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NOTES of interest AUGUST 2007

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Where would EYE BE?; if I can not cross a White bar cock, to a TYPE THREE BLUE BAR? Where would I be, if i did not cross an andy cock to a Chira hen, both of which.. are premier phenotypes, with Impeckable Genotypes.. to SEE if they will set the et tal, atop a CHIRA under-carriage which gives our preferred P R O F I L E..a low, ROUNDER,{{{{" that can WALK!!"}}}}}

WE see the INFLUENCE of the American Fantail from the MID WEST..being modified, too much towards the DUNDEE? we must POINT BLEND, get it in, and then get away from BOTH phenotypes; while retaining, and point blending, to new sequences.. as a result of BOTH..and this will not be a time for the FIGURE EIGHT....and if we deem so.. then look hard for Frustration, and failure to even meet the TYPE of the day....let alone the TYPE of the Minds EYE, which goes beyond the PIX, and into a graphical creation.. that will finally show, what Batton was saying about his minds eye.

PAGE THREE.FROM JEFF BATTON , WHICH DESCRIBES THE Carriage , and so the positioning of their LEGS.

SEE JEFFS analogy oF Legs, and so... UNDER-CARRIAGE. Our interpretation goes beyond.. but, we felt that Jeff BATTON had a wonderful handle on the real World of fantail UNDER-CARRIAGE; noting that we would carry on from his reference to Roller legs.....that statement, might be misconstrued; as well, his referencing to The Outcrossing back to the DUNDEE.. and we lost the carriage of the HIS Dancers!IE HIS NOTES...

our analogy. 1st We outcrossed red marked saddles to whites and selfs.. never did we GO BACK to the original saddles; later, on with ICE and ts, we went back to the original Breed several times....... 2nd As far as using the FIGURE EIGHT, we extended our THOUGHT beyond the simplicity of the Outline of the Figure Eight, often , based on the breeders, their sex, as well their phenotype, and their Genotype)( which the Sixer mentality does not consider, only that they move away from the parents, each year; but like the Figure Eight ..on paper, we must consider, the paper Planned matings; but, be quick to refine based upon sex limitations, and The PREPOTENCY that some OLD BIRDS show us in their YOUNGSTERS. IE" "" UN TRYED YOUNGSTERS, verses OLD the Fore-Fathers brought to my attention!

The reason we like HOUSE, is because for every Method, their are varations from the Standard method, based upon a Knowledge of the Phenotype, and of the genotype; because certainly, if we point blend, it will show in the Phenotype of the YOUNGSTERS, just mostly later.. And SIXER MENTALITY, is also looking for next yrs Show BIRDS, and this is where We feel, we lose certain pieces.(with improper DE SELECTION, as we get rid of: 1. the pieces, that don't LOOK LIKE we need them ( ask what these Pieces will look like together, and even in a separate sequencing? 2. Too DESELECT for feathered feet, or peak crest, or small tail, or Pantaloons. { it must also be a Mind set, that if the Pants are Hiding IFFY Legs; or a taller UP type, due to rectangular KEEL SHAPE 3. Or IF THE Under-Carriage is ILL defined. misunderstood, or that we do not FIRST JUDGE THE PROFILE as TYPE ONE, TYPE TWO, Or the TYPE THREE( TRIVIEW)

The reason that we couldn't define the proper Leggs, is because we had the various pheno-TYPES. With the TRI VIEW, at hand We can SEE ITS PROFILE in all the VIEWS presented.. With this POFILE.. we can now set out to DEFINE THE CORRECT LEGS for THIS SPECIFIC OUTLINE and shape.

Noting that the UP TYPE, is not just the Mid west UP TYPE , but the MID WEST UP TYPES; and further that An UP TYPE is exactly what POGUES ORIGINAL PROFILE WERE..that WE CALLED: TINY UP TYPES; because, they had no meat, just feather, and that is one reason thay could not WALK.

One reason will not solve our Query on proper leg setting and resulting UNDER_CARRIAGE!But, these TYPE ONES/TINY UPTYPES that we coined a FADDISM..for their Great top tail, some of which comes of the non prefferred head setting that comes of the benny/ Bshek STRAINS; that each STRAIN, differed in PROFILE( UP TYPE, not BULLISH) and the TINY UP TYPES, without the proper head setting, and without the Muscle/meat to drive even these Tiny UPTYPES.

WE bred them together, and we got Better head setting, but not the prefferred head setting of the UP TYPE( THE UP TYPE FANCIERS. of which I am ONE, and ERVIN is another, and EYE will NOT GIVE UP THEIR MOTION for ROUNDNESS; and this is where we are this date March the 9th, 2008!:::::::

THE IDEA IS that THE LEGS are the "FOUNDATION", for the phenoTYPE of our Best; and in these BEST, they have their TYPE, profile, shape. outline... IR UP TYPES: includes UPTYPES BULLS(LAFLEUR); UPTYPE without the BIGGNESS of BULLS, and Likened in BODEE SHAPE to the TINY UPTYPES of POGUE, with herendous TOP TAIL, and tail SIZE, but two Problems arose: 1. THE Top tail incresed by short couple, and improper head setting( where Fixing will make one FINE show specimen.( though it adds to the confusion of our newby's , when they cross LIKES, and get UNLIKES, that are not capable of MOTION, nor even the correctness of the defined "POSE" and 2.

The legs are TOO short in DRUM STICK, to create the PROPER REACH , which comes only when they can , not only settle in their SHOW Pen; but that in this settling, be directed by the specific and defined Keel width, and the Muscle to drive the Motion..which means more meat, in the Frontal, and more caudally.. so what does this mean?

Well it means that even if the Leg bones, and keel are standardized and it creates the TRI VIEW PROFILE: we need to have the Meat, and mucle, along with the properly defined Feather ( tracts and strucure, defined as ceramic) and THE UNDER_CARRIAGE of the FLYING BREEDS, and more specifically the Meat, from said Breeds. ( THE MODENA BREED has these Qualities, and even with the KING infusion; We deselect, little, and WE SELECT.. towards the TRI VIEW LOOK..PROFILE and OUTLINE.

THE UP TYPE is very, very dominant. Now, with the POGUE TYPE ONE, it is very DOMINANT. We want the short keels of the TYPE ONE WE WANT THE POWER, and the resulting Pocket of the Mid west UPTYPE TWO's( Bigger BULLS preferred, because this is closer to the MODENA SHAPE of bodee and KEEL)

Dominance of the TYPE TWO prvails, and we hold their STYLING( leg setting, head pocket) and we move towards the Tiny up type Bodee, but we also want the type TWO (ERVIN/MCK) Head pocket, and we build the meat forward as well caudally, but, still they look up type; because their LEGS are NOT correct..??

Not until we have the : KEEL SHAPE (squarer, from tiny uptypes) Fore to aft depth, means meat for muscle) Side to side( hip socket to Hip socket width on a squarer Keel) Drum stick length is critical TIPPY toes will compensate for Shorter/too short of Drum stick, but this is an interfacing of Under-carriage specific for the PROFILE , and even Individual the Champions of today, are either up types( not bullish, and tiny up types..??

And, EYE THINK it is Just a matter of UNDER_CARRIAGE that reeks of ATTUTUDE, from the attributes brought forth from a certain FLYING ability;coupled to a pheno type that looks like the TRIVIEW or the INSPIRATION from Dani's Champion Lavender, and she was short coupled, and she was too dark a lavender coloration, lacked the florescence of Hackles, and brightness of a lighter body coloration. BUT THEN their's DADICATION ..and we wonder, if a JUDGE can SELECT between the UP TYPE CHampions , and this NEW addition?

This problem is solved, by a SINGLE PROFILE as defined in the TRI VIEWS! and when we get the "short to moderately SHORT LOOK, of the FRONT VIEW, called LOWNESS; and called: ROUNDNESS when the defined Meat /Feather,and, Skeletal structures are , as defined for the NEW TYPE FANTAIL, as portrayed in the TRI VIEWS.


that will send the MOTION to the TRIVIEW PROFILE, not only MAINTAIN the ROUNDNESS, but further its ILLUSION: that being the LEG setting, and Resulting UNDER_CARRIAGE { carriage is the proper interfacing of the general Requiremnts defined by Point designations for the GR's, and personal designations , based upon the AUSSIE STANDARD of Perfion ( received before the FIRE TALK DAYS) That, the CARRIAGE, directs the shape, and the ROUNDNESS illusion of meat, and feather, structual General REQUIREMENTS, thru a proper interfacing, resultinf from the Lags, and resulting Under-carriage..where the MOTION, is an ATTITUDE, produced, further, from the LEGS that show "REACH" and EIGHT POINTS for REACH and resulting IN MOTION, beyond the POSING, POSING, POSING...

That the color and the marking points need to be as earlier defined" % points for bar colouration as defined, free of flecked , but, not checked with blue powder{{-2points){{IS SOOTY(so); likewise to the Powder blues, and the creams, and the ash red bars.. FREE of DIRTY {-1point} So that when we LOOK at the RARES.. THE ICE BLUES, THE ICE PDR BLUES, that we DO not SEE flecked, but not checked with ice powder, or dirty; that Dirty does not mask the ice, but ruins the Clearity of colour that the Grizzle looking squabs of the American hanson SILVER also pocess, but noting that the Dilute of any colouration, selfs included, will not show the pluminess as the intense will!


are 5 color & 5 marking with clear blue areas contrasting ebonet black barring in the blues, and likewise per mutant color gene involved, and free from sooty( "flecked , but not checked" is not pattern, but sooty!!; and is incorrect);

Five points for rich colored SELFS, along with the defined bar and checkered patterns: LIGHT blue AREAS of the NORM, free from sooty, dirty, smokey,etc; with a contrasting to the darkness, and distictivness of the mutant coloration of pattern involved: Ie Sex linked colors etc;

another misomer in THE Standard:( Legs are to be long enough to allow the bird to find its physical Balance point, which must be a forward toe touch point,STRAIGHT FRONT SET LEGS is the Forefather's "APPLE on sticks ?"; for enhancing roundness( ball shaped)
FIVE (5) points for rich color in SELFS,( mimic black base beyond the KITE, and even that of the markings.(IE classical stripper Almond).REDS should be beetle ruby red on the hackles and etc to the mutant color involved, green, not purple etc when not of the coloration involved;
Judging is another matter that needs to addressed, so that Judges can : "GIVE credit where credit is due for both colorations/markings, and not JUST TYPE:! This can be done by retaining the priority of TYPE perfections; along with color and marking definetions: Judging must consider both TYPE and Color/markings; also, the Carriage and MOTION defined in posing and walking is the summation of the GR's to a point that their phenotype is tranformed into the elussiveness of the TRI VIEW; THE COLOR THE MARKING: can be classical almond, that of the stencil; or, the pied markings that define Saddles, Body marks, Tail marks, and etc... THE TYPE; consists of the General Requirements ( balance, interfacing and comparision in their Classes) with their POINT designations and their Physical Balance defining their PROFILE/OUTLINED phenotype( Tri View designated, not the mid west uptypes nor any of the other phenotypes; excepting that these various phenotypes will give the point blend to creat the TRI VIEWs and with the incinuated balance that defines Carriage and Motion) THE PHYSICAL BALANCE that creates their ability to Pose and to walk, the Carriage and the Motion that sets their shape to that of the TRIVIEWS( phenotype/PROFILE)

ICE, CLASSICAL ALMOND, and STENCIL are all plus five for their complexiety of color, and complexiety of their Marking, especially the stencil markings; ( the best laces come first in rec red, but the Browns will follow, as Homozygosity, of the original W F Breed cross stenciling over comes the tendndcy to dark shields.. which is turned OFF by the fantail Genome. Where as the modena bronze.. turns ON this stencil to the original penatrance) ( THE HYPOTHESIS is simply that when we Get the correct legs under, the CORRECT and defined PROFILE of the TRI VIEW,; we undoubtedly will see the best ILLUSION of the TRIVIEWS ROUNDNESS, from each of Its VIEWS;with an enhancement of ROUNDNESS9 based upon the meat and feather, skeletal involvements; the LOOK of LOWNESS, that gives the IN MOTION of 8 points, beyond the POSE, which is the CARRIAGE(25 points( holding all attributes defined in pose). NOTE that this Mck POINTS DEFINITION is a Consensous of ONE, based upon the resulting Matings from plugging the 25 points, the 8 Points, and the break down of color and marking points, specific for the problems encountered in the Creation of THE RARE COLOURATIONS, and with the STENCILS, THEIR MARKINGS.

We wish to acknowledge THE KEY NON ENITIES in our QUEST; where THE NON ENITY can, be assured that the FUTURE of this FANCY comes only of the WHOLE of TYPE PERFECTION, coupled to EACH DREAM, of each of US to CREATE, our MINDS EYE BEAUTY..which is not taking away anyones, steps in a personal Pyrimd for TYPE PERFECTION, Family which is used for SHOWING, and or for the UP GRADING of the new, and RARE colouration, Marking,that will always be a FIGMENT of OUR Left handed IMAGINATION... Let NO MAN PLACE US UNDER for a BOTTOM LINE, or any CLUB, for that matter; each member, and each CLUB, both have reponsibilities to their Fancy.....THE TRUTH....IS A VIRUS.. that can either Create a GOODNESS for our FUTURE...or it can ROB Us, as MEMBERS, for the sake of personal gain beyond that of sustaining the FEED monies, and that rquired to RUN a GOOD and CLEAN, level FIELD..which is not just CLUB and Member responsibilty's but for the GOOD of this Fancy...and BATTON, said EUGENE ALTPETER SR...lived in a TIME of Far less..than we Have yesterday; tho today and TOMORROW will jeapordize this fancy, if we do not look ahrad.

FIRST ORDER of BUSINESS is getting some to JUDGE, so that they can LEARN HOW TO JUDGE according to that which will BUILD a BREEDERING MENTALITY!(ERVIN 2008) SECOND MOTION.. That we look to shorten prep time, both prior to the SHOWING; but during! THIRD MOTION: that the JUDGE is responsible for the top placing, based upon the size of the CLASS. ( funny EYE always did that, and funny, I looked down, top VIEW for head POCKET, and did I not do this in the beginning in my own Breeding LOFT! THE JUDGE in THE BIG MEETS has a RESPONSIBILITY to the Fancy at Large, at the same TIME it is unrealistic to give them the TRI VIEW , and then SHOW 4-6 diffferent PROFILES,, with all their taints and FAULTS.. DO we NEED CERTIFIED BREEDING STOCK, ot JUST THE TRI VIEW.. to set the GOALS of JUDGING?

We should look closely to this E mail from Batton.. for it has no AGENDA! A MAY 23rd ?? dating.. to be seen on our GENEPOOL PAGE at the bottom...There is a follow up, but we are looking beyond Batton, so that we can have a Proper OUTCOME..

