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All Star Break 2003

The three members of Team Walker present for their victory over Team Smacker, ending the Team Smacker seven game winning streak.  Tree, in his first game as a position player, made a huge impact on the victory.


One half of the 2003 AWBL season has been completed which means it is is time again for the All-Stars to be selected and time for the annual homerun derby.  Based on player voting, fan voting, and presidential voting, the 2003 All-Stars have been selected and will play the All-Star game on Saturday at 12 PM which will be followed by the 2003 Homerun Derby.  At the break, Team Smacker has an impressive three game lead over Team Barilar for first place.  Team Barilar passed Team Guidash by one game after winning both of their games by blowout in week 5.  Team Walker rounds out the standings at a disappointing 3-7, ending the first half with a victory that brought an end to their four game losing streak.  The firs thalf was dominated by Team Smacker, particularly Marc Lantz, who has taken the league by storm since returning from retirement.  The media hype received by Lantz has left two time MVP Kyle Barilar in the shadows.  The second half has proven to be a true test of team character in the past.  It should be an exciting one to watch this year as well.  For now enjoy the All-Star break and Mother's Day before getting ready for the playoff race.

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2003 AWBL All-Star Game

Saturday, May 10, 12 PM

2003 AWBL Homerun Derby

Saturday, May 10 Following All-Star Game

The Line

Team Testes Team Pubies
- 5   O/U (36)
2003 Standings
Team Smacker8 2 .800
Team Barilar 5 5 .500
Team Guidash 4 6 .400
Team Walker 3 7 .300
*20 Game Season*
2003 Updates

AWBL Updates

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* AWBL March Madness OPINION POLL *

Past Poll Results

AWBL Player of the Week

Who was the AWBL Player of the Week for Week 5?
Matt Dinger
Marc Lantz
Kyle Means
Joey Troupe
Ronnie Walker
Ryan Hetrick
Adam Miloser
Travis Harp
Kyle Barilar
Kory Blose

Current Results

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2003 AWBL Draft Results

1. Smacker - Marc Lantz
2. Walker - Joey Troupe
3. Guidash - Andy Divelbiss
4. Barilar - Kory Blose

5. Barilar - Adam Miloser
6. Guidash - Matt Dinger
7. Walker - Stu White
8. Smacker - Heath Ellenberger

9. Smacker - Adam Beveridge
10. Walker - Andy Snyder
11. Guidash - A.J. Gillung
12. Barilar - George Mead

13. Barilar - Mike Pride
14. Guidash - Vince Mead
15. Walker - James Pritchard
16. Smacker - Garrett Temchulla

17. Smacker - Kayla McGee
18. Walker - Dustin Davis
19. Guidash - Jeff Dean
20. Barilar - Jay Neal

21. Barilar - Waylon Coulter
22. Guidash - David Zimmerman
23. Walker - Brandon Ananea
24. Smacker - Matt Means

25. Team Smacker - Todd Martino

26. Team Walker - Ryan Hetrick

27.) Team Guidash - Cody Martz

28.) Team Barilar - Mike Foster

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