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Newspaper Articles

These articles are either concerning Phyllis Blanchard or are written by her. Because they are archived, I have included a brief summary.

"Ptomaine Poisoning at Bedford." The New York Times. August 30, 1920, p.13.

This very brief article mistakenly calls Dr. Blanchard a psychiatrist and mentions she was affected by the poisoning at the State Reformatory for Women at Bedford.

Blanchard, Phyllis. "Child's Dreams Have Meanings:Psychologists Study the Sleep Phantasies of Little Folk With a View to Insuring Normal Mental Growth." The New York Times. February 21, 1926, p X15.

This article is interesting because it clearly shows how Blanchard is applying Freudian dream work to children. It includes the quote,"Many of the secret wishes, fears, and anxieties of the child would remain unrecognized but for their expression in dreams."

"Flappers Not New, The Twelfth Century Had them, Dr. Phyllis Blanchard Says." The New York Times. April 28, 1926, p. 25.

Here Dr. Blanchard mentions that girls are engaging in "joy ride flights" as a way of dealing with their "abundant energy" associated with maturity.

Lind, John E. "Concerning the Human Mind; Outline of Psychology: A review." The New York Times. Apr 22, 1923, p. BR21, 2 pgs.

This review includes a critique of one of Blanchard's joint works, Abnormal Behavior . The reviewer is not favorable in his discussion and obviously sees many weaknesses in the work.

"Obituaries." The Philadelphia Inquirer. September 3, 1986, p B07.

This is Phyllis Blanchard's Obituary, which mentions there were no services and no immediate survivors.