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A selection of books written or edited by Phyllis Blanchard.

Blanchard, Phyllis. The Adolescent Girl, A Study From the Psychoanalytic Viewpoint. New York: Dood, Mead, and Co. 1924.

Blanchard, Phyllis. The Child and Society: An Introduction to the Social Psychology of the Child. New York: Longmans, Green, and Co. 1928.

Blanchard, Phyllis and Manasses, Carlyn. New Girls for Old. New York: The Macaulay Co. 1930.

Blanchard, Phyllis and Groves, Ernest R., eds. Readings in Mental Hygiene. New York: H Hold and Co. 1936.

Blanchard, Phyllis, and Paynter, Richard Henry . A Study of Educational Achievement of Problem Children. New York: The Commonwealth Fund, Division of Publication. 1929.

Blanchard, Phyllis M.; Knight, Melvin M.; Peters, Ira L. Taboo and Genetics; A Study of the Biological, Sociological, and Psychological Foundation of the Family. New York: Moffat, Yard, and Co. 1920.

Blanchard, Phyllis and Sands, Irving J. Abnormal Behavior: Pitfalls of our Minds, An Introduction to the Study of Abnormal and Anti-Social Behavior. New York: Moffat, Yard, and Co. 1923.