Autism & Disability Awareness

Internet Hunt

By Cindy Glew


1.  First, go to this website to find out truth & lies about disabilities. 




 2.  Autism is a kind of _______________ disorder.




3.  Can you “catch” autism from somebody?  _______________




4.  People with autism usually develop symptoms around what age?  ___________________




5.  Is there a cure for autism?  _______________




6.  Spoken language can be hard to learn for kids with autism. Most understand words better by seeing them, so therapists teach them how to communicate by  ____________________




7.  Name one difference infants with autism have in communication.  ____________________




8.  Name one difference in social relationships infants with autism might have.  ________________________________________




9.  ABOARD is a group in Pittsburgh who provide information about autism.  What do the letters in the word ABOARD stand for?  _______________________________________




10.  Who is Temple Grandin?




11.  Choose a page from the autism coloring book.  Print it.




12.  Read a short story about a boy with autism.




13.  This page has pictures that help autistic kids communicate.  Choose a picture you can use at recess.  Print it.




14.  Autistic people have a difficult time recognizing how other people are feeling according to their facial expressions.  Play “The Feelings Game” online to see one way facial expressions are taught to children with autism.




15.  Social stories help people with autism cope with certain situations.  Click this link then print a social story.





16.  Choose a picture recipe for someone with autism.  Print it.




17-20.  Find 4 traits people with autism might have.  1.  ____________________,

2.  ____________________  3.  ____________________  4.  ____________________