Can we say, that THE present Genepoole.. lacks the genome for creating the proper Forward legs, so, with same, then, the Enhancement of the DUNDEE, the Cross to UK, so the Batton DANCERS of HOUSE; to the Bshek strain to the Canuck TYPE ONES( different from the TYPE ONES used here, but the PROFILE has been retained, while getting away from thaose Canuck TYPE ONES, and a TYPE TWO, easily disposed of by The WARM FUZZIE. (INDIGO, called "ANDY' and bred by Baby Cakes( a half bred CANUCK and half McK)

HOUSE, clearly describes setting using the FIGURE EIGHT, but, until QUINN, and his prezel BREEDING method, a modified Figure EIGHT, A blue print of the Figure EIGHT.. to a BREEDERS, WORKING explains it... ?? See drafting and designing Techniques for Building BRIDGES across Pa RIVERS.. from ENG prints to Working Prints... or

What are we saying.. NO one, not even batton, tho HOUSE, and BOLTON, a Scientist.. saw beyond the WORDS, individual.. to IN context, and beyond again in the real World of Creating.. THE MODERN Fantail.

We do not look for the Blues prints, so much as we look to their WORKING PRINTS, which takes into consideration the attributes of Breeding in the LOFT, away from the Paper matings, we first start with each Year, when we DO NOT know our BREEDING stock, and HOUSE sets that Blue print for breeding for the NEWBY.. and he guides us thru his 20 years expereince.. of SIXER MENTALITY..just with a bit more apptitude than, I first had.

Nowhere have we set aside Motion, nor the Colours and her markings..beyond those first years, so that we might set a family that was , well.. THE TYPE in the 1992 Video... and that will be left with WAYNE..and WIREY WILLY to Promugate..

THE CFC, really stepped up to meet the LOSS of MOTION...Batton himself, still sees the DUNDEE, and the CFC , went back to the UPTYPES, the dancer quality set by La FLEUR; but we will look to going beyond all these Prototypes, the in be tweens, and we will SELECT towards the PROFILE, of the TYPE ONE, a LOW ROUNDER, that is refined rounder, and away from the short coupling of the DUNDEE, and the DANCER, sucked clean of its Genome, for under-carriage, not just its tail size; neve will we Forget Motion, for it is the FOUNDATION of the MODERN its greatest GLORY...

One, thing more, If we came away with one thought: It was When BATTON says.. THE FANTAILS of TODAY do not have the UNDER-CARRIAGE and proper FORWARD LEGS, because they lack the TYPE TWO in their lines, in the BREEDERS QUEST for tininess, smallness means rounder, tininess means low up types, and a lack of muscle, to which Motion relies upon; ; and SO, the its backwards step, is still the Perception...ENJOY BATTON. and Once there with HIM.. ask me, and EYE will take you beyond the 1924 this mellennium and , so the Modern fantail in her Glory.. and in her colourful banner, for which a QUEEN should REIGN....


It becomes apparent that THE 1950's Standard of Perfection UPDATE, follows HOUSE ,in all but COLORATION and Marking;which, was reduced to protect the TYPE PERFECTION, and in those days , the Mentality, the Misunderstanding, the Mentality towards DOC WILLIARD Hollander,by THE PIGEON SHOW FANCY was: IN A LETTER DATED 1966: "I AM SURPRISED that YOU would have any USE FOR ME..." !; so you see, that letter will go down in infamy?

THE 2006 STANDARD UPDATE , is a GOOD UPDATE, from OUR STANDPOINT,{MY INTERPRETATION, MY UNDERSTANDING, might be a CONCENSOUS OF ONE?; but WE feel that History, from BATTON, as well; THE BOOK of the FANTAIL PIGEON by C. A. HOUSE, printed in 1900 will light this Narrow back TUNNEL of secrecy, to maintain the OLD THINKING, that was to Protect Her; while WE bring Her up to date in this Mellennium;IT will be Battons Wish, that we SEE her developement, after his History, ends, and the 20 century takes OVER.

WITH THE PIPER diagnosis of the American Fantail Fancy; we will endeaver to add a certainty to the FUTURE of the AMERICAN FANTAIL; in spite of ANY INYOUWENDO ! Accomplishment will require an analogy of JEFF BATTONS HISTORY, coupled with JOHN BRAGGS COPY, of the FANTAIL PIGEON, by C. A. HOUSE;and likely personal observation of the History(Batton took to the early 1900's, and said that THE FANTAIL was "MADE" by this TIME period..Historically, which Batton said was MINE; SO BE IT!

When it came to BREEDING, we are all on the same plane; excepting the Geneticist, and the Color Breeder; of which History shows that Tanner Chrisler went from his SHOW KINGS to his COLOR PROJECTS, and became a member of the PGNL GROUP.and those Groups that Followed, to date, Lester Paul GIBSON, PIGEON GIBSON of OHIO.

Battons FIGURE EIGHT, and JOE QUINNS "PRETZEL BREEDING" might be different, only , in that; 1. THE GENEPOOL is 'enriched with much more than is usually found in the Genepoole of the SIXER Mentality alone? 2. We have found that, in the real WORLD of Creating', that there is a PRE SETTING , so that the "REFINERS of POINTS" ( this is O'DELLS statement, and I wasn't surprised that, this Cross breeder,( only in his Younger days, and a broken HOE..maybe Husband responsibilities, where he gave up his crosses, instead of his Harley, or his XKE/ GM VET to take care of his Family; and more recently, Over Yonder, was WAYNE...who LOVED his Fans, and his DOGS, and his HORSES.......)

SIXERS are REFINERS of POINTS, and SIXERS are the Basis of this great HOBBY, but WHY THESE PEOPLE LOOK UPON THE GENETICIST, and those that show us the WAY, to become more efficient in creating;and the biggest INSULT, and UNDERMINING , of those that SEE that everything that they CULL, in their endeavor, allows us to SEE that BATTON was correct, when he said: THE FANTAIL was made by the EARLY 1900's!

BATTON says: " I had three Fanciers , that asked me to send MY NOTES; and ONE RESPONDED; and He never followed up; then he sent to KERNS, and to ME; We looked at them , and set them aside.. When he came to ME two Months before July; HE said" YOU CANNOT QUIT, I CAN; but YOU CANNOT. SO, it was, that there was intense posting on the fan LIST, as well.. personal E mails, where we fired back and forth; but know that I was looking to understand..where he was coming from!

Wheres this going.. A STORY..right.. Like A MODEST PROPOSAL; OK, read it, and be damned, this UK POET is NUTSO? I read it,..I find out the Time in HISTORY.. now, I know what he is saying beyond , the "STORY LINE" !

We will, go beyond the Story line: which is the LIMITS of the SIXER MENTALITY; that mentality, only re creates, what WE are given in a NICK pairing; from MOM nature; Or we can look to go beyond this; and likely we can create the same prepotency for The ONE like Mom gives us.. once in a LIFEtime, if we are LUCKY; and I am not waiting.

Quinn and HOLLANDER taught ME that the Sixer method, WILL NOT GIVE us what THEY have LOST in there SIXER mentality. Batton said: THE FANTAIL was made by the early 1900's.." POGUE says, and all the REST...CUT DOWN to your BEST, SELECTION, will bring OUT, so we can further Refine; but Batton says, IT is NOT in there anymore, and if it is; we must have what might pull out what Mom is protecting.

Pogue was right, so are all the rest of the WORLDS SIXERS; but, why haven't we created the Under-Carriage; if Batton said it was ALL there, in the early 1900's ( see Dancers JOHN) ( SEE KERNS EFC BULLETINS, most recent. look at the legs on the GERMAN picture.; I ask again: ARE THESE good LEGS?

EYE will say, better than we have today, because they, are like the ENGLISH Dancers..JAUNTY..YOU COULDN"T figure that one? KEYWORDS....BATTON knows that he wants to re create that ONE; but, Bshek, knows, as EYE KNOW; that we Can CREATE, if we SEE the PIECES that get us where our MINDS EYE will take us, without A NICK; by creating a PREPOTENCY( SIXER MENTALITY precludes to a status QUO of their BEST, breeding LIKE LIKE BESTS..and this is Correct; but then THEY STOP, and rest on THEIR mentality Laurels?

THE TYPE ONE PROFILE..BREEDING STOCK...THE TRI VIEW is a TYPE THREE..IT shows the IDEAL outline, the "so called Correct "PROFILE"...It shows the right stance , but, it will be the Meat and feather ( and Batton said this more than once){This is a personal translation of his exact wording; which this World, might not be ready ?} IT WILL BE them that HAVE the correct legs and ,so, UNDER-CARRIAGE..THAT WILL..................

IF , SELECTION, is to Maintain, and the genepool is such that we can , beyond the NICK; retain, then without resting on this exceptional one, but to continue to look for refinement; of course, from fad to Fad, from Family to family from the Sixer mentality; but why stop with the Under-carriage; Batton said it was Made by the 1900's..The Dancers, not only made this PROFILE of top tail to bodee height, but it took the down-shoddiness of the DUNDEE( not just with increased TAIL SIZE, rump setting, shape of rump) It was tail size, with the Right Dancer Under-carriage, and The under-carriage, is like all the rest, a proper Under-catrriage, for the Phenotype that we want to Walk, jauntiness gone, maybe NOT.. ?/ THE MID WEST UP TYPES, and KINGY was a MID WEST UPTYPE...cut this Misconception, of Derogatoryisms.. LOOK, to FOCUS what we are trying to say!

THE MID WEST UPTYPE , IS A TYPE TWO , that can WALK, and has DANCER QUALITY's...AND POGUE SAID: after He said YOU MUST remove the TALL ONES, and I said.. are you NUTS?; and HE SAID, do not remove all of them; and I said.. CROSS the TYPE ONES( mine) to the UPTYPE TWOS, and IF they were MID WEST UPTYPES of the TIME.. they were also deeper, bullish as the Lafleur REDS and his well.

SO we did it, and so did BENNY.did.BSHEK stocks to THE CANUCK TYPE ONE ; we had our own refined TYPE ONES, we called the FATSO FAMILY, with PROFILE, and a different under-carriage than the precursors of Baby dolls, and unbrellas, refined from 'creepers, slede runners, that came of both Champs' , but more so from the best white that ostrander number 8 6 0 ....Think about that!!

We were warned by Spock, How will the judges handle these intermediate TYPES...( they went backwards in Judging?) These Taller type twos, came with a shorter coupling, because the canuck TYPE ONES, are short coupled, just by being TINY, and etc. 2. We warned that we must see te Intermediates as stepping stones and pieces, and here is where YOU POINT BLEND the UNLIKES.. not SELECT those with just that Forward headplacement, due to short coupling; so now, Comes PIPER, he is the only one that we corresponded with.. that saw this.. but, he is hopefully listening to Spock..if Spock didn't get tired of watching these intermediates (F ones from SHEK types to Canuck TYPES) PIPERS DIAGNOSIS is CORRECT; but,.. it will be the OUTCOME from stocks that were refined from the typical TYPE ONES.. and A typical TYPE TWOS.. and if NOT; tho we saw the genome. and not just the phenotype , in this process, a pre process.. that must preclude the use of the Sixer mentality.. with a genepoole that will either nick, or we will force it to do so, by creating a prepotency, outside the Figure EIGHT, called PRETZEL BREEDING..with added Considerations.. beyond those of the Refiner of POINTS. and their SIXER mentality; for EYE.. do not compare to those of their DAY..but to the TRI VIEW..and beyond the stillness of the TRIVIEW( Spock said this in the PRE FIRETALK DAYS....WE must get a University student to set her IN MOTION...but we could not Program the program to tell it how to show us this MOTION... until we SAW the MEAT and the feather; so when you all say.. Send some pictures.. what so you can tell me the same things that We have been told..since the 1950 revision..??

What will be the OUTCOME? WILL it be a proper Diagnosis? with an IMPROPER OUTCOME? Because of the TUNNEL VISION of the stricktest SIXER MENTALITY? Or will the TRUTH about which we felt towards DOC HOLLANDER? Could We have done this without POGUE? COULD we have done this without SPOCK? Could we have done this without Bshek? JIM ERVIN,ELAINE,,,,,,,, PAUL POLLY LANCE C ? DOM Z. BILL DIEMER was FIRST, and he is FORMOST! DIGGER, O'DELL..and MARGE.. THE VAUGHNS....DON...and F A M I L Y ANDREW, THE KID ,..KERNS..... SEE his latest BULLETIN , by JOINING THE EFC..NOW THE GREATEST FANTAIL CLUB IN THIS WORLD....HENK....PRESIDENT... and YE ALL that make this HAPPEN.... I humbally apologise!

LOOKING ahead, now: SEPTEMBER 2007....


needs edit, and additions
THE EXTRA POINTS for rich colour, and sharpness of marking.( called break in the Classical Almond coloration.apparently is removed from the 1950 Standard UPDATE.

THE color/ marking additional points were acceptable in the 1950's, but maybe not when we think of the NEW , colors and, Markings, of the Stencils, the Classical Almonds, and the ICES; the Standard colorations, their patterns, of course all well within the confines of the extra points allotted.

Even today, until these colors become popular.. there is no sense to any CONCERN..

The CONCERN come from ANDREW KERNS, of a year ago, and re itterated by Spock. To this it is time, maybe to address?; We tall it like it is.. in our personal minds eye, with a background solid in Batton History analogy, the HOUSE BOOK, and personal Breeding Experience.

THE CONCERN,of the GROUP, is two fold: The first is the Situation with the expense of the HOBBY today, and a possible INTERNATIONAL FANTAIL CLUB with affiliation, to fill the gap in the future, as per Todays problems, and TRENDS, COST etc. THIS is NOT SIGNED OFF ON, until we can see that it is the ANSWER..that answer being.. How we can maintain the SHOWS, or even what we see from JOHN M, on the Sept Lawn show in Dennis SOARES HOME....A GOOD THING THIS IS..A GREAT WAY TO ENJOY and RELAX....LEARN... NICE TO SEE THESE CALIFORNIA BOYS IN TUNE..IE SEE THE JERSY BOYS, GREAT!, AND FRANKIE VALLY...with his VOICE back in shape.. like a canary...with high tones that sent us whirling and tail lacing as fast as ..

THE CONCERNS of the MOTION, have NOT BEEN SET ASIDE by O'DELL..They, might have been, as they set the PROFILE, but I am thinking today, that THE NORTH of the mason DIXON LINE, Fanciers, especially the ONE to the fatherist SOUTH, and just above that LINE.of the Mason/ DIXON.. has always seen the Motion, as he has , ALWAYS seen the MOTION, and, already mentioned, in color, not just black and white; altho, the black and white should come before the coloration, if we follow the FOREFATHERS in their message: " USE your BEST for the UPGRADE." So we make,create a family of the BEST of their day, and we move toward the COLOR, away from JUST, the BLACK and the WHITE. So we, realized one day, that the ABILITY to WALK, and the actual WALKING was , then different in our minds; today.. the ability, has been moved to a definetion of Motion that is taken from the carriage and Motion of battons Dancers, and i am also, of the feeling, that the DUNDEE, was already bred from these dancers, and their Style, their Stance, as taken towards our Modern melennium fantantail TYPE; (: BATTON, THEIR TYPE was already established in the Period??? 1900's)

Let us, set aside any CONCERNS for TYPE PERFECTION, or that of THE IN MOTION, from ODELL: WE have taken the Faddisms, and we have point blended them to create the Mellennium fantail, and we have, likely done it the same way as those in the 1850's-to battons 1900's; so let me take us forward to date in History, first , here with a summation, but with an open window to change course, re direct, per personal minds eye as we see fit, tho, the Group is open minded, retain method of Breeding TOOLS usage, timing etc; here tho, the minds eye of this GROUP has become one, and the same, and intead of ONE going forward alone, the group moves in the same direction, if the one in the group see daylight.. we then accept this enhancement, and we move on.

