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Steve, Pete, and Chris's Pics

Stuff About Steve

Whats up? Im Steve, Im 18 and from pennsylvania, in a town that probobly nobody has heard of, Doylestown. Ummm I like candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach... lol naaaaw i like to hang out with my friends, goin clubbin, surfing, lifting, and driving my car. I have a site dedicated to my celica and celicas alike, the addy is WWW.ANGELFIRE.COM/PA4/SEXYCELICA... I have AOL IM (SexyBoy4Eva) So msg me if ya wanna chat or sumptin... Oh yea ya better sign the guestbook or ill have to get pretty bitchy! Peace Out!!!

Stuff About Pete

what's up? Im Pete. Im 19, and from PA. I stand 6'2 and 190lbs. Steve and Chris are my bestfriends. We decided to make a website because we felt like it, and to show all you computer dorks that we are cool and your not. In case your wondering,Im the one with dark hair and the cool truck. My truck is supercharged '93 Ford lightning with a 351 SVT so it will destroy all those stupid fucking Civics that people try to hook up.

Our Pictures

Steve at skool

Pete with his friend in NC

Steve Lifting

Pete and his family

Steve with Bruce Lee

Pete with Bruce Lee

Pete lifting

Steve in front of his car

Pete with his truck

Pete Looking cool

Another pic of Steve at school