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  General Club Rules ( not including bylaws):
    1. New members are required to pay an initial fee of $20.00 plus their annual dues.
    2. Annual membership dues are $20.00. Annual dues must be paid between Jan. 1 and the last meeting in February. If dues are not paid in this time frame, the board will address the situation with the members in violation. Possible expulsion from the club may result.
    3. Members must attend meetings on a regular basis.This includes being on time. Members not in regular attendance will have to justify their absence to the board. The board will make final decision as to what actions may be taken. (certain exceptions may apply)
    4. Members are urged to attend all local shows and events
    5. Members MUST attend mandatory meetings and all Major club events (examples: scheduled cruises, bbqs) Members must also arrive at the designated times for such events.
    6. Members must try to attend 2 shows per year.
    7. Members must show willingness to make improvements to their vehicles.
    8. New members are subject to a 90-day probation period. At the conclusion of the probation period members will be eligible for consideration to acquire a club Logo or Plaque (Club decal or Show quality Sticker).
    9. All club members are eligible for the small club logo (sticker). In order to obtain a Show Quality Logo , the board must review both the person and the vehicle for which the logo would be used. The member would then be approved or denied based upon the decision of the board.
    10. If any member should under free will leave Royal Tz to join another club, it would be the decision of the board to determine if that individual would be eligible for new membership in the club again.
    11. Royal Tz does not condone physical fighting in any manor Members who do get in a physical fight, at a club event or with another member, will suffer immediate probation and possible termination. These members will have to justify their actions before the board, at which point the board will determine the consequences of their actions.
    12. Royal Tz does not approve of ANY type of illegal drugs. Use or transport will result in immediate termination of membership and removal of logo.
    13. Most rules in general have exceptions. This is where the Board comes into use. Board members have the right to hear out a member and consider all sides of the story before termination is final. The members also have the right to go before the board if they feel that an issue needs addressed.