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Community Emergency Response Teams






About Us

Explorer Post #200 was started in November 2003 and is sponsored by Hemlock Farms Department Of Public Safety in Lords Valley PA.  Meetings are held Friday nights from 6pm-8pm at the Public Safety Building on Hemlock Farms Rd..  Post #200 is comprised of cadets ages 14-20.  Cadets are trained in all areas of Police work.  Cadets assist Public Safety in areas such as Traffic Control, Dispatching, And Report Writing.  All cadets can Participate in the Ride Along Program which allows them to view first hand Public Safety in Action. Cadets have been certified in Fist Aid and CPR, and are members of the first CERT team in Pike County.

Our Mission

Explorer post #200 and Hemlock Farms Public Safety are dedicated to supporting the future of Law Enforcement in our Community. 

Contact Information

Postal address
1007 Hemlock Farms Lordsvalley, PA 18428
General Information:
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