We don't feel that any CONCERN in TYPE ..TODAY needs to be rehashedworried about?,,What we have done from The Dancer, the pot lid, to the DUNDEE, has not changed, AND THEY DID NOT HURT US ONE BIT, even the pot lid, which gave the DUNDEE, it body to TOPTAIL height Ratio!SEE DOM Z article CCFC BULLETIN; ( this is ONE BIG EXAMPLE..and there are others;we merely take what we SEE, what we have and we BLEND IT, so when the mentality says we want them all alike, and consistantly good.. we Figure eight these, after this fact of creation is pre seting their family genome( be it BREED CROSSING for color/ marking, OR for TYPE PERFECTION( where we MUST SEE the PIECES that will create the whole of the General REQUIREMENT, and then because of the complexiety, of some GR's to the others , involved; we must set the proper interfacing; here is where we go into the CHIRA shape, tho the GENOME is the SAME , it is the Physical Balance, on their tip toes that( and their are degrees, and the amount of tip toes is another point( see JJ Archives LIST for YOUNG TM, and then her at second mOLT..or ask JJ to describe, or even REPOST, so that we can all see, what the heck, ODELL, was telling SPOCK, or vica versa; when they saw, and lost sight of that WHITE we always reference. BVINCENT, PEOPLE, IS THE FOUNDATION of FIRETALK,,and ALL THIS COMES of that GROUP, AND POLLY, is a BIG WINNER HERE AS WELL; but what started, VINCENT..IT WAS LANCES LITTLE MOTION ROBOTICS THINGY. VINCENT , said, AND I WAS THE ONLY ONE INTERESTED IT SEEMED,And , we can under-stand that; but with Vincent on this, the Firetalk TEAM.. and soon Lance was giving some VERY, VERY INTERESTING SEMINARS that, have lead us here.

Point is people, that Fads, Extremes, and looking upon each BREEDER, and his WINNERS , or his LOSERS in a way, that we can POINT BLEND all that has been created the TICKET to the FUTURE of our QUEEN.

We must set aside the OLD critic, and substitute, a method that gives the pitfalls, of each method of breeding, so that OUR BREEDERS , can counter any negatives in method, or in TYPE.. We are at a POINT, where we can be A BLOODY SIXER, setting on sacks of SEEDS(), not just a bag from one field, but bags, that are likened to those SEEDS from the developement of HYBRID CORNS( see GOOGLE on creating HYBRID CORNS...then they don't breed true; but, we know that, Batton feared this, but there are ways to hang in there, and in spite of the pitfalls, the way MOM is, we can hang in there , using ONLY their GENOME as a GUIDE, and sooner or later, out pops one so far ahead.. We didn't wait for MOM to give us a NICK, inside or outside A family.. WE built PREPOTENCY( forget who said this, but it is back there somewhere) ( BOLTON said, anyone can Learn this.. ) and we built the Bridges to carry it.. BRIDGE CROSSES..U HATE CHECKERS? YOU HATE RED SPASHES?YOU HATE CINNAMON MILKY? YOU HATE the things, that bridge the gap of unknowinging.....

to be continued as the earth turns... set ourselves

THE SOLUTION...Fantails with TYPE PERFECTION, and the Richness of GERMAN COLOURATION, and Sharpness in marking.

Maybe, a few more for the likes of the STENCIL, with both its marking, and its shinning black Plumage.

THE CLASSICAL ALMOND...a complexiety, that ANDREW says is even harder than the Stencil to maintain; Or, Once you get the Stenciling.. you got it..and so now, why give any extra points, just allow them in a COLOR CLASS of their OWN, and don't forget, they have the BREAK, the ground coloration, and the flecking..that indeedy requires a point blending , maybe beyond that of TYPE Perfection..TODAY, the UNDER-CARRIAGE?

The EFC BUlletin is showing a Fantail from Germany( a 1950's bird, I think we should JUDGE its legs?; I think it has better legs( like those of the Dancers) THAN......

Now, that we have Judged its legs.. WHO ARE WE, to ASSUME that todays Fantails should not have to WALK, a couple steps, with an even Prodding!

IT becomes apparent that BATTON..wanted us to SEE the CARRIAGE and it MOTION, of it DANCER DAYS; SO that we might head in a direction of IN todays WORLD.

A SERIES of BATTON POSTS, ARTICLES, and conclusions will be presented to the WORLD of Fantails; because, It is not right that a single NON ENITY should want to stay up, and never do anything but relish the content of his Articles; and when the WE .set out THE best kept secret, on the FANTAIL, by C. A. HOUSE,Will we SEE, the FUTURE of the MOTION...
RT McK wrote: YOU are ....and you came before any, including Batton; and BATTON, came out of his shell, because he saw KEY my Writings; such as COLUMBRIAN .....society's,(held Meetings in TAVERNS, and, organized CLUBS) as well: COLUMBRIAN BREEDS of Pigeons.. etc. The 75 cal Hawkins of the MOUNTAIN MAN, 50cal was too small for BEAR?; brought BATTON, out in out of his woods; to instill, the final saga; Ironically, it was Batton , who promised his Notes to JOHN BRAGG; and never got sent..John was to send Jeff, The SKINNER BATTON..A copied THE FANTAIL, by C. A.HOUSE..Instead, I sent Jeffs Notes to JOHN; and in turn, I get the best Kept Secret...:IE: THE WORDS OF HOUSE, still are Quoted in the latest Stand update of January 2006, as well, that of the 1950's UPDATE!

It is now time to stay with those words of HOUSE ; but IS IT NOT TIME for someone to INTERPRET to TODAYS Position of IDEALISM; and this is taken beyond, that of BATTONS History of THE CARRIAGE and MOTION of the DANCERS of the UK, and so then THE DUNDEE, as batton said, of the ENGLISH Birds, that became POT LIDDED( and we saw it from Champs whites, but not the ostrander Whites we started with.??

Take note ; and Let me tell you that the 1950's Standard, as well, the 2006 does not deviate from Houses BOOK, excepting where The Colours / Marking CONSIDERATION/points are CHOPPED into the same NOTHINGNESS that we have seen today!; so that A MENTALITY; which is One step deeper into a BLACK HOLE, than was the CLUBS((( IE)){{{TheY' gave up the COLOR/ Marking to save the Fancy from DEGREDATION of TYPE PERFECTION; and THEY LIVE BY this BLACK HOLE , DUG, by saying.." THE BEST TYPE, with the Best Balance ( both Physical and GR balance of POINTS() and BY COMPARISON of those TYPE POINTS...and THEY' TOOK this open Window, of THEIR INTERPRETATIONand the misunderstanding.? ;.AND SET ASIDE COLORATION, as WE ALL DID, to set a FOUNDATION( a SINGLE FAMILY, from which our best, might be used to Upgrade the Standard of selfs, the Bars, the Saddles, and the TMs..and to the RARES..." THE FRILL BREED.. FOREFATHERS , said: USE YOUR BEST to UPGRADE..and so none of this is a Bad thing!

SO SAID.. WE will focus on TYPE PERFECTION..and I will WIN! But, OUR, Down-fall was when Somebody pointed out to the Vaughns, and the rest of the WORLD: That THE UNDER-Carriage, of a POSER, was going to be determental("that if we create the ILLUSIONS of TININESS,(no roundness with smallness ,a certain roundness?)and follow, the exact wording in HOUSES BOOK.." legs to be short or moderatly short": and some of US did exactly that...but in so doing ,They destroyed the CARRIAGE, and MOTION, that we had, from the Batton ,"DANCERS, and even more so, of the DUNDEE( HOUSES BOOK...word for word, and in the BATTON analogy of Carriage and MOTION..back in the pre 1900's...and BATTON said: we lost it.. they had it, and we lost EYE have an updated version, We have , in minds eye, placed a certain advancement of MOTION, to meet with todays Standard; as well,how we can take the UP TYPES, which had it, but do not today?, for the LOve of TININESS, and lowness; and we can with this NEW approach to their UNDER_CARRIAGE, RETAIN the VISUAL of the short to moderately short legs, in that they look LOW, and rounder, for with UNDER_BELLY line( which short coupling, does not /have/permit), AND WE CAN HAVE MOTION, by todays definetion, as, well, mind you.. the LOOK defined in the 1900 printing of C.A. HOUSE .THE TRI VIEW is the TYPE THREE, THE TRI VIEW is correct; and we can have THE LOW ROUNDER..A LOOK , the ILLUSION of smaller, of ROUNDER...If we SET the UNDER_CARRIAGE, the LEGS, THE FOUNDATION, upon which any TYPE will have MOTION: Yesterday, 1900's pre and post; today..THE SAME CARRIAGE of the Dancer( Pre POT LIDS, yes, we use pot lids, it gives the Tremendous TOP TAIL that the Dundee didn't have, because of tail size, and rump setting, size/shape of Rump, on UK Dancers, verses the DOWN SHODDINESS of the DUNDEE..and if YOU want to improve one with the other.. then the latest in the SHOT GUN method of adding, what even these two TYPES.. together did not havein Phenotype/ genotype.. HUM.. but what will you inbreed to show it, these taints, to be corrected... we have removed the Under-Carriage attributes from our stocks; THE CLUB., under VAUGHN Moved to counter this; but, alas, the UPTYPES have reverted, or have been completely removed, before we extracted their final glory for Motion;TOO BOOT..Those that have made this cross of the TYPE ONE CANUCK to the UPTYPE BULLS of the MIDWEST..have selected , or completely failed to SELECTED the intermediate TYPES, that could take us forward for the Proper profile, of the TYPE ONE, and the ability to walk of the TYPE TWO; noting that such Figure EIGHT Matings will carry ALL that is necessary create the LOW RIUNDER that can WALK..todays definetion, built upon the genomes of THE dancer, and the DUNDEE...together... separate.. they were Just FANS....RE: this is how EYE translate battons Carriage and MOTION.. his PAGE THREE...RE also see his notes...

THEY, are right to rely upon HOUSE.. in their UPDATING, but 'They' fail to SEE, its application to the NEW TYPE..that we ALL SEE as IDEAL...The problem, is that , we must get the Under-carriage right for the Bodee pheno-TYPE which we prefer; and EYE have SELECTED My 'TYPE TWO BULLISH style, enhanced by the 'TYPE ONE( and the TYPE that came from continued Figure eighting( pretzel Breeding)certain TYPES from the MODENA BREED, both UK, and post KING, infusion MODENA,and among other infusions, that produced Fantails, per Wiiliard, but, not by our Standards; or by these, post the EIGHTS of GENEPOOL outcrossing..for goodness sakes.. to FRILLS, and the cobbiness.. obtained that actually a negative dimension of bodee( only) height)to width and depth... also enhanced, refined, point blending using all our TOOLS , INBREEDING, and LINE BREEDING, WITH SELECTION, and POINT BLENDING , with HOME MADE PREPOTENCY; that PRECLUDES to a ZERO LOSS of GENOMES, and USING the "SHOT GUN METHOD of adding GENOME from the OUTCROSS, be it, BREED CROSS, or from another PURE .... STRAIN. Only TAINTED by improper POINT blending for some, but not ALL that can create the TYPE PERFECTION.. in a certain COLOR, other than white, or splash..even a laced wing.. or Tail.. either with or without Shield lacing of bar, which gives only ribbon tail...

NO sense wasting TIME with pictures; no sense telling , anyone, that I can SEE, and I can then "FEEL the proper, bodee meat, and see the feather, and now, Feel.. to SEEING.. ..and back to feeling in adults; while SEEING in the 3-4 week olds.. and so to maturity, and then , further, that stiltiness, and short keels, give roundness, and drop down comes of a SEEKING, to Relax, and settle, of which they all will do, when , Happy, Healthy.. and hard bodied...Conditioned; and well handled after a Shipping Stressful Drive .

IF they shunned LEONs. ,BROWNS , almost there in TYPE, and asking 25.00 apiece..I don't think that THEY would really seek, what they cannot see, excepting.. in a balanced Bird with the et tal of Idealism...

After this POINT, it is a mater of BREEDING, and maintaining..and this is where THE SIXER MENTAILY will set us up; but if we do not.. see when to use our BREEDING Methods/ TOOLS.. and their individual ATTRIBUTES.. OR: IE SAY I say I never use the FIGURE 8 eight: Then House said.. but he does, as i have been on LOFTS that do it, and don't know they do it( these are those who Use the FIGURE EIGHT, based upon their BREEDERS, and the Sexof the family, as well; the Attributes , the things we must know.. to avoid indicriminant INBREEDING, that THE SIXER MENTALITY..ASSUMES, when THEY USE THE FIGURE EIGHT, and CULL< as indiscrimantly ans they interpret the FIGURE EIGHT of MAINTAINING THE GENOME of that special ONE. ; and that the SIXER will likely only have ONE; while Bshek, wants a DOZEN... and so be it.. that Genepool Mentality, alone, will create more than ONE, and in turn preserve each Family; so that each Family, tho a NON ENITY to outside LOFTS, to INSIDE THE LOFTS, have certain alignment; which, will draw out , prepotency within each Family.. to what we call QUAD POWER , so that we are not just point blending a single family. of outstanding individuals; but 4 Families( of which color and marking are ONE family) which are all related, but with a lower Coeficient of INBREEDING than a single SIXER FAMILY; and know that the first thing I learned was that Inbreeding , and not getting out , immediately, to cousin, or half sibs, when the half sibs come of the OUTCROSS of Family, farmed out, etc.. based on point blend correctness

WILL DESTROY THE FAMILY, directly or indirectly thru AN in-ability to PRODUCE... AND IF, we do occasionally, AND I WOULD NOT wait for a Lottery Number to HIT, as I would not hold my breadth for MOM to give me a pair, such as the QUINNLAN WHITES; but, depending on what they lack between them.. That I would Figure eight them to hold this Quality line; but I would also look over YONDER, for that which will , like today..:::::

I would look for, that which will give me the proper Under-Carriage for my TYPE ONEs( and if the UP TYPE BOYS, want to stay with the TYPE TWO's, then I would have to make them deeper so that they will look rounder, and bigger at the same time, and rely on the Figure EIGHT to bring down their size to a TYPE ONE ,ROUNDER, and LOW ROUNDER, when each has the proper UNDER-CARRIAGE that gives the Shape of the TRI VIEW, and the IN MOTION. of the INSPIRATION,but, only when we SEE it In the meat and feather.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

WE will always remember frustration in BREEDING;That's why a single paragraph in THE House Book, states , that some have done it another way" of which good results have been obtained..YEPPER

THE MENTALITY that might be giving the OUTCOME to this Fantail HOBBY?

Where are we TODAY, this Fantail Fancy?: THEY SAY, and it was first heard a decade ,or so, ago from the Canuck Fancier!

"We haven't had a Good SHOW for 6 years.." THIS IS REPEATED TO MAKE A POINT ; WHO is doing all the WORK?

Those in Control set the Parameters ?; They set aside basic concepts in their AGENDA, tho the AGENDA was improved, and continues to be; its like breeding for better fantails based upon A Champion; whereas, We like to compare them to the standard, so we don't make cuts of USEFULS( lesser than our best, and many TIMES, UNLIKE! BOTH BATTON, and HOUSE, and GERMAN BOOK, JEFF mentioned: THAT we should look to INBREED and LINE BREED to make them capable of reproducing themselves, and in a LIKE PHENOTYPE; then We wonder why , these same fanciers, will beat up those that get the Judging attention, and , now it becomes a FADDISM. We wonder, if the DUNDEE was not a FADDISM or two?; If not, then A MINDS EYE of the Garden FOLK!

