, identify those with the COrrect Legs; which is the FOUNDATION of the MODERN fantail that has the MOTION described by Minds eye. 2. "THE LEGS are the FOUNDATION!" "THE PROFILE, inclusive of Bodee height to TOP TAIL is the Pivot upon which a BREEDER can SELECT for the PROPER LEGS. (a)THE ROUNDNESS from any VIEW come from FORE to AFT(frontally to caudally) a Dimension that Precludes the EXTREME SHORT COUPLING, where Roundness is the Product of ceramic feather, for and aft dimension, proper sweet spot, or HEAD POCKET per Bolton INterpretation/ oer STD of PERFECTION( old or revised) (b) Wing lines, THAT are broken , no matter, the preferred breadth or knife edge( thinness at their edges}, with ceramic feathering...IT is not only the ATTRIBUTES of the WINGS, but it is THE UNDER-CARRIAGE which controls the ROUNDNESS, which here IS pointed at the tightness of the WING LINES, Which are completely hidden due to Under-carriage Attributes, as well, The attributes of the GR's involved > IE WING shape; wing thickness, and breadth; to carry, from POSE to Motion.. in that Walking, to maintain its Composure. IT IS THE LEGS which carrying the MOTION, and the Proper Carriage in that Motion. The best ILLUSION is with the CHIRA leg setting, with the Proper Bodee shape, which is directly related to PRO F I L E.


  • THE PALES (dP)
  • (a) Pales especially in GOLD , or pale recessive reds.
  • {b) BLACK SELF with the MIMIC BLACK BASE of the ANGELS..PROJECT 2007
  • ARCHANGEL BRONZE ( Project 2007)
  • NOTE:
  • THE ANGELS are from untainted IMPORTS ; We felt that the Classical Stripper Almond would be best created from this mimic black base...and so it is HISTORICALLY proven.. IE AGATES and other sub varieties were Produced as with the Scot IMPORTED SF TUMBLERS of FULTON and DAVID LOW.( see Book of the ALMOND by David LOW)
  • We believe that the ARCHANGEL BRONZE is a complexiety of GENOMES for frosted hackles; we believe that their is a sequencing of several of these complexiety's ( several pairs involved in each piece of expression)
  • We have seen that the mimic black KITE base is the key to THE RICHLY COLOURED SELFS
  • THE DREAM OF a 'GOLDEN YELLOW' SELF can be maintained; and the PALE should be so close to RED SELF.. that GOLDEN YELLOW can be either dilute or pale, depending upon the actual BASE COLOR : IE BLUE BASE CT//CT is a good yellow; but a KITE base is better, and even GOLDEN, if CT//CT and not lower pattern; Mimic black base shows zero Bronzing; but when it doeas, it is the difference between Lace expression, and Brander Bronzing....


  • Damescene ICE BLUES, and Powdered BLUES Ices; Platinum self Lavender, with burnish silver frosting
  • STENCILS: toys with white bar, spangle and T laces; FRill Stencil: lace and spot tails
  • Barless blue sided Saddles
  • Spread,reduced , recessive reds( pearalescent platinum frosting hackles)Black Reduced
  • The intense, Qualmond, ice, milky with its Icing frosted hackes ; a blue-white ICE self
  • THE TRI COLOURS with the Modena bronze base.


  • white
  • blue
  • ash
  • black
  • red
  • brown
  • grizzle
  • almond
  • qualmond as milky,Qualmond, ice is the Lavender with platinum icey Hackles, barless looking , a SELF , intense and beetle green. black spread Qualmond .
  • reduced
  • saddles
  • tail marks
  • yellow
  • gold