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How can a company that is FREE to join, pay their Agents SOLID monthly commissions?

Because Cognigen is SECOND TO NONE in they products and services they offer!

So, how do Cognigen affiliates earn income right from the comfort of their home?  Cognigen has the most revolutionary compensation pay plan in the world.  What's more, it's a credible, public company with a proven 9 year track record that gives you a:

  • FREE cash producing marketing web site.
  • FREE Training. 
  • FREE downloadable workbooks. 
  • FREE marketing instructions and templates.
  • and so much more!

What does Cognigen Market?

Your FREE Website provides customers with services, from respected and recognizable companies in over 150 different countries, that represent several multi billion dollar industries such as telecommunications.  Your web site provides these products and services at incredibly competitive prices. You can be offering services such as long distance, calling cards, satellite dishes, cellular and pager service, home security, computers, ISP and DSL service, and much more, to customers worldwide.  Of course, you earn immediate and residual income on all of these services!

Prices So Competitive...It Sells itself! 

Cognigen forces providers to compete for customers. For example, there are presently 8 (eight) long distance services provided by Cognigen. There is also a dynamically generated rate calculator. Your customers simply put their phone number and estimated usage in the rate calculator and the services are all listed from top-to-bottom with the top being the best rate for their needs.   

Here's what some mainstream publications are saying about Cognigen.

Featured Article: 10 Ways to Cut Your Phone Bill "Cognigen searches the offerings of a dozen companies for international and domestic rates."

"How do you know if you're overpaying for phone service? See if your being short-changed - log on to a Cognigen website."

Lowest Rates AND Commission Too!

        When you join for FREE, you will receive training that includes literally hundreds of tips for marketing your site for FREE on the internet.  So, yes, people absolutely will buy from your site and you will earn both immediate and residual income.  

Let's hear what some other Cognigen Agents, who got a Cognigen Website for FREE, are saying...

We're kicking ****  (expletive deleted). Over 100 customers and countless reps.
Matthew B. (His identity is being protected)

I have tried all sorts of online plans, this is the only one that a real live person has cared enough about my success to call me, teach me, and support my efforts. These guys really do build an organization focused on agent success. I'm here to stay because I get a check every month.
H. Evans, Pensacola, Florida

I've actually got real live customers that like the products I have to offer! (not just a downline that buys from themselves). I've got all this from spending how much? ZERO!!
Tom Hinerman, Westerville, Ohio

When I first signed up to be an agent, I had no idea it would be so great. It has been a "God Send" for my family and me. I have one son in medical school and a younger son and daughter planning also to attend medical school. My Cognigen commissions will go a long way toward paying for their education."  
Robert Bennett, San Antonio, Texas

9 Good Reasons Why You'd Be Crazy To Pass Up This Free Offer

1. No Start Up Cost
90% of all people lose money in home based businesses. Why pay for a website and an opportunity, when one that was recently voted one of the 10 best on the net is available for free?

2. No Personal Purchase Required.
The last thing you want is to have to buy something you don't want or need, just for the sake of meeting a personal volume quota. Cognigen's tiny $100 per month production requirement can be met easily via retail sales. 

3. No Experience Necessary
Any worthwhile program will not require you to be an expert in that field. With this company, you learn as you go.

4. Residual Income
This company pays you a residual income, month after month.  This money will allow you to grow your business over the long term.

5. The Product
No need to settle for high priced items that are difficult to sell.  Make your life easy and promote a product line that sells itself - based on price and quality.

6. No Paperwork
In the internet age, there is NO reason to not have electronic order fulfillment.  Save the trees... and save time - your most valuable natural resource.

7. Go Global
Expand your business to all reaches of the planet with your Cognigen web site. You will take orders in your sleep with our web strategy and implementation.

8. Help!?
We will not force you to pay money for "Training Kits" or Training Seminars.  Helping you learn the business is a priority in our organization.

9. Integrity
A company is only as good as it's management.  The Founder's of Cognigen have a clear vision and are committed to helping people just like you build your future.  That is a job they take very seriously.

Multi-level marketing makes sense, makes money and makes millionaires.

To get your own FREE Cognigen Business and State of the Art Website going, simply fill out the simple information below. You will be assigned a PERSONAL MENTOR who is already successful with this program. He or she will get your site ready for you and email you within 48 hours with your website address and a game plan for getting started.   

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