We have been frustrated with INBREEDING and LINEBREEDING, until we read WATMOUGH, think he was AN ENGLISHMAN...Now with HOUSE, it is plainly seen what , and when, and why, we might use all the tools of breeding.

SHOTGUNNING , is a NEWER way to add GENOME...?? quicker than BAC to BAC! Still, it is LIKE the CHIRA KEYWORD; until, WE can apply it to actual Breeding Mentality, and personal Minds EYE...

THE PROBLEM might be that we had set aside THE COLOUR( Rare and Standard colours) and the Markings, reducing, eliminating those that liked to SEE a good Yellow SELF ; but like the German colors, We set aside the TYPE.

Setting aside Color, as in "BUILD YOUR HOUSE before YOU PAINT IT is correct for NEWBY's, because we need a Good FAMILY , strong in SHOW TYPES.. NOT SHOW TYPE, as in ALL ALIKE, which is another reason that the old adages from HISTORY must be carried Forward to this day and this AGE. ; as we might see for the second Problem, which may have destroyed the American Fancy, but OT the AMERICAN FANTAIL, thanks to the WORLD, which, had Fanciers, that still rest on the Laurels OF THE RULES of THUMB in the use of INBREEDING, and of LINE BREEDING( the FIGURE EIGHT, or PRETZEL BREEDING) which will Maintain, but, EYE doulbt will set the same OUTCOME as OUR Mellennium Mentality; which, is NOT the Elimination of MOTION, or creating the ILLUSIONS of meat & feather per Standard, by fefinements that destroy any chance of Under-carriage which we feel is the Future of ROUNDNESS, smallness, and with the ability to MOTION.

We didn't set Color , Marking, aside, in a manner, that OUR CLUBS HAVE, set it aside?. IE The 1950's Standard UPDATE was to Preserve the TYPE PERFECTION; but until this 2006 UPDATE, we have reinforced that method; The problem is not that it is a CHECK LIST; the Problem is that without the 20 pages that batton has called for; to me is just his History of the fantail, with his Breeding SKILLS( which must be updated, by reading HOUSE; and the total understanding that come of all his breeding Experience; This was what THE KINGKINGER/BOLTON INTERPRETATION provided..A small GROUPS Experience, and so understaning set to their Interpretation of the Standard of Perfection. this is a sound foundation to move into the Future.

How will we move from this sound foundation?

We should address color and marking now, not wait until we BUILD her, and have to tear her down to get into the corners; or when we try to patch a good type with color genomes to enrich the coloration, how much will we destroy.. so we do it in a separate family as we go, so that the alignments are their( the relation, and it is not like we BREED CROSS.. and we do not just , all of a suden slap a color bird to a Base TYPE FAMILY...OUTCROSSING can be a terriable experience.

EYE realized, that when I started breeding Jacs that indiscriminant Inbreeding would bring out all that BOUG Greatness in hood, main and chain, smooth, tight fitting, long strong ceramic feathering; It only gave me JUNK.


1. THESE were NOT BOUG BRED directly, and so we cannot expect the BOUG Quality to come out, if it was not in them( genome). 2. If they had been, we might have got a Nick bird..and with jacobins, we would just use the Figure eight, but better the prezel method, which has added Point Blending as we GO. 3. but, no nick, and no improvement that we could see...If we liken this to the fantail breeding.. with her complexiety in construction, and genome..We quit...

We looked for a method that would add in the genome( racers we bought a high priced one, but this is THE FANTAIL, not a racer, or a SHOW ROLLER with a single feature, let alone, features that must properly interface with each other, as a PC networking.)

We studied the genome, and we added Fantails from several sources, and like batton said.. down the tubes again, even with INbreeding and Line breeding the best ones; save for maybe their came along a checker hen that became the Foundation to the red selfs(e) and the whites, the saddles about everything we had in these early days; but , they stopped again.. low fertility.. and no matter what we did ..they didn't have any wings, so we selected for feather,,and we held the Powerful up types and in the 90's we had bullish, walkers, that Pogue said were too tall, and they were...

So we took the ones going to Canada, in those days.. the huge, hard feathered Ashes, ditto, the DOMINANT OPAL cock, same features, huge hard tails, and a TYPE ONE, but, maybe better legs, longer, for sure, that could WALK and POSE...and FERTILE..with head POCKET( here EYE should have seen that it was the difference in their UNDER-CARRIAGE that made them look a bit rounder, and with their MODTAIL ceramic feather....but, we followed them more superficially?

We saw the shortened knee down to feet length. and it gave what the JUDGES wanted to SEE, and what we want to see today; the difference today, is that what we see, is the result of an UNDER_CARRIAGE that is the same as the TYPE TWO's which were eliminated , where as here, We crossed in the TYPE ONES , but they still came out , more TYPE TWO, than TYPE ONE.

Then O'DELL, and SPOCK come along..with JIM of the DIXIE CLUB/GENEPOOLE in the Background with his Adobe software.. then My KID...a FIRE, whose flames lit the way of a NEW DAWNING in THINKING.. far beyond that of HISTORY PAST.

WITH THE PROPER UNDER_CARRIAGE we can have the MOTION as defined today, a bit different illusion than in the days of THE BATTON DANCERS, or even the DUNDEE( tho they were the origination of the genome, re-sequenced lately;but definetly the UK genome PLUS the DUNDEE( THE ENGISH from CALCUTTA+ the DUNDEE..was a Combination of Centries of breeding..and how the Dundee, came about was INBREEDING; BUT, selective, and with POINT BLENDING, and with PREPOTENCY from the NICK, as well from the INTER BREEDING, which also create A PREPOTENCY second to NONE; but did the AMERICAN FOREFATHERS and the FATHERS..STOP ,

WHEN ON A ROLL, with MOM Nature giving up her secrets, and laying before us.. NOT a single INDIVidual of the NICK PAIR, but many, because of SELECTION, and INBREEDING, at specific Levels in a PROJECT; where THE FAMILY, replaces the SIX to 12 PAIRS of the same Family;by several smaller families, which will not include a colour family, until we move thru those newby days, for TYPE PERFECTION; upon, which we can build them ,and this HOBBY, when we SEE COLOUR, or marking with the TYPE PERFECTION of their DAY; but with the Genepoole for Both Colour/marking and for TYPE.. and we ARE NOT.. EONS away ; we need only refine the UNDER_CARRIAGE( and if we see first, and we FEEL, as PENSON did, or as the Racering people, and their EYE SIGN, whose to say CRAP? BE of an open mind, SEE BAC, BAC , or SHOT GUN GENOME TRANSFER METHODS, and maybe under stand that THE BATTON 75 CALIBER HAWKINS, TODAY is the SHOTE GUN METHOD of adding GENOME, THAT IS NOT they have said...Rest on your Laurels, but EYE WILL NOT....and TODAY LOOK OH YOU SEEKERS of KNOWLEDGE to THE IOWAY FARMER , for HE IS< HAS BEEM, and will be in BATTONS HISTORY as A FATHER of the MODERN FANTAIL; for HIS WANT and his DREAM of a DOZEN GREAT ONES.. and we don't need to know what to do with them; B E C A U S E WE HAVE THE SIXER MENTALITY in a Perspectus that combines HOUSE.,WATMOUGH, CRAVEN, CHRISLER, QUINN, GIBSON, and so many others PEE WEE, AN E N G L I S H M A N..that taught ME that the RUSTY hackles were need to breed the Black rosecombs that prevailed so many years...and they were INBRED, line bred, with a point blend, a selection that was not just the Phenotype, but their genomtype, and the point blending of pieces of Color, here R U S T Y HACKLES; where THE SIXER Mentality, is like HOUSES outline for Proper BREEDING, and maintaining of THE NICK, and its FATHER and DAMN..

TO make a dozen like the NICK, but then should it be tainted, or -lacking in UNDER CARRIAGE?-; should we not add genome( by hook or by CROOK?, or , even with the 'SHOT GUN METHOD'(E remember your HOMEWORK') of this mellennium, or should EYE conceed to my AGE?

YOU DON"T understand what O'DELL and SPOCK saw that day....?? IT is simple: A TYPE TWO. white (zwh)BULLISH COCK, bigger looking due to BULLISHNESS( how's this for BULL FIGHTING?Does not pertain, How about ILLUSION?: it does pertain?)and TALLER LOOKING ...but, then.....He disappeared, they looked and they looked, the Judges eyes were upon him.. but, he couldn't find him again, and so another GOT THE NOD ::::: THIS particular WHITE COCK BIRD was DROPPING BETWEEN, he had a slightly different TOE TOUCH POINT, in his SHAPE in his space, A CHERIA DRUG is Chemically exactly the same, but one is shaped differently, we can now separate out , the SHAPE that gives the best Med effect, IE ANAPROX,ALLEVE,,is a CHIRA produced DRUG.. it works better than its chemically the same counterparts; ( where EYE LIKEN CHEMICALLY the same to the GENOME of the fantail General Requirements, and the PHYSICAL BALANCE to the CHIRA COUNTERPART) where the Physical BALANCE , tho coming from UNDER-BELLY, which is away from the OLD TYPE ONES in bodee depth illusion, is less short coupled due to frontal, and under-belly line length,and the aft depth, of counter balancing( so they can pose, or walk )Now, then.. add this drop down that this white cock was doing.. WHY was he up and down.. why didn't he stay down between.. because of his legs , Maybe? because he was TIRED? Boxed up for 24 hours? out of Condition? too many in a Pen? Or was it that he had TOO MUCH of the TYPE ONE BREEDING( if that is possible??) or was it that he lacked the MEAT..which then comes the MUSCLE required, the hard bodee, the exercise, the power of Athletic ability...

CAN WE FINALLY have what SCOTT wanted? WHat WARNER never thought of,BOTH THE TYPE ONE PROFILE of THE TRI VIEW, which looks fine, but cannot , in its stillness show the ability to MOTION..SO the TYPE THREE is in a MOVIE form, graphically,,,that shows the difference between the TYPE ONE, that looks to have the ability to WALK( POGUE); but until we get the TYPE THREE, will we SEE that ability in MOTION. Pictures are deceiving but, are still worth a thousand words; so then to a Motion picture/ video, and so heres the 20 pages of BATTON'S STANDARD of PERFECTION..MODERN DAY GRAPHICSM FIRST FROM MEAT & FEATHER..AND THEN TO GRAPHICAL TEACHING?

BREEDING THE MODERN FANTAIL, with HOUSE, WATMOUGH on INBREEDING and LINEBREEDING, Experience, now teaches us exactly HOW, WHEN to use our BREEDING TOOLS of OLD, OF EXPERIENCE, and of the Genetist. ...DEFINE SHOT GUNNING? DEFINE PREZEL BREEDING? DEFINE THE FIGURE 8 EIGHT; with PRE and POST Procedure to create a SHOW TYPE, of the DAY, with a LOOK to the Standard of Perfection, rather than resting on the laurels of a SHOW CHAMPION; >..''""AS, NONE ARE should we not look to their TAINTS, or their faulty UNDER-CARRIAGE on the preferred TYPE ONE, the TRIVIEW, THE ULTIMA, THE INSPIRATION( that needs to show a tad less Leg height? Because, the TYPE TWO BULLISHES, have the Taller, look, due to Legs, that have not sissored, and did we forget the Keel shape.. old taller ones were even taller looking because of the Rectangular keel, and of couse, bullish can look bigger( until we inbreed them to a smallness) so we look to negate(less bodee height dimension, than either the total fore/aft depth, and frontal Width the bodee height with the COBBINESS from an ORIENTAL FRILL!

And ....SO.. all this.. HOW DO WE MATE, SELECT, and POINT BLEND..WHAT TYPE do we start?; HOW TO BLEND THE TYPES; and finally how to ad genome to make the Motion.. and even increase the ILLUSION, over- all presented in a personal MINDS EYE, and IF you are a NEWBY, then LOOK to the TRIVIEW....but, go to SHOWS to SEE the MOTION, but they are just COMING.. unless you see an OLD UP TYPE, and what should we JUDGE BEST..even CHAMPION..THE ONE OVER with the ET TAL of BOTH TYPE and of COLOUR and marking.. even A STENCIL...?? or an ICE BLUE!

IF WE WANT THIS HOBBY TO CONTINUE, and to GROW..WE MUST go back to the 20 page STANDARD in our JUDGING, but use of a Check LIST is for all practical purposes, assuming the Certification of background in Successful showing.. but, we all must start somewhere,,..TODAY..there is a lot of ROOM for THE NEWBY,,and the YOUNGER..THIS BE YOUR SHOW..NOW....LOOK BACK, but look forward to your added TOOLS....of this mellennium... YEA...WELL...WHAT EVER ?

WHAT we see in HOUSE, is maybe not what Batton saw Historically, leading to the QUEEN , moving on to other parts of the WORLD.

But, we do SEE that the STANDARD TODAY, as Batton's CHECK LIST; not so bad..Still, did We miss his point?

Deterioration of the fancy, because of the Treat of COLOR crossing; when we already have in those Onion rings of TIME; all that is necessary, to SELECT our WAT to the TYPE of the DAY...YEPPER"?

BUT, as to the IDEALISM of the TRIVIEW,or the INSPIRATION : CAN WE SELECT our way to Such Idealism?

Would the fact, that THEY have removed the COLOR and the Marking caused a decrease in those Classes; where A fantail of TYPE PERFECTION ALONE will take the NOD, in every case; in Comparision to those in their Class? Might this alone be a cause of the STATE of the AMERICAN FANCY? TODAY NO WAY: TYPE PERFECTION must be preserved, COLOR, who cares; who wants color, without TYPE? Did we lose these OLD GUYS to Pass, or to..QUIT?

IS NOT TYPE PERFECTION, setting upon the Carriage and MOTION,where the Legs, the FOUNDATION, of the BODEE, and its Attributes; bring a PHYSCAL BALANCE that best displays the ROUNDNESS, the PROFILE, with its ability to MOtion?

WHERE ARE WE with COLOR? Where are we with MOTION?; Where are we with Marking?

Where is the American FANTAIL Fancy, compared to other COUNTRIES?

What have we lost from HOUSE, that might re build our Fancy?

Should we give up Color, and marking, and rare colorations.. should we quit the Breed crossing for the sake of stencil? A FANTAIL with the most Type perfection will always take the NOd; in spite of its coloration, or, its marking..Always; could it then be a Stencil..laced to perfection, or just coming, in marking, but with good penatrance, and an eye cathcher; say then, catching the EYE of the JUDGING; Who would dare, give the NOD to such a Marking? who would dare?

Someone who judges to the Standard of Perfection of his own Minds EYE? What have we found in HOUSE? MY GOSH, What have we found in BATTON? Where will this Fancy GROW? What have we LOST, between battons 20 pages, and our Check LIST?

The check list is AOK; but, we have Lost some COLOR and marking breeders to IT? But, have we Maintained the TYPE PERFECTION; not per Batton.. We lost what we had.. from this period to that one he said.....

What of TOday/ Have we set aside the COLORS, and the markings, and so to their BREEDERS,, and their Showing?

Have we lost the cariage and MOTION that batton was to set on PAGE THREE? Do we have it...?? What do we take from it?

We redefine the Carriage to today.. we update it like the rest of the standard; but we set nothing aside...?? But, BATTON says we have lost it! Is it in those ONION RINGS of TIME; if it is, we should be able to SELECT for it, PIECE, by Bloody PIECE; but, with The ALL or none effect of MOM; if we are missing a single piece.. NUTTIN from NUTTIN = NUTTIN

So we still believe in the SIXER Mentality, and ODELLS REFINER of POINTS; but EYE ask: Where do WE get the pieces?; What do we mate to move them FORWARD(of LEGS and of TYPE PERFECTION{}

If Batton is correct.. we don't have it in our Breeders? and We say: IF it is there, like the big tails, in the small av tail size of the DUNDEE, what will bring it forward with this Sixer Figure eight mentality..Breeders that have it? Breeders that have been cast aside, for those who show it, and have created the ability to Motion...YEPPER!

IN your starting Birds...Do you see it? Is it in their genome...??

did you start from ONE BREEDER, who breeds for next years SHOWS; or did you get it from one who breeds to MINDS eye, of the standard picture.?

AUGUST the 28th 2007

I suppose this is a Biography?:

With the BATTON input missing, TODAY, We just re read, and study his Philosophies on both BREEDING as well, THE QUEENS HISTORY!

He had opinion on Individuals in this Fancy! THE "WARM FUZZIE" was his favorite ?; and He would discuss his Philosphy's; and EYE would my own; We did not JUDGE , HOW a FANCIER got to be such a TOP BREEDER,(MASTER BREEDER) in one sense, of A HUMAN JUDGEMENT of a Person; instead, He and EYE Kept it about the Bottom LINE Achievements, and his philosophies on breeding.

From here, Today, because of some discussion within a small GROUPING ; I will address some comments, made lately. The first already stated: That Jeff and I DID NOT JUDGE THE Person, his Methods; and the reason we DID NOT was because, we felt that it might further errode the Fancy .

This WARM FUZZIE, had an ENCOUNTER of the THIRD KIND, one day ,at an Elevator DOOR, and after entering, located, at A CFC the 1980s.THE ENCOUNTER was with WILLIAM, EYE ,DIEMER( A FATHER to ME, and STILL IS!; BUT a confrontation ensued: Whereby. This WARM FUZZIE said: HOW HE was building the HOBBY, was doing more harm than GOOD.."

IT has been a long time, since that DAY..And BILL DIEMER, said.. EYE DO MORE GOOD than HARM; and so today EYE ASK, MYSELF.WHAT would we have had? IF we didn't have those that DID ALL THE WORK. And, we ask, WHERE is the DIXIE? And WE still see the WARM FUZZIE, and HIS MUSKETEERS, who still hold SHOWS like the OLden days, even IF EYE feel, much more can be added to their AGENDA?

Like if WE might add THE COLOUR and the MARKINGS; but still look to TYPE PERFECTION in its proper prospectus: IE TYPE SHALL BE THE FOCUS of every NEWBY and Master BREEDER maturity's, each in its case for reason of developement of Minds EYE, and in each Project, that we need to have a solid family of TYPE, but why do they, stop here?, because the JUDGING has to SELECT, by COMPARISION to Fantails of the DAY, and even, more so, to THOSE in a Particular SHOW.

THis situation must be specifically handled by the CLUBS?: We must continue to Judge by Comparison because it gives, and gave, each of US, that maturity to focus on our first Family of SHOW BIRDS; it builds a solid foundation for the SHOWS, and the Competition, and many times thru-out all this ; WE have seen the quality CYCLE, but, then we were THE AMERICAN FANTAIL, and today it is THE WORLD Fantail." WHAT has happened to the AMERICAN FANTAIL."

Batton, in a recent E mail, said: BOB,YOU CRAZY MCKBREEDER, and HEAVEN FORBID, that you WILL LEAD US....; Jeff, also said: THE QUEEN has traveled since the WORLD started, and she was here, for a long time; but will she move on..her stay is up in North America.."

My personal Feelings:

THIS will not happen, but is based on God Willing.....


The discussion seem to always go from What people THINK, after some have read the Books? HERE, WE are discussing, not what People THINK is correct, but what WE have come to a PEAK in our PYRIMD of LIFE; inclusive of BREEDING PRINCIPAL, which we apply no differently that the REFINER of POINTS( O'DELL, a National YOUNG BIRD SHOW IN the late 1980's?? Bob, compared to YOU, I am , but a "REFINER of POINTS" . LOL that's a LONG tale feather? HEY, you DEVILS of provocitive thought!

This BIOGRAPHY , today:

WE want to carry the Mentality of OUR TIME, beyond that of History, and beyond those who have, thus far been the HOBBY( THE O'DELLS,THE VAUGHNS will go down in Battons History BOOK; and in MINE: will be the HAWKINS, and THE LORAHS, TODAY..and still making HISTORY, THE YANCEY'S..of the NYBS, and the GREAT LAKES...CLUB. SO FEW...DEDICATED, that we might have, what I have had in this HOBBY..

THis Writing comes to a head here, for we still would like to take this to say, that My personal Philosophies on BREEDING, are the same as C.A. HOUSE, and so to those who came before , the fathers, the Firefathers; but, HOUSE, will be the LIGHT, that show Us the way, and EYE will show ME, and U if you LIKE?: That EYE Go beyond , not what was said by HOUSE, or BATTON, etc; but What EYE TAKE from it , that might be beyond what the Common Mentality .

ED Bachman, of Jacobin Fame, said: THAT we must LIVE with the BIRDS, and that this alone will give each of us proportionately what we can expect in the SHOW PENS."


EACH TO OUR OWN..but, lets set this aside... Suppose EYE do not think that we have THE proper UNDER-CARRIAGE GENOME:? WHERE WILL EYE GET IT? WHERE WILL YOU GET IT? HOW WILL WE KEEP IT, and maintain the rest of what we have today?

THE WARM FUZZIE, from BATTON, HISTORY shows that HE WILL SELECT and POINT BLEND( the poinr blending removes the INDISCRIMMINANCY of INBREEDING, but it does NOT REMOVE the Coeficient of INBREEDING. ((BATTON and EYE did not get , among us, the same meaning of Champs they do not come in BUNCHES of GRAPES , this EXample,, doesn't mean I disagree, BUT he did disagree with ME.. and here, People , will be the POINT to this writing>> EYE took it my way, from my experience, and HE his; but I will also take well; this builds, and builds, and with HOUSE, we see the same thing, tho house, may only mention something, in one paragrapgh as the Figure eight, how to start as a newby, and on your own after 2 years; and from there he speaks of Breeding and of mating in such a way, that only experience can dictate; and then he also says, good results have also come from OUT CROSSING, and OUTCROSSING( batton's understanding is, NOT my UNDERSTANDING, but , I will bet that ODELL is with me on this ONE, DIGGER is a CROSS BREEDER, that got tired of WASTERS, and did not HOUSE use this WORD, and have I not used this WORD. ERY.. baby, baby, when I have just picked this book up, but, maybe I heard it too?

OUT CROSSING, OUTCROSSING...JEFF said.. MCKCRAZY, and he said it more than once to Me, and finally.. in a PHYSICAL Pain, that none of Us has LIVED, HE set it out THERE, not just Here.. for Us to continue our FOCUS, or to break our focus OF misunderstanding..and OUR USUAL understanding of READING.. THE KIDS today flunk reading, and if you DO not read..and Batton references this situation, thoughout his LIFE with his fantails ; as well, among some others and this is about ME,,A personal Biography of ME, MY SELF and EYE....!

Battons point, is that OUTCROSSING, different Families, that do not carry some ALIGNMENTS in the last 7 generations, will destoy what we have.. built..and he is right. We do know this feeling, but we also know that this ROW to Hoe, is now shorter, because of ERVIN and COMPANY. And, our OUTCROSSING for COLORs.. IE the stencil.

We can handle this BREED crossing, but we do not CUT everything from a pair..We do follow up, with a genome, GENOME Mentality.. not just a PHENOTYPE ..PHENOTYPE MENTALITY, of the COMMON SIXER( who has a Family, IS a HUSBAND, and has a LIFE and a JOB that has time OFF, so to use Breeding of BIRDS, to Make it on some days, to Gamble with geneomes , instead of Medication for Phycoticness..!

As a result of Placing into FAMILIES, the Colorations; we have come to KNOW that this warm FUZZIE is CORRECT, but, only IF WE have the GENOME to SELECT OUT, what we know is in there. This brings us to satarting with ONE LOFT , when we as a NEWBY want to COMPETE, in "NEXT YEARS SHOWS"... and it might happen if We get LUCKY, or even, A NICK PAIR.

Here we can get traded for These top Individuals, and we can save them in the hands of top Seasoned breeders, and we can also benifit with stock from a second Breeder; a TOP MASTER BREEDER, or one that has, been crossing in from up the Mississippi River to his own FUZZIE TYPE ONES, short coupled, without Proper LEGS, so UNDER_CARRIAGE, but wait.. THE IOWAY STOCKS, TYPE TWO's the UP TYPES, with refinements to Upward size, that are BIGGER LOOKING, BULLS ..BULLISH, for the smart asses, that We all used to be.. with one other alternative.. ( we like smart asses...wakes us up from OUR Resting on OLD FART LAURELS...??)

to be continued.... based upon HOUSE, BATTON,and OUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with meat and feather, that will take us, god willing; to an understanding beyond the INDVIDUAL, to That of THE Profondness od HISTORY. THIS is dedicated to JEFF, the SKINNER BATTON. FANTAILMAN, and HISTORIAN of the 20th, and 21st century. MCKnostra..DOMAS...LOL.....MCK CRAZY BREEDER....MAY GOD REST///

GOING to try to bottom line this OLD ADAGE of SIXER MENTALITY verbaly for Breeding; as well; Showing the WHOLE THING.. is THE IDEALISM of the Standard , first when we start; and as our minds eye matures. then to the Idealism of the Standard, up dated by the minds eye; NOT to the SHOW WINNERS, but to THE STANDARD of PERFECTION... !! ALWAYS, will the BREEDERS of the meat & the Feather, will push the maturity of the Personal MINDS EYE.

SIXER MENTALITY, depends on the Genepooler for his pieces, to refine.....His scope is not Half the Size of , his FOCUS.....??/ DEEP ...TIRED of the same old MENTALITY.. lets get going.. lets make some new PHENOTYPES that open the Window, that Is CLOSED by THE SIXER MENTALITY. HOUSE MENTIONS THIS, around Page 20! " And, there are those who ...........

Outcross, and OUTCROSSING: SO THE 'MAN" says, and "YOU WENT BONKERS and crossed in the MODENA BREED and were not all those Ash reds from Modena Breeding?; THE so called MOD-TAILS, yet these Ashes had Huge, hard Tail feathers, among the smoothness, from the ceramic Feathering!

OUTCROSSING, OUTCROSSING, AND, THEN?; MOVING into a FIGURE EIGHT follow up, on each of these, sometimes called FADDISM, each, to its own SIXER FAMILY( ONE FAMILY; where, What we cannot SEE is assumed NOT IN THEIR GENOME; and Moving each Piece, then to refinement, and setting within, each Fanciers FADDISM; slipping in a Color BIRD, of little TYPE PERFECTION; but, that is not only the original Coloration, marking etc, but , has been POINT BLENDED in the manner of a MINDS EYE, with a maturity, beyond the SIXER MENTALITY; For IT is but a Single BREEDING TOOL, of several that we have used.

OUTCROSSING, can be a Nightmare, still, maybe not so Tunnel visioned to setting your Goal to TYPES of the DAY, when it is THE IDEALISM of the INSPIRATION, or the ULTIMA, or the MODEL, or THE TRIVIEW which sums up the WORLDS MIND EYE, in the TOTALITY of IDEALISM, of the STANDARD of PERFECTION; and not just within A SIXER MENTALITY.

SO with a mentality, that is TOUCHED upon in the C.A, HOUSE BOOK of the FANTAIL; where EYE take it that HOUSE, was aware of the Power of INBREEDING, but also the POWER of the OUTCROSS, be it OUT BREEDING, the most extreme, and they' say: "WE needn't do THE BREED CROSS for WE have ALL that is needed to make the TRIVIEW; and EYE disagree; and I disagree emphatically; but lets look to it as tho we ALL are assuming the QUALITY of THE STARTING BREEDING STOCKS; we assume that if this Starting Stock has ALL that is needed.. and We say.. it does NOT; and lets assume that it does, which is the case historically, as well today; this mentality Limits the OUTCOME of the FINAL PRODUCT, of idealism, even when they fall short in Minds eye; let alone, when WE POINT BLEND is a way that eliminates TYPES that might PULL OUT what, we think is in their genome; so if it was true, then, Again I ask: How will we "PULL IT OUT ..and If we PULL it out, will we like the Carriage and Motion of that which was IN this Genome.. Was MOTION defined back in HOUSES DAY, as it was today by ODELL, and YEPPER, BILLY, WILLIAM I DIEMER( of course we are setting aside the FIERCE COMPETATIVE SPIRIT, which we have mistakenly considered improper AGENDA; where EYE have done the same thing to THEM, as their Forefathers have done unto MOI...because WE SAW, and WE SEE beyond the SIXER MENTALITY, which, clearly is A TOOL to be utilized at the proper TIME, and in a proper way, and can we associate the Figure Eight as Indiscrimminant Inbreeding?; or can we see assortive mating methods as a TOOL, a method that enhances our chances to refine, and with the OUTCROSS, the BREED out cross, Or if we are looking for a shorter ROW to hoe ; then THE FARMED OUT STOCK, or , even from just another well bred LOft; where we cannot assume, what their Genome contains, but we must look to the Breeding stocks; and we will Indiscriminately INBREED.. but we will also see, US cutting out The very pieces, that go unrecognized in our hast to purify( same BEST and LIKE phenotype, that breed same consistantly; but because we ASSUME the starting stock, because we Cull out pieces we need, as parts of a single GR, let alone, THE ET TAL, the totallity, of IDEALISM, of the 2006 STD of perfection, or if not, then a personal minds eye.

He had hopes that Finally the Mentality, that has bred the Best, in their Day, can , instead of Being lost( IE QUINLAND.. and so many , even in Battons History..HE says what was lost) If we want to Preserve the FAD, if we want to point blend them, and still this is not enough; and it is NOT; then we must place in their genome ,ALL that might create the Ideal.. and today.. we look to THE UNDER-CARRIAGE:

And in our Hast, have we not lost the under-carriage of MOTION.. OF todays definetion, and of Yesterdays, defined BY BATTON, in his NOTES to ME...And what of the FUTURE? When, we set aside this petty, thinking, that WE are of the MENTALITY..that is inclusive, of REALISTIC and existing Stock Pairs( or we will go to another breed, where people get along better, and also that the simplicity of ththeir BREED,, is exactly that.. simplicity, NO color, no marking; but we wonder, If they will ever follow in the footsteps of the greatest fanciers We have known, as a KD.. in FRILLS, Jacobins, and even GIANT HOMERS,& Show Racers to name a few. These fanciers were SHOWMAN, as well as BREEDERS of TYPE and of COLOR PERFECTION, and in the FRILLS, whose head Character came from the KLEINPELL TURBITS..and EYE saw this happen, and I saw the SHOW ROLLERS happen.. and I still, had to refine my thinking beyond the Sixer mentality to create the MODERN FANTAIL.

A COUPLE of POINTS on Maintainance of LOFT HYGIENE

We have had a LOT of Rain, and humidity, Sweet corn in kernaling over night, sweet, and tender, fresh FOOD is the Only way to Longivity...But, Heck.. Who cares this is a FANTALE PAGE!

THE wild Clover, the White clover silage, the sour weed, the wide bladed grass, and even young sunflower plants ,Dandilion plants, and flowers too boot, poke weed berries, gosh:

ALL THESE "GREENS, fit for HUMAN, and BIRDS, for their VIT B's always short in ALL grain diets; and in Winter, or in the city; when we buy Greens and we clean each Leaf, George thru this to his Racers, and his Jacs.

The second TIP is one from a year or so ago, when we were ALL having a time of it, with all this JUngle like Tropical weather Conditions; which is Upon us.. as we write this; the mind wonders, Back, to those sweet smelling, very Dry Racer LOFTS, Wood dowels , no solid plywood dividers, Side vents, stainless to stop preditors, where a single layer of 1/2 inch hardware cloth, WILL NOT stop a HUNGRY RACOON; so wheres the tip, BOBBY?;

As the mind wandered , back, and a scent of White WASHED walls, and Perches.. and we are reminded of this Humidity, reacting with Powdered on the WALLS.. and then we RECALL, that this, above ALL can destroy A seasons youngsters, and is called CRD, which is, a COMPLEX mixture of everything that can destroy a Breeding Season.

SEE, THE PIGEON by LEVI for formulation of this white wash...but, if you want instant protection: Odor-ban', it destroys all these bad things, Bacteria, yeasts and molds, the bad ones that grow in DARKNESS, ANAEROBIC, or dully LIGHTED LOFT SPACES, without Proper AIR FLOW, just short of A DRAFT, which is also deadly to weaning Youngsters.

ODOR BAN is a COMMERCIAL, GREEN type of Disenfectant that stop ODOR, because it destroys the Bad germs that keep a space Damp. ( use Commercial Chlorox on a damp spot, that is wet, next day, it is DRY! Chlorx, if used indicrimantly, will STRESS the Weaning youngsters !

WE have also used the VIRKON S..with good results.Spraying WALLS and UNderneath the Decking above the Main Breeding PENS, keeps them on the floor.. while setting their tails.

THE HISTORIAN Presented HIS OPINION as to the POST WAR, as he called the WAR YEARS, now Over; but like HOUSE, in the next paragraph he was giving you a greater depth of Understanding.

Batton had his OPINION of this Fancy; and from it THE PROBLEMS that we are faced with; especially with THE Fantail, moving out of America, But maybe not Canuck land?;Where batton said SHE will Fly out, and land where she is most appreciated, and cared for; MY personal interpretation, as with HOUSE I see, and interpret beyond the Illusion of a single definetion, of KEY WORDs, as well their Context within each thought. That might be Experience?

Batton didn't think that WE, THE US would see the White LIGHT again for a LONG time; this is very upsetting ! So EYE have a PROPOSAL, and of, couse it comes of Battons's "WARM FUZZIE"! to be continued..

THE WAR IS OVER, Batton concludes; and he may have said we went to a COLD WAR in this mellennium?; The WARM FUZZIE, verses the PRICKLY PEARS ( AMERICAN?) Still, it isn't this simple, until He sets the Geography of the Regions of Influence. From here we will not quote who thinks what, or says what; merely to present a solution to Clear the way for not only the TYPE THREE , as defined, so far by the O'Dell TRI VIEW, the LC MODEL, and the ARENA ULTIMA and INSPIRATION( recalling that ARENA was a PIONEER that set the first Renderings, that started all this , with his 200 plus series , called FUTURA, and thanks to many , many discussions, and input..we SET aside the UNder-carriage of FUTURA, until WE saw, the PROFILE of the POGUE TYPE ONE( past tense and refined to be better, and in under- carriage, but we are dead stop because of the Mentality, of OLD History, that seems to have plagued, all but Batton, showing how WE had Under-Carriage, FOR THE DUNDEE, and even the ENGLISH TYPE until it went pot lidded, and the DUDEE, dropped back as to be called DOWN SHOD?; where WE finally have come to the POGUE TYPE ONE PROFILE, and wanted to set the Under-Carraige for THIS TYPE, and so going beyond the Under-carriage, as well, the MOTION, as defined by Batton's and the pheno- TYPES of the DUNDEE, and the ENGLISH STYLE fantails of the past.

We must also mention that THE TYPE PERFECTION will always be the Guiding LIGHT to the best , by comparison to those so CLASSED in a SHOW; where the JUDGE, and his check list will decide which have the most points, and generally over-all balanced for the general requirements; but then, we look further, to Battons CARRIAGE and MOTION, of the PAST TYPES, and literly lost , as he states. Backwards, ? and so here we are again?

THE BEST TYPE will always win, and so we set aside the Colors, their markings, and the Pied markings (here we are seeing some new colors from Non grizzle phenotypes.. More later, if i can make any sense to it.. Need Pigeon Gibs on this ONE, as usual, Paul GIBSON, has been an ace in the HOLE for those of us who want all this Colors and marking.. )

WE have mentioned before in List posts, that we need to set aside, the Color, and Marking Points , in the Finals; now, we expect that this SIXER MENTALITY, of TYPE PERFECTION..and forget the Colors, and the Marking ; that we Look even deeper for an answer; where, the greatest BREEDERS, and SHOWMAN, Pick their best Fantails for the COMPETION; and who, should also SHOW, are those with their COLORS, and THEIR MARKINGS, that they FEEL, can COMPETE, in a HIGH TYPE POINT CLASS?; or what shall we call it.. THE COMPETITION of FANTAILS, that each BREEDER thinks can compete in this CLASS.RE: A CLASS of the TOP MOST INDIVIDUALS that WE think as the very, best we have! ; Disreguarding Color,RARE and otherwise, of marking inherent of Stencil , or the saddle, the TM, or BM. Marking

THIS CLASS will teach our JUDGING Techniques, while later on, we can follow up with A course in correct COLOR POINT match, as well, Marking points; where the Stencils are more complicated to produce, than the Saddle marking, or TM?, BM?!

THIS WILL BE a CLASS, that was defined, and I have TOM's (PRICHETTS E MAIL) of a year ago, maybe two? EYE was just thinking , between the WARM FUZZIE, and TOM's E mail, that we could have a CLASS, that is designated as A TYPE PERFECTION, CLASS, where Balance, and COMPARISON, "OF THE BEST FANTAILS, would not only TEACH, but it would let us all know What direction we are taking, and: What we are Lacking in the over-all SIXER, LIMITED: TYPE PERFECTION??{ and we have refrained from a follow up ARTICLE that clearify's these THOUGHTS ?

What we are looking for, as we listen to the problems, are solutions that set a level playing field, for any Exhibitor to SEE his FUTURE with his minds EYE, for his Colouration, for his marking; so I present a SOLUTION..A CLASS that gives the SIXER, what they ALWAYS have Had.. THE BEST FANTAIL, must win, and if we want to Compete, with a Marking, A Rare or a SELF/or/ bar Colouration..we will know What we must create to COMPETE...IN ONLY TYPE PERFECTION; after ALL, THE best must always WIN!ZERO COLOR POINTS, and ZERO, Marking POINTS: A SINGLE CLASS of FANTAILS; where We Class, as OUR MENTALITY DIRECTS?

A MENTALITY, that subsists , not on a Comparison to the STANDARD, but only to the BEST of the DAY? So when the Champion is picked, WE think we know what a GOOD SHOW BIRD LOOKS LIKE; and here, I would think That, some reference should be made to the number of POINTS the Champion is relagated; since we are using an accurate Check list!

THE UNDER-CARRIAGE is 20 points leaving 80 points to work with?; THE WARM FUZZIE, was at 50 to 60, but since then, his Show birds have shown an improved Leg setting, so we added 10?= 70 points; now lets LOOK at the CHAMPION..What does it need to maintain, in a mate?; what dosen't its FAMILY memebers SHOW, that might Give a higher POINTER? WILL WE SELECT within our single Family, will we check our farmed OUT Youngsters? WILL we rest on the Laurels of a single family, of a single top show bird, and will we set a POINT value( this is not ME here; this is either BATTON first, or Brian First, and Batton second.

NOT CLEAR, this Solution to a Sixer Mentality, of BREEDING, and of JUDGING ? ONe thing, it sets the LOOP holes of interpretation in the JUDGING; and with a personal MINDS EYE.. Who cares if we are INbreeding, OUT CROSSING, OUTCROSSING, because after the OUTCROSSING/OUT CROSSING; will come a GENEPOOLE that any SIXER, CAN SELECT, and FIGURE EIGHT; as long as the BREEDER before HIM, has Point blended, and added to the Genepoole, that which is NOT THERE, or if, BATTON, IT IS in those MOMS Rings; then EYE ASK AGAIN: WHAT will we USE, what will we mate, and what will we Figure eight/ per sexes available...that will PULL OUT this already made Genome, from the DUNDEE, because THE DUNDEE is a CLOSER PROFILE than the ENGLISH, today; before that..Whose to say we should CUT all those UP TYPES, and those Fatso's from Umbrellas( but not from those that cannot walk, and lean?, or the first Type One whose head pocket PULLED to one side), scares the shizer out of a Young minds EYE., and with all the UPtypes.. did we ever see this neck again.. no sir,, if we would have.. maybe, baby, We would have point blended, its short keel, and its long legs, so long , and so spraddled that it leaned against a wall; that if the meat was enhanced.. so that it had the power to stand up, move its toe touch point forward.. IT CAN WALK.. IT CAN WALK....; so to the study of the FREAKS, both AVES, and H Sapin!

THE SIXER Mentality.. Is as ONE FATHER of this MODERN FANTAIL TOLD ME, less than a few yrs ago: " I am a REFINER of POINTS....what else he said..Well he might not remember? What EYE ask, is where will we get that which will pull out the Batton Genome, that will force the Under-Carriage TO be , all that it MUST futher enhance/refine the Roundness, and maintain an ability to Motion; ON THE BRIAN POGUE TYPE ONE? REFINED, or unrefined...but definetely NOT cut out 100%, just as we DO, with the UP TYPE,;

AND, this is MY SIGHT... PLACE THE UNDER_CARRIAGE with the TYPE ONE, modified, with OUTCROSSED INFUSIONS, FROM WHENCE it has come, and is recognized, rather than CUT OUT, before it matures, before our learning Curve has matured from STRICTLY SIXER Mentality: TO a mentality, that sets aside NOTHING ; Or that we know when to be SIXER, and when to be Genepooler; is this not the timing we might USE all our TOOLS of creating.. ??? AUGUST 21, 2007 The way we approach BREEDING , and so creating ... 1. THE SO CALLED SIXER MENTALITY! 2. THE GENEPOOLER MENTALITY! Both discussed by HOUSE... THE BEST of the DAY, and we ask...WHAT does it Lack when Compared to , not the Other Entries in its Class, nor those Winners of their Classes in its Finals; we ask, How does it compare to the IDEAL FANTAIL( even if it is an Individual MINDS EYE); If we are to Create the best, we must look beyond the Judging for several reasons,; obviously, as well, here..WHAT will we MATE to continue Refining towards the IDEAL?.

HERE, they say, WE CAN MAKE them, but then; we don't know how to maintain them; and them is plural for more than ONe, really good one from a Nick, or a half sib pair, from more or less Unrelated , OUTCROSSING, OUT CROSSING.. of Familiies( not a Single FAMILY; not a single bird; but one from each Family, or many from Family's that have been FIGURE EIGHTED?; And, where do they go from here?

Where DO EYE GO FROM HERE? Should I rest on my own Laurels, when EYE can see taints, that will become faults? Why would I be satisfied for THE BEST of their day? Why wouldn't I look to Create, and refine again, piling the fads together?; still They are lacking!

What are they lacking, big time; THE UNDER-CARRIAGE that is proper for the TYPE ONE.. THAT POGUE CREATED; but , rather than go backwards; I thought to Move a proper under-carriage to this TYPE ONE; or the ULTIMA, if you LIKE?: or the Inspiration; Or the TRIVIEW dat 20, even, the MODEL; THESE are a TYPE THREE, and They LOOK to have a proper UNDER-CARRIAGE; but who can say; when we haven't seen one in the meat & feather with the Proper Under-Carriage?

WE want to focus on whether WE INBREED or we LINE BREED, or we pretzel breed, The Figure EIGHT, recreates that Special, one so far ahead of its TIMe; but how many have seen a NICK.. Quinland, and then Doris ADAMS, even TOM P.....Lets look at Quinland.. a 6 year reign...Where are they NOW?

I am afraid, that WE learned a long time ago about INBREEDING, as a Doubled edged suord, but, I never said .. I did NOT...but, We have found the other side of what HOUSE says.. in a paragraph, and I think, it allows us to continue Improving them; not just re making them, but re making them, so that we can go past them; today, we look to their Under-carriage...

I just wonder, within the Figure EIGHT, how we will Establish the proper UNDER_CARRIAGE for this TYPE ONE, so that we can finally set some classes that JUDGE can JUDGE with a feeling of confidence.

BATTON, HOUSE..have given us the Answer, if we LOOK Beyond these OLD adages of those, that want the best of THE DAY; whereas EYE WANT the IDEALISM of a personal MINDS EYE; and I will use yours, as well...MINE.....and Did anyone READ it in the HOUSE BOOK?

WE do not BREED FOR SHOW COMPETION; WE BREED FOR MINDS EYE, which today is ALSO THE IDEAL shown in the TRI VIEW, as well THE ULTIMA and the INSPIRATION.. or the MODEL from LANCE. THE BOTTOM LINE: BSHEK, doesn't just want ONE TOPPER, he wants a dozen; do we think that this is possible ? EYE THINK SO, and might even hold the Inbreeding Coefficient in tow; while we weed out the chaf?

EYE would ask, myself, in those nights of Frustration, after Brian would say; I will get this from this mating, and at first He did NOT, and later He Has, become, more knowledgable in the ways of inheritance and Mom nature; and I understand this? EYE also, ask MYSELF..When will ETE get the Gifted NICK Pair? and IF I don't?; and since they said, None are perfect, Then I LOOK to their Taints, and their Faults; but in the starting of a Family; And One comes alone, from mediocre , but well bred Stock/ stocks, even more often from the Crosses of family's, but distinctly WELL Bred, by a single Minds EYE, but maybe not the Same individual minds eye.

WHEN we asked for a bird, you didn't get it; now this is before Brian; Brian , and His Dad; brought me some Key birds in red selfs.Each of their individual Minds EYE.. and each with their own genepool; WHILE BRIAN, CROSSED to the BLUE BASED BLACKS?; or what ever, they were the Best TYPES, and they were Blue based. This blue base, gave the so called Un-IMPROVED recessive red selfs, Yellow, and later Pales( GOLDS that were Lemony colored, like the Self, and dilute yellows.

This was AlL right, because we always set aside rich coloration, in the start of a Project( FOR SHOW TYPE )But, Brian was also setting aside the BIG, and beautiful cherry reds of his Fathers; with their POWERful Motion, and so their Under-Carriage.

Where as, EYE wanted to SEE a few with such Qualities, for it not only maintained the Motion, but also the coloration of the personally defined Rich SELF. We did not breed for next years Shows, we didn't limit ourself to just the Best of THE DAY; we looked, and SO this Disertation: WE LOOKED to THE IDEALISM of each day, and it was a Maturity, or Battons learning CURVE. ( where are we each year, not only as far as our maturity of minds eye; but in our Goals.

We kept hearing that none are perfect; that it will be EONS before we have the Model to Idealisms of Minds EYE: So again and again EYE ask myself...Do I breed to WIN a SHOW ,or do EYE BREED for the WHOLE of Personal Idealism, a maturity today that still leaves Me, in the same Boat, we have been through out History?

Today, EYE am FORCED to look upon the TOOLS of INBREEDING and LINE BREEDING , because of the GREAT INFLUENCE of the CORRECT UNDER-CARRIAGE for MY PERSONAL TYPE ONE, THE POGUE FANTAIL, where He will GO towards the ULTIMA; and EYE THE INSPIRATION? Different are these PIX?; it does not matter.

Again, we come back to "YOU CAN MAKE THEM, U CAN CREATE THEM, BUT YOU CANNOT MAINTAIN THEM." So EYE THINK, and have been. I am expected to Concentrate on the Best, of a single TYPE( BATTON, and POGUE)..YOU KNOW , I think that this is where, we Should Interpret, the BSHEK statement, that he wants to raise them by the dozen, and not just a single ONE; or the chicken first, or the EGG; where here, if we are interpreting Batton, and BRIAN ?:

We are saying the Chicken comes before the egg, OF THE Genepooler ; and the EGG, comes from the NICK, or from INBREEDING, that gives good ones, and great ones, even; still "NONE ARE PERFECT" And here, If EYE create the Chicken, the EGGS that come of INBREEDING , and SIXER MENTALITY, will Maintain ALL that is contained in the remaing genepoole, before we create our own ENITY; and again EYE ask.. WHAT does this Family COMPARE TO THOSE oF THE DAY IN TYPE PERFECTION; and HOW do they COMPARE to THE IDEAL; and this is MY interpretation of both HOUSE, and JEFF BATTON on BREEDING the MODERN FANTAIL, where HOUSE say build the fabric bit by bit; piece by piece; and batton, he is still beyond me, so is BRIAN; but maybe from this writing.. Brian can led, the way, as he always Has?

If this makes any sense?

MY PERSONAL BREEDING APPROACH IN to set the proper Under-Carriage, under BRIANS TYPE ONE, and hoping, that in MY quest, that I can maintain the TYPE ONE, a personal Choice, of the correct PROFILE

The TYPE TWO, THE so called MID WEST UP TYPE, was the TYPE OF KINGKINGERS DAY?; but there were the PDR blues of WARNER, that were TYPE ONE, not quite to the refinements that brian has achieved ; still, EYE think what SCOTT SALTEE had seen in his Minds EYE, and I take this from Baby Cakes: THAT HE HAS GONE CANUCKY CRAZY....SO BE IT....

ONE other comment.. WE have NOT, USED THE HANDLE MESSIAH, to any PERSON; but, who ever Has, Uses it with a Respect , and in this requard: That BRIAN POGUE is THE MESSIAH,,or FATHER of the MODERN FANTAIL, and WE will , not wait for HISTORY, in this case.

HENCEFORTH, and with ALL DUE RESPECT, this USE will CEASE, and it will be HARD, for Who ever Referenced his WORK of Creating this Modern Fantail, thru SELECTION!!,FROM FANTAILS of the DAY! SO BE IT, that IN MY MINDS EYE..MR BRIAN POGUE IS A FATHER of the MODERN FANTAIL. END......

THE TRICK WILL BE TO SET THE SAME LEGS UNDER THIS TYPE ONE, by USING THE TYPE TWO, TODAY, this has been done using the family called FATSO, for more bodee meat, ceramic feather; today, the Family is called CHIRA...and if we can take a drug like Naprosyn, that works well, then refine our manufacturing of this same Chemical enity, by controlling the shape, of the molecule, the exact same chemistry( genome of the fantail) Where the New Physical shape of the molecule, give the geatest Analgesic. and anti inflamitory relief, just because of the SHAPE of the Molecule( PROFILE firstly and UNder-Carriage ,,,,,, S T A T)will force a TOE TOUCH POINT, that best FORCES the correct FOWARD POSITION of , non straight, but directional from each JOINT, sisored, and sisored, with the POWER of the Meat/ muscle that can handle any amount of ceramic feather( POGUE smoothness of feather) ; which also plays a part in the ILLUSION of ROUNDNESS from any angle of VIEW.




AUGUST 19. TWO THOUSAND and SEVEN, will be a personal INFAMINY.


THE HOUSE BOOK of the FANTAIL PIGEON has been used to write the Fantail Standard prior to 1950, that of 1950, and Of the Most recent UPDATE, in January 2006.

JEFF BATTON called it a CHECK LIST, that needed Interpretation; THE Approach by?; from here, will be to :::: WRITE... a Fantail BOOK, based upon;and carefully updated with the HOUSE BOOK as a Pivot into to this Mellennium, and based upon the Years of BREEDING,and SHOWING of THE FANTAIL PIGEON.....

THE SOCIETY, THE GROUP, will not be of the COLUMBARIAN varieties; but solely from the MINDS EYE of Centuries of Fantail History, BREEDING and SHOWMANSHIP.


Briefly, as in a BOOK REPORT : HOUSE does NOT MISS a single POINT that can lead Us into the LIFE of BREEDING, SHOWING, or simply KEEPING the Fantail PIGEON. EVERY PAGE, of every CHAPTER, send ME through a Personal experience of my LIFE with the FANTAIL.

EVERY PAGE, is a CHAPTER IN A LIFETIME, so exillarating, even more so, than the days of FIRETALK! Speciffically: IN one Paragraph he he tells us about taking that NIck, and reproducing HER.. in its greatest Phenotype; but he don't let us forget the second edge of the DOUBLE EDGED SWORD( WATMOUGH on INBREEDING and LINE BREEDING, a paperback); to see beyond the Maintance of such a NICK ; to the Future , in which we rest on no Lauraels of a grand Champion, nor THE One Nick, so far ahead of all its Family; but to stop here, is a Mentality, that does not satiate the GENEPOOLER, and his MINDS EYE for TYPE PERFECTION... FIRSTLY, ; with Colour/ Marking ,right there, at the same time, over yonder, in that Corner, or that OLD OUT HOUSE 1900's/mellennium, a Storage Shedd!!)

TODAY, in this final Building block, as HOUSE says , Build them Fabric by fabric, as all cannot be done at once( We have said..USE small Families..One for color, one for marking, unless the marking is that of the Stencil; one for TYPE PERFECTION, but only after WE think YOUNG, and we think WIN < COMPETE, forget the COLOUR.. go for TYPE ONLY, and this is also CORRECT for the NEWBY; but then in the NEWBYS Place: 1. His beginning Stock birds: (a> TODAY, they may not have the Pieces, from which to BUILD, or to SELECT the Proper Under-Carriage. (b> Even if they come of ONE SHOW WINNING FAMILY9 when dealing with the Complexiety of breeding TYPE in fantails, and so forgetting color, or Marking varieties until we creat a High POINT Family that consistantly produce SHOW WINNERS, based upon the JUDGING, beased upon who is SHOWING; and based upon a COMPARISON in each CLASS, and so to the FINALS; where, they say: A WIN at the CENTRAL is a WIN INDEED, and , EVEN thos this is CORRECT; it still Places US SHY of the UNDER-CARRIAGE that is 20 POINTS of the HUNDRED; and where recent theory has given rise to whether the UNDER_CARRIAGE, will not only give the MOTION, but it will force the Proper head POCKET, as well, the OUT LINE .. THE PROFILE; and, it will Give enhanced ILLUSION..ENHANCED ILLUSION; of ROUNDNESS from any angle, hold the WINGS,FURTHER...the LEG HEIGHT, from the FRONT VIEW, an updated Composit, from some ARCHIVE, of some OLDER, HOTWIRED NON SHOW ENITY. (c) NOW LOOK< and THINK.. WHAT DID WE START WITH?.WHAT IS THEIR PHENOTYPES,; WHAT is their GENOTYPES, and how will we ADD, so we can continue the GOOD work of the BREEDER, who made them.. IE and so on and SO FORTH; if we think this STD is a CHECK LIST, and needs Interpretation and SUPPORT; WE ask, What ARE THE STOCK BIRDS MADE OF?

lines of demarcation, means nother THOUGHT, as my MIND wonders thru a sentence, a paragrph and we could write a Chapter...

THE FANTALE BOOK will, be the Last Chapter, in a personal Quest for the IDEAL Mellennium FANTAIL.

TODAY, MY FANTAILS, show only Inklings of the proper UNDER-CARRIAGE?: Which will give the CARRIAGE & MOTION, as defined by today's Standard.

AS C. E, HOUSE said: " YOU WILL DO BEST , at understanding, and Interpretation of the FOLLOWING NOTES to set the Foundation for a Mellennium BOOK on the FANTAIL PIGEON;if WE have a COMMON MINDS EYE?

Jeff Batton, of Devils Lake, ND, will be quoted, and as well study the Works from C. E HOUSE, we will allow ourselves to be guided, as we Bring this History of the Modern Mellennium Fantail to Date!

The LINES of demarcation, that separate paragraphs on the subject at hand, will be nothing but Thoughts that must preserved!

INFORMATION OFF the walls, and even to the Ceilings, as we used to say of some Professors at the University; whereby, we just wanted a passing grade, and really weren't looking for any great dept that might generate a knowledge, with little Homework.

Off the wall then, from today, August the 14th, 2007: SHOWMANSHIP: AS they grow that large, and flat tail, which takes on a shape as projected from its Strong RUMP characteristics; if we lace it, ever so carefully, while still in blood feathering( just about to harden; so that we SET them for LIFE, with little Pre Show Lacing; this also flattins a scoopy tail from normal activity(but not inherited, seldom bred today), even in a loft free of Perches, where flying up to the Landing boards.. will scoop a youngsters tail...especially before it sets, pens lowered are best for weaning pens.

We have a STANARD of PERFECTION, that BATTON, called a CHECK LIST, but it is the place for the NEWBY to start; and it is a Place that will Guide the JUDGING. The follow up , in this case, is BATTONS reference to some twenty Pages of INTERPRETATION thru Historical References.IE, of which C. A. HOUSES: "THE FANTAIL PIGEON".( likely The 1950's UPDATE, as well the Recent 2006 UPDATE . )

WE have the 1950 Interpretation' by KINGKINGER and BOLTON; we also have the Interpretation of the CFC updated, in 2006, the O'DELL INTERPRETATION , printed following the 2006 UPDATE STD updating. . ....

.....IT is the THOUGHT that WE NEED a STANDARD that doesn't need Any Interpretation; so then, we Use THE CHECK LIST as A JUDGES CHECK LIST, and hope that the JUDGE , is A BREEDER FIRST, and a SHOWMAN second, for which; the CFC requires before A JUDGE is PICKED for A YEAR.

Who will write A STANDARD of PERFECTION that isn't a mere Check LIST? And WHO willTAKE HOUSES BOOK on the Fantail and bring it up to date? For, He misses nothing! Especially about INBREEDING, and its Double EDGED ENGLISH SWORD of WATMOUGH, which is also Suggested Reading; but EYE wonder how many know about the other TOOLS of A BREEDER' ; that don't rest on the laurels of any DAY, of ANY SHOWMAN, But look to THE IDEAL of the MODERN FANTAIL; or Plainly said: WHY do we fall by the wayside, when some KID crosses Families; or, Get a Nick from a properly point blended family.

We will discuss, again the Description of the Leg Height on this JUDGING Check LIST, which hereafter will be designated: THE FANTAIL STANDARD of PERFECTION; as we will make use, of the Two Interpretations so Presented.

From the Standard of Perfection, where the Reader will become aware of the Interpretations of Both Fathers, and Forefathers of the MODERN MELLENNIUM FANTAIL. We will , Thank JOHN BRAGG for the copy of HOUSES BOOK.. THE FANTAIL PIGEON, printed in 1900.

From the first glance of the first Chapter, in Houses BOOK, came the idea to read and paraphase with an updating from personal Experiences, as well ALL of those who gave ME, so rich a LIFE with my GIRL..

Batton , in a recent POST: THE FANTAIL, can be outcrossed, and brought back to TYPE; whist ,it does not REVERT to the NORM, without many Back crosses to the feral NORM/TYPE. Today, AS WE looked upon two young ASH red , Ice breds; whose parents are TYPE THREE'S..and VIOLA WALLA(BATTON) Here these things that have the Profile of an Indian, not so BIG?; not so COARSE; still, giving Us a Visual that is seen in pictures in Battons History Book.

TO ME: This is REVERSION..back to THE CALCUTTA fans.

THE JOURNEY BEGINS......?? with THIS PAGE dedicated


Here we hope to pave the way for BREEDING, and creating the Final STEP.. MOTION,defined today; with the UNDER-CARRIAGE defined, and Updated via THE FANTAIL LIST, and the PA5 URLS; which also gives the NEWBY an insight seldon understood when the STD, and HOUSE..word for word describe the Length of the legs.*

August 15th, 2007...reading, reading, looking for an Over=view on the THE FANTAIL by C.A. HOUSE

MY opinion of the First 20 pages or so?: EYE would say, that THE STANDARD of PERFECTION , and the whole of OUR PRESENT Mentality, comes From C.A, HOUSE; and wonder now, If we saw the Spence Book on the Fantail, if the same mentality prevailed? THIS BOOK, can be "THE INTERPRETATION of BATTONS CHECK LIST and either the 1950's or the current Jan 2006 UPdated version. IF we, look to THE BOLTON/KINGKINGER and the O'DELL Interpretations.

We feel that the Leg lengths which the Judges will see, will be "Short, or moderately short."( THE ILLUSION. , as a product of GR's+feather+THE SPECIFIC PHYSICAL BALANCE, from the UNDER-CARRIGE; AND the TYPE ONE( OF the past)were sometimes covered by pants, but even so, they were definetly as short as they could be!; We want the frontal to look LOW, but we have shown , how the legs must be Long enough, and widely set( pelvis must be less rectangular/see Scotch drawings)The Legs must not be straight, thru their JOINTS, but Directional.(think of the Sisor JACK?)If we would straighten the leg, they would not be Short, or moderately short; but they will still give that ILLUSION,due to the structure of the pelvis, the defined legs, the meat for the muscle power, and the feather, for smoothness( seen in the POGUE TYPE ONES of OLD(1990's)with the Hardness of feather being called Ceramic'these days.(SEE HOUSE...

A reminder from HOUSE, is his mention of the Flight Length, but we seldom see long flights today; HOUSE also says that the coarseness of WINGS , comes of excessive flight length; we also tie Coarseness with the Physical Balance on the proper leg setting verses improper, or too short.

It is better to cut the too short , low ones , after we cross them to the UP TYPES, BULLISH BODEE enhancement; Holding one or two, for a time, so that we don't lose our VISUAL of the proper PROFILE; further, breeding that BIG GOLD HEN from McCOLEMANS Pales(K-angel crosses), where she HAD A STILTY look.; You could drive a KIDS Mac truck thru that much light; OR if you ever saw a ROSS CARRIER; a CORNISH BREED HEN?: and what of the MODENA BREED, KING BRED, with the UK MODENAS that FRANK DALLAS used to make his ARGENTS, in the end, after failing to re TYPE the crosses to the MODENA BREED, then UNTAINTED by THE AMERICAN SHOW KING of TANNER CHRISLERS DAY, but before he went to Color breeding, for all that was propagated , since HOUSES DAY! ; and it seems that HOUSE mentions this ,as well.

It looks TO me, like the best approach will be as stated by HOUSE; that Care was already written by some else; we have it; and so we approach what House is saying as Gospel; and moving in OUR personal Experiences from 50 plus years in Breeding Pigeons, including the Frill, and the Jacobin, and Racers, in ernest; with a lust for the Rare colours found in other BREEDS; so we look to Michael SODA: when he said: "wouldn't it be wonderful to have fantails in all the colours?" And so, we have!

We look to Touch upon only several points that we feel will take us into the finally of a Lifetime of creating Fantails with TYPE PERFECTION, in the Many Favorite Color expressions, as well;THeir Markings .

Very little remains as I reference the Around the World of Fantail Pigeons, where the MODERN FANTAIL was BORN , AGAIN, with her Sameness of Wording, but like DIEMER would always say.. I can talk the talk, but What did The Forefathers were SEEING, with the same wording today.. is maybe more sophisticated, and also updated in meaning.
HERE, I think we ALL NEED to READ HOUSE, and THE FANTAIL PIGEON ; and we look to THE FANCIER IN DETROIT: "IN MOTION tells us if the Under-Carriage is correct." we read on in HOUSES BOOK, where we can SEE, that ALL that we Have today, in knowlwdge, comes of the Study of HOUSE; and not with Spence in hand; EYE will proceed with HOUSE and to date; what WE FEEL, needs to be UPdated.!FROM HOUSE, we need only move to SET THE MOTION with the Modern Fantails.

Jeff , in his final POST left us, with what he called the Dundee, and its Carriage and Motion! Until, I think what he might have written, I will remain Humble with this Chira Family; an ICON that denotes the Legs, the bodee,the head pocket(fineness of head, dove like, and flat topped,) , the absence of wing break lines, the feather: THE GENERAL REQUIREMENTS....

From here we approach the UNDER_CARRIAGE of the Modern Fantail, and tho We remain vague on Jeffs, PAGE THREE; we LOOK ahead to the MOTION that becomes finite; because of A PHYSICAL BALANCE that will be Conceived thru the Product of ALL that is set from a refined TYPE ONE( likened to the DUNDEE, and certainly the same "STYLE" seen in the DUNDEE, who no doubt, were Inbred, In and IN; but then OUT to others from other Gardens( as in Partner birds)For IN and IN, from another Garden, will give the same Hybrid Vigor, as an OUTCROSS; save, that in just three years, this Family in a separate Enity, with lower Coeficients of Inbreeding than year after year, of seelctive inbreeding of a Single Family;and that each, Breeder, and his single family, will we SEE the common TAINTS, even Faults(complete lack of a single phenotype which might refine a POINT; that come to be, due to SELECTIVE INBREEDING to SAVE, and to set, each "PIECE of FABRIC"(( And if you think this isn't an ery feeling seeing what EYE saw, in this House BOOK..It is!; and I told My Wife, that if I mentioned this, that THEY would think I was saying I have lived in HOUSES day, both RX men...and some easy for me to relate to every word written, and capable of explaining his every Statement IE his statements on both sides of the COIN of SELECTIVE INBREEDING to the Methods of creating, along with each pitfall; and today, I feel I can do it using the Figure Eights, or, the Pretzel Breeding , building a GR one at a time to reach a point( see HOUSE page))))

Reference HOUSES method of refining the Black selfs using blues, and destroying the Blues, and fighting the huge black Cocks, and tiny hens( hens of this structure and type, will take a Breeder forward, rather that he has inferior hens, tho it is a point that we reach, where this is not true, as we climb the Pyrimd of Breeding ....

Here we might mention that the Blacks were with purple sheen, and with a flat black, bluish base, & that the Saddles were the best source of Non bluish base coloration.this has been covered in past URLS, and on the FAN LIST. This is one place where we can go forward with rich color, The TYPE, will reflect ultimately ON THE MOTION, but only if we set the Under-Carriage,

Conjecture on the Carriage and Motion: of the Historical TYPES, tho defined, has been set from HOUSE, but WE have moved now, to a greater forsight, to an UNDER-CARRIAGE that we SEE for setting the best ILLUSION, of ROUNDNESS, with the ability to MOTION. ( SEE Phazes of Motion, this URL LINK)

I was to correlate the carriage and motion , after seeing page three from Skinner; but we have scanned the HOUSE BOOK.. and we can SEE that the TYPE TWO is far ahead of the DUNDEE, and the TYPE THREE, even more so, with its TOE TOUCH POINT, even more Forward, but it Is, and will be ,the structure, and the shape of the Keel, wider pelvis( bVINCENT PRE FIRETALK) that, along with the Power of the meat, the smoothness of feather( ceramics/Hardness) will ultimaely create the ideal Fantail of this Mellennium.

How will we Create such an Under-Carriage? 1. WE WILL USE the FIGURE EIGHT? maybe NOT, if we are drawing from more than one Family? 2. WE will use the half sib mating of youngsters bred from a point blended "TRIO" used in BARRED ROCK DEVELOPMENT, where Both marking, and TYPE PERFECTION was maintained( where from, wasn't My DAD, this time, tho REED KINZER was involved in the 'EGG A DAY Layer hens'; as well, the first Sex Links; this comes of Grand pappy POGUE of Canada....?? 3. WE will look to the choosen breeders, and mate for the highest POINT BLENDING possible, in the smallest possible Population, related?; that will leave nothing to sight unseen; save that in this process, what we place in, will not come out in a single cross( out cross of family's, of colors; but, that in just two generations , we can start to recall those pieces UNSEEN, quad bred, and with one mate, or the other. point blended for Phenotype, first Parents, and Grandparents second.. and great grands for the finally of Quad breeding, where both parents, from separate families, each to their own postive ponts, that in totality, of both Phenotype, and of genotype; will present youngsters that represent both the Phenotypes, as well the not seen Genotypes.. and if these be related in the least, rather than the most; so be it, as EITHER WILL present youngsters so much better that either Parents, or grands together; where if we add a gene, diversly, or resequence , or if we let them choose a mate; it will get us past those years of non productivety that 3 yrs running will produce, IF we are not more discriminating in our forced matings.

THE FATSO FAMILY, becomes the CHIRA FAMILY..but this is conjecture?And so, it still comes of POLLY's BEER BELLY analogy where We told him to squat, and he told us look at the BEER belly, and look at our LEGS, add into this the ERVIN RENDERING, then to OUR Revisions(see URL) THE UNDER-CARRIAGE will ultimately give the IN MOTION, because of the CHIRA UNDER_CARRIAGE which is ALL DUNDEE, for the pot LIDS were Only used when they had the tight Wingsm and huge tails, the ceramic feather comes of the ash red mutant, the Kite base comes of the JOHN Mclanahan red saddles; which, also had the non blue, or KITE base( verses the bluish of the whites, blacks and the blues. BUT , we soon

SEE, that the untainted Black Wing Archangels from Switzerland will take us into a COLOR of SELF, An of stripper ALMOND, even beyond the ENGLISH SHORT FACE of the DUNDEE's? also imported. WE first heard the Word: "MIMIC BLACK" from RCBC SMITH of old MISA-SIPPI..abd the secret to RICH SELFS in any color.. will come of MIMIC BLACK BASE..with a color coat.. of Yellow, of gold, and of BLACK, the 3 colors and break, with black flecking of the Stripper ALMONDS, the same as the SF Tumlers of the Columbarian Societies, and of RAY ORBACH, NJ.

That the Crosses called ANGELS, will, and di produce the Subvarieties of the SF tumbler.. just so strong for whole color, or Agate, that if we used a RED, of either variety; they will come in almond so dark that we will have to point blend with a family bred, for type, ( blue based, and also Mimic black based.

The first thing that comes to Mind is the MOTION, as defined TODAY by Myself and not of HOUSE, but updated thru my personal Minds EYE. Though word for word, and thru-out his Pages, and His ChapTers( first 20 pages)Where we can carry on his good work.

Here, We look upon the UNDER-CARRIAGE as the last Fronteer in the creation of the Modern mellennium fantail . We think that the under-standing of the Leg Positioning, can be defined if we consider the Attribrutes, and the Physics of same; where HOUSE has DEFINED, and where EYE will move to date with techno, and Science of the day to create an under-standing; that yesterday, might have been Rocket Science( when the sequence of mathimatical Calculation would eith hit the MOON, or MISS IT; today the PC can even set the sequence in calculation to see the best possible answer to navigation.

So, shall we move on?: THE UNDER_CARRIAGE is the Bottom line for the most completeness in refining the ROUNDNESS, while retaining the ability to MOTION.

THE TYPE ONE from POGUE is the Basis from which EYE carried on to set the Defined UNDER-CARRIAGE; while in COUNSEL with many; but lastly with HOWARD PIPER(Au), and suspect that the some of the Best fantails are now in AUSTRALIA ; especially THE MUTIMER BROWNS. Can't say that I have had the privelidge of seeing the SOUTH AFRICAN BROWNS, THOUGH;and was it NOT the South AFRICAN's that got the Best Fantails, in the WORLD, at the TIME of IMPORT, from TOM PRICHETT(Ok)!

Onward: THE TYPE THREE by POGUE, brings out My personal Experience , as it is related to the wording of the HOUSE BOOK, as well to the Updated Standard of Perfection, which; is a re wording of HOUSE from the 1950 STandard of Perfection.

The Leg description, that the JUDGING will SEE is from the 1900 HOUSE Fantail BOOK, and likely they had the same legs as we see today; whist, each of us says these words, and then we BREED what we think they mean?

The LOOK of LOWNESS, can come of Pants, coupled with short , straight , and tiny feet; couple this with all feather, and tiny bodee, which lacks the meat, and so the Muscle, the power that drives the MID west UPTYPES, and their American BREEDERS( and they have gone back to them, and some have come back with the Profile of the TYPE ONE; but some how we must have both the TYPE ONE PROFILE, with the Proper Under-carriage and LEGS, for this Phenotype. And herein lies the confusion?

House himself says that he INBREEDS; and two paragraphs later He says that Excessive , Indiscriminant ? INBREEDING, and EYE SAY: INBREEDING at the wrong time, can be gotton around, thru several small, less related Families; and this is how EYE understand it.

HOUSE also says it: BUILD the fabric , piece by cannot be done all at once, not if your a SIXER; but maybe; if we modify our thinking from ONE sixer family.. to several as we for Type.. two pair family's for say tail, then bodee, and now Under-carriage..( from the bottom of the pyrimd , heading to the top.. takes a decade; so we start with ONE LOFTs Stockers, and here again, House is taken ver batem: But EYE think; that We can start with one Loft of Stockers, and continue his good work with Pretzel breeding and Fifure eights(same / ditto)

As we proceed, as newby's we need to SEE their TAINTS, and bring in another well bred Bird or two or three( what ever it takes( USEFULS, strong for, Prepotent , even if well bred , even if from another Loft; for if it has the pieces we need to counter a Taint, or a Fault.. looking that faulted birds have some breeding in this Respect; can we not shorten the ROW to hoe for our Newby's( Bvincent) Yes, we can... Bare with me time is short.. and we must re read and edit this for clearity of Composition RT

"RESPECT doesn't necessarily MEAN we agree.." ( BIG BOB POMMER)

Maybe, so long ago that I have forgotton?, that I may have read this BOOK: THE FANTAIL PIGEON by C. A. HOUSE; or maybe it was just what we heard the Forefathers of our YOUTH talking?; Yay, tho , I can say this is TRUE; but then , some words that come in these writings, have come from where, I DO NOT KNOW!

As I read the Variety..for BLACK HOUSES BOOK;I was amazed! THE 1950's Standard Revison, came from MR HOUSE's BOOK!:

I note that a definetion for Judging both COLOUR of the BLACK, set equal to that of TYPE Perfection; where HOUSE states that it will be the ruination of the COLOURS( today, we might even think ruination of the FANCY?; and so, the 1950's Standard revision ,set forth a reduction in Color and Marking POINTS to PROTECT our QUEEN from TYPE DEGREDATION, and maybe, to stop a YOUNGSTER that saw the TYPE,WITHRICHNESS of(BLACK) SELF COLOURATION, and, even MARKING; ALL, ON THE TYPE OF THE DAY, or if NOT; then COMPETATIVELY superior to the TYPES of the DAY?

TOO BOOT: IN HOUSES suggested methods of BREEDING better BLACLS with the "STYLE", that he said how he would do it, outcrossing to BLUES; whist, the Blues went to LALA LAND; and further, did he not also, say that such would lead , to DISEASE...etc.. SEE HOUSE on the Black variety as to rich color breeding ; as well, the side effects of INBREEDING! ALSO the SIDE EFFECTS of the Mentality that has been Propagated with TYPE ALONE, rather than A Perpetual ability to JUDGE Her STYLE, as well, her RADIANCE of COLOR and Markings.

SO, YOU SAY, or you don't say?; that This Writer is against INBREEDING....T'AINT SO!For EYE have written in the WIND.. Method, and Mentality's to CREATING the TYPE PEREFECTION.. WITH the COLOR and the Marking..and, how to set the CLASSES, so that A COLOR can rise to the TOP..without COLOR POINTS!

EYE CAN SEE what has happened to this entire HOBBY, when a YOUNG Fellow, tells me, he breeds for ONLY TYPE in his SHOW RACERS! And, then we are ASKED , WHAT HAPPENED TO THE US ?

WE might ask Whether this is in reference to the TYPE being shown, and TYPES WINNING; or Is it the NEW REVISION, with its PROPOSED DRAWING?

Then we ask: ANd HOUSE mentions this ,.. WE must SEE the individual to SEE..and then EYE think of: THE PIX, ALL in my MINDS EYE, and set upon flat Paper; and We said.. YOU CANNOT SEE MOTION IN A PICTURE; but you can't render it , until you have it in the meat and the feather; even with Spocks TECHNO"!

AND, have YOU looked NORTH of the Mason Dixon LINE?: Have you looked to Lance Christiansons MODEL? AND, has, anyone but BRIAN, discussed this MODEL.. and how it allows us to SEE, todays IDEALISM.

TO the TRICKS of the TRADE...This will be a separate Chapter. Again, We cannot CONDONE some things, at the same TIME WE think that, IF a CLUB...has been Built on A Business Practice, with TOTAL DISREGUARD to DEDICATION to THE FANTAIL; I will say.. Maybe We had to GROUP to UNSEAT THE ATTITUDE presented in HOUSES DAY..........IT is not like we Just KNOW the PROBLEMS, but we Know how to solve them.. Historically.. will this Fancy continue the HUMAN TREND set forth by THE SEEKERS.....