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Welcome to our web site. Columbia County Bassmasters is a bass fishing club located in and around Columbia County, Pennsylvania. We currently have 10 members who live in the towns of Berwick, Bloomsburg, Mainville, Mifflinville, Millville, Numedia and Orangeville. We are not affiliated with B.A.S.S. or PA B.A.S.S. Our club holds 8 tournaments each year with the best 6 counting toward the final year-end angler of the year results. We strive to have fun with all we do! If you are looking for a bass club to join that doesn't require lots of extras, then give our club a try. Club dues are low, easy fund-raisers, usually just open buddy tournaments, and no other demanding requirements. Just fish and have fun!

If you are looking for a bass club to join, click here to see how. We are currently accepting new members who own boats, as well as those who want to be riders.

For 2007, we will be holding 2 Open Buddy Tournaments. Locations and dates are yet to be decided upon.

Club Officers


Jeff Sherman

Vice President

Jerry Fedder


Scott Spaid


Donald Spaid

Tournament Director

Scott Spaid

A special congratulations to...


...Columbia County Bassmasters
2006 Angler of the Year!

See you on the water!