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US-Spec F2 Model Info

Of course by now you realize that I'm a '77 400F nut. I like the fact that they are more rare than the '75-76 bikes, and also that they are different. Some changes were for the better, some for the worse.

Here's a list of items that are specific to 1977 US-Spec CB400F's. They are also not available from the dealers, so we are out of luck except for what's on the shelves.

Fuel tank, fuel valve, sidecover stickers, speedometer, front fender, exhaust collars, footpegs, shift lever, brake pedal.

In the future I will add more close up photos of these pieces.

It's too bad Honda didn't get the F2 400 right anywhere in the world. The euro bikes still had the low bars and rearsets, but didn't get the single brace front fender, exhaust collars, or recessed fuel cap. I think a US-Spec F2 with low bars and rearsets would be the ultimate 400 Supersport. I plan on making one for a daily rider. Changing it back to original would take an hour at the most.

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