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SexyboyZ Celica

Whats up TRD kids?... Im Steve and im from Philly, Pa, and this is my "SuPa CeLiCa"...... GT! haha Well anyways im just makin a page to show off my baby and even to show off otherz... (Just E-mail Me with name, location, pics, mods or just send me a link). I have a 1994 Toyota Celica GT, it is a 4cyl 2.2 Liter DOHC engine. Its definitely a looker and a quick ride. (If anyone doesnt approve off what i put on my page i will gladly take it off)

"Go" Mods

"Show" Mods

Future Mods

My Favorite Web Sites

Veilside - The phattest body kits!

Importfan - Sweet upgrades and info etc.

Erebuni Corp. - More awesome bodykits!

Weapon*R - Their products will definitely jazz up your import! - "Hell Yea I Drag Race!"

Steve & Pete's Pics - Pics of me and my buddy